Magic Mushrooms Regina, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, often identified as a prairie province, is widely covered by boreal forest rather than grasslands. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Land of the Living Skies’ due to the stunning sunsets and magnificent storms that take place, it’s the perfect province to enjoy magic mushrooms. 

The Twisted Trees, The TRex Discovery centre, the Great Sand Hills and the Athabasca Sand Dune are just some of the fun things that can be done during your time in Saskatchewan, as well as exploring the forests in search of magic mushrooms. (Buy shrooms online instead)

Although there is little documentation on the types of psychedelic mushrooms which grow in Saskatchewan, we will look at one species that has been located in the province. 

Are Shrooms Legal in Saskatchewan?

Magic mushrooms are not legal in Saskatchewan, and follow the same guidelines as stated by schedule III under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Possession of psilocybin or psilocin (two chemical compounds which cause the mushrooms to have psychedelic properties) is prohibited unless a prescription or license is acquired first.[1]

According to Vancouver based drug advocate Dana Larsen, ‘Saskatchewan, unfortunately, is not really known as a bastion of drug freedom’. He goes on to compare that the province hasn’t reached the same levels of cultural acceptance of magic mushrooms as other parts of Canada, such as the cities Toronto or Vancouver. 

If caught with magic mushrooms, Canadians face upto six months in prison, or a $1000 fine. There is an upside, however, as spore kits are legal to purchase, so shroom users can grow their own psilocybin mushrooms from scratch at home.[2]

Where to Buy Shrooms in Saskatchewan

The easiest way to obtain magic mushrooms in Saskatchewan is to order them online. This gives you the option to choose from whole dried magic mushrooms, edibles and microdosing options. 

In addition, you can browse the many species which grow around the world, so you won’t be limited to just regional shrooms. If you prefer to see the process of growing magic mushrooms for yourself, there are also many online dispensaries which sell spore kits. If you follow a guide, it’s actually quite an easy process to grow your own shrooms if you have the right equipment and conditions. 

Magic Mushrooms in  Saskatoon

Being the largest city in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is a great place to visit, and even better if you plan on taking shrooms. With plenty of river trails and outdoor spaces, you can find plenty of quiet areas to enjoy nature and deepen your connection to the environment. 

Take advantage of being in one of the sunniest cities in Canada and head out to the Meewasin Trail, where you can bike, hike or walk alongside the South Saskatchewan River. 

If you prefer something a bit more upbeat, Saskatoon holds over 65 annual events, with more than half taking place in the summer. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars and nightlife to be enjoyed.

Magic Mushrooms in Regina

Regina is the commercial centre for Southern Saskatchewan, and is the capital city of the province. If you plan on taking shrooms in Regina, sign up for a walking tour of the city which will guide you through the top attractions as well as inform you of the history of the city.

Alternatively, you could check out the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Wascana Centre or the Saskatchewan Science Centre. It’s the perfect city to escape rainy days thanks to the number of cultural centres. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Saskatchewan

As mentioned at the start of the article, there is little documentation when it comes to the species of magic mushrooms growing in Saskatchewan. Shroom enthusiasts have been lucky to locate one type though – the Amanita Muscaria. 

The distinctive red and white mushroom is hard to miss, as it contrasts its surroundings very clearly. Also known as Fly Agaric, this species of mushroom has been used as a traditional method of killing flies across Europe, Asia and North America. 

Amanita Muscaria differs from other types of magic mushrooms, because it doesn’t contain psilocybin. The psychoactive components of this fungi are ibotenic acid and muscimol. These compounds take longer to come into effect, and can last up to 10 hours during a trip. 

Care should be taken when ingesting any type of wild magic mushroom, as it is often easy to ingest a poisonous kind by accident. Even Amanita Muscaria needs to be prepared properly before ingesting, as otherwise it can cause illness. 

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