Magic Mushrooms Winnipeg, Manitoba

Also known as one of the three Canadian Prairie provinces, Manitoba is home to an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes. 

It’s the ideal province to take magic mushrooms in, as you can really get in touch with nature and enjoy one of the many lakes, parks or festivals which take place across the year. 

Alternatively, plan to come for the Northern lights, and enjoy your shroom trip under the vibrant colors of the sky. 

Whether you’re a local or a tourist to the province, magic mushrooms can show you the province in a new light. Unfortunately, there aren’t many magic mushroom options to choose from in Manitoba, but that’s where an online dispensary can help – TheFunGuys

Are Shrooms Legal in Manitoba?

Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, psilocybin and psilocin (the two main psychoactive compounds found in magic mushrooms) are illegal.  Those caught in possession without a prescription or license can face six months in jail or a fine of upto $1000.[1]

It is permitted however to buy spore kits, where you can grow the mushrooms yourself. Using the right conditions and equipment, shroom users can choose from different species to cultivate. 

There are hopes that magic mushrooms will become legal in the future for recreational or medicinal use, especially as there are now studies underway which look into how psilocybin can be used to treat anxiety and depression.  

Where to Buy Shrooms in Manitoba

Spore kits can be bought in some shops across Canada, however the easiest way to acquire magic mushrooms is to use an online dispensary. 

Dispensaries use discreet packaging and often offer fast delivery depending on your location. In addition to these benefits, you can browse through many more options than you would have available to pick fresh. 

Using a magic mushroom dispensary is also a great way to try new products, such as microdosing and edibles like chocolate or tea. This saves a lot of time, as when you grow from a spore kit, it can take upto two months if done properly.

Magic Mushrooms in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba, and the capital. With plenty to do here which will compliment your magic mushroom journey, it’s a great place to explore. 

There are numerous annual festivals including the Jazz Winnipeg Festival for music lovers, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival and Folklorama and also the Festival Du Voyageur. Another great aspect of the city is the cultural scene, there are plenty of museums, art galleries, historic sites and gardens to enjoy.

Taking shrooms here is a fun way to see the city, whether you prefer an upbeat scene or something more chilled out. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Manitoba

Canada is home to a number of species of magic mushrooms, but there is a lack of findings specifically to Manitoba. Some of the more common species such as Psilocybe silvatica and Panaeolus subbalteatus which are known to grow in the surrounding regions of Manitoba, may also be found within the province. 

  • Psilocybe silvatica – these psychoactive mushrooms are commonly found growing on wood chips or wood debris, as well as conifer substratum. They tend to grow in clusters and have a weak-moderate potency. The best time to look for them is from September through to December as they prefer cool, wet weather.[1]
  • Panaeolus subbalteatus – Also known as ‘banded mottlegill’ and ‘weed Panaeolus’, this species of magic mushroom grows on compost piles and well fertilized lawns, as well as from dung and grassy areas. Panaeolus subbalteatus is the most common type of magic mushroom as it grows worldwide. The best time of the year to hunt this type of mushroom is spring, summer and fall[2]. 

In general, to find magic mushrooms it’s a good idea to start with checking the different habitats where they could be found. 

Although it is possible to come across some magic mushroom species in Manitoba, the easiest way is to use an online dispensary. Picking shrooms naturally is a great experience and sometimes the hunt is as enjoyable as the trip, but it comes with the risk of accidentally ingesting a poisonous mushroom. 

If you do plan on hunting for shrooms naturally, make sure to compare them to a trusted guide before consuming. Alternatively, save yourself the time and risk and order from a dispensary where you know the mushrooms will be safe. 

Once you have your preferred choice of shrooms, make sure to get out and explore the many beautiful places in Manitoba. 

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