Fun Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Fun Facts About Magic Mushrooms 3

Curious to know more about magic mushrooms? These amazing fungi have been used throughout history in many cultures. They have some amazing properties and can still be a mystery to us. We have gathered some fun facts about magic mushrooms you might not know!

Fun Facts About Magic Mushrooms 4

Fun Facts about Magic Mushrooms You Didn’t Know

cool facts about magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms may look like normal fungi from their appearance, but they have a deep, rich history. The hallucinating property of these shrooms is just the beginning, many people don’t realize that they have links to the psychological wellbeing of the brain, and even to Christmas!

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10 Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Poisonous Magic

Many people who have never tried shrooms believe that they can be poisonous and fatal. On the contrary, it’s really hard to overdose on shrooms (you would need to consume unrealistic amounts). The main issue lies in people mistaking real poisonous mushrooms for magic shrooms, so it’s important to always refer to a trusted guide when searching for psilocybin shrooms. 

Law and legality

Many countries like the United States have deduced that this fungus does not have potential medical use, therefore, it is illegal. In other countries, it is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug. Other drugs of this category include cocaine, heroin, and other toxic drugs. The disparity that can be seen from country to country shows that there’s still room for a lot of research into psilocybin shrooms.

In most European countries, magic mushrooms are legal to consume. Spain and the Czech Republic cultivate and export it. In the Netherlands, shrooms are sold legally. 


The effect that psilocybin has on the brain is fascinating. Studies have found that Magic Mushrooms, used alongside other therapies, can be a great source to overcome the nicotine addictions for smokers.There is also evidence to suggest that it also helps people to overcome the alcohol addiction.

 Addicts say that the mushrooms boost their self-confidence and help them refrain from drinking and smoking. 

Addiction Part 2

Following on from how psilocybin shrooms can cure addiction, you might find it interesting to know that magic mushrooms themselves are not addictive. This means that no matter how long you consume shrooms for, you won’t build up tolerance to the substance, so you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking them.     

Psychological impacts

Some researchers believe that magic mushrooms have a positive influence on the mind of the person. Shrooms can improve the thinking process, making the person an open-minded individual. 

Moreover, traditional doctors prescribe this fungus to treat various psychological disorders, such as OCD, headaches, anxiety, and other trauma disorders. How do magic mushrooms cure these psychological disorders? 

They induce serenity and lasting relief to the overactive parts of your mind. The nervous system is relieved, which is great for those suffering with anxiety and depression. Many trials are now taking place to see whether shrooms can positively alter these psychological conditions.  

Some experts regard the magic mushroom as the psychiatric wonder drug that has a strong emotional impact on the behavior of the consumer. In addition to this, the Psilocybe chemical enhances the visual power of humans, improving their quality of life and allowing them to connect with the world.[1]


There are over 180+ species of shrooms that tend to grow  in marshy areas, animal stools, woods, and even in lush green gardens. Some even prefer the high heights of mountainous areas, and they all come with their own effects and potency levels. Various names of the species include psilocybin, shrooms and magic fungi. 

An interesting fact regarding shrooms in the wild vs shrooms grown indoors is that the latter is often much more potent due to the growing conditions and breeding process.[2]

Christmas and rituals

This is an unusual fact but the links between shrooms and Christmas run quite far back in history. Some say that these magic mushrooms gave birth to Christmas eve traditions of leaving presents under the tree. 

The Siberian shamans used shrooms as a special hallucinating gift to their fellow tribesmen during Christmas time. The red and white theme of Happy Christmas and Santa’s clothes are also believed to be linked to the psychedelic shroom ‘Amanita Muscaria’ which has a high potency.[3]

Drinks and beverages

With time, people learned that fresh mushrooms can be dried and stored for a longer time. This inspired  nutritionists and shroom enthusiasts alike to create special mushroom teas and beverages. It is easy to grow magic mushrooms at home using a spore kit, or to buy them from an online dispensary. 

This is also great for those who want to get creative with their shroom trips, as you can even make magic mushrooms chocolates! 

Spiritual aspect

Magic mushrooms were an indispensable ingredient of many religious gatherings in Central America. There are various Mesolithic rock paintings in Algeria that signify their religious beliefs and practices. If you study the Aztec people, you will be surprised that magic mushrooms are considered as the “Flesh of Gods”. 

According to a John Hopkins study, the shrooms gave magnificent spiritual satisfaction to many people that took part in the study. A survey test was conducted on 36 subjects, one-third of the respondents testified that they experienced the most heavenly spiritual experience whereas 79% said that their well-being was significantly increased.

History of magic mushrooms

These mushrooms have a long history of over 7000 years. If you look at the various Greek cultures and Mexican traditions, the use of magic mushrooms is prevalent. In addition, the Spanish Conquest and Mesoamerican cultures say that they attach spiritual importance to the unique fungi.

There have also been many interesting theories based on magic mushrooms. One such theory was called the “stone-ape hypothesis”. According to this theory, shrooms can impact the size of the brain. Some say it is a powerful catalyst that impacts the consciousness of the human mind. This led people in early periods to believe that shrooms can contribute to psychological and physical evolution.

There are countless interesting facts about shrooms, and for sure many new ones to come in the future as more research is conducted into psilocybin and its benefits. Magic mushrooms have clearly played a significant role in history and there’s a lot that can be learnt from the experiences and impact they have on the human brain. 



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