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Saskatchewan, often considered a prairie province, is widely covered by boreal forests rather than grasslands. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Land of the Living Skies’ due to the stunning sunsets and magnificent storms, it’s the perfect province to enjoy magic mushrooms under the blue skies.

Lakeland Ford Park is one of the parks in the region for recreation. It houses the PA Slo Pitch League, with seven regulation slow-pitch diamonds.

Although there is little documentation on the types of psychedelic mushrooms that grow in Saskatchewan, we will look at one species in the province.

The Twisted Trees, The TRex Discovery center, the Great Sand Hills, and the Athabasca Sand Dune are just some of the fun things that you can do during your time in Saskatchewan, as well as exploring the forests in search of magic mushrooms. So now, where to buy magic mushrooms online? But first.

Where to Buy magic mushrooms Regina, Saskatchewan

The easiest way to obtain magic mushrooms in Saskatchewan is to order them online. You can buy magic mushrooms online from a website that acts as an online magic mushroom dispensary. A magic mushroom dispensary allows you to choose from whole-dried magic mushrooms, edibles, and micro-dosing options.

Dried Magic mushroom products:

Whole dried mushrooms can be taken as a whole by chewing and swallowing. If you plan to take magic shrooms this way, you may want to ensure you chew the plant thoroughly. This allows all the juices to be squeezed out of the shroom, giving you a tasty and unforgettable high.

Many online shroom dispensaries sell dried caps and stem in Regina, Saskatchewan, at affordable prices; all you have to do is search the web. For example, at The Fun Guys, you can buy magic mushrooms for about $35 to $260, depending on the amount.

Cubensis Mexicana

Our best picks include the Cubensis Mexicana, a strain that originates from the region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. This is not a highly potent strain, so you should expect a mild experience that will most likely not give you a spiritual experience. It will, however, get you well-balanced and give you colourful visuals.

Another popular strain in our catalogue that you can buy in Regina, Saskatchewan, is the Lizard King Cubensis – Psilocybe cubensis species. This type of dried mushroom will cost you between $40 and $99, depending on your desired amount.

Unlike the Cubensis Mexicana, the Lizard King is, as its name suggests, a highly potent drug that provides an above-average experience. It is an excellent option if you are getting high outside because of its vivid visuals and provoking experience.

Always practicing the safe use of magic shrooms like these is essential. A key factor to taking dried shroom caps is measuring the amount based on the experience you want. Here are a few measurement guidelines you can follow:

• For a mild experience – use about 0.75 grams to 1.25 grams.

• For a medium experience – use about 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams.

• For the full psychedelic experience – use about 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams.

Shroom Edible products Regina

You can get edibles like shroom tinctures, jellies, chocolates, caramel, or tea bags. The Fun Guys have a wide range of options that cover all edible arrangements. For example, our tea option includes Ethos – a 50 HP Healing Potion tea bag that only costs $18.

This one bag (which contains 750 mg of Psilocybin mushrooms) can give you a medium experience that is very exhilarating.

Mycodose chocolate squares

Chocolate edibles like the Mycodose chocolate squares (four chocolate squares) go for $30. Each chocolate square of Mycodose contains 500mg of psilocybin, which means one purchase will get you 2000 mg, which is more than enough to make your trip worthwhile. However, consider that edibles are made with other ingredients like soy which may not be favourable for some customers.

Micro-dosing Psilocybin Dispensary

Micro-dosing is the way to go if you want a more controllable experience. With small doses of psilocybin, you can use these capsules as often as is safe to get a mild high that relaxes you and sets you in the mood for a stressful day.

The Red Pill

One of our favourite options is The Red Pill on our site. This $60 purchase has 30 capsules that contain a stack of popular blends discussed on the infamous Joe Rogan Podcast. In addition, there is a Ciltep Blend with 400 mg of psilocybin. It contains Vitamin B-6, Acetyl-L Carnitine, L-Phenylalanine, Coleus Forskohilii, and Artichoke Leaf Extract.

Apart from buying shrooms online, you can browse the many species that grow worldwide so that you won’t be limited to just regional psilocybin products. In addition, many online dispensaries sell spore kits if you prefer to see the process of growing shrooms yourself.

Following a guide makes it easy to grow your shrooms with the right equipment and conditions.

Doing Shrooms in Regina, SK

Regina is the commercial center for Southern Saskatchewan and the province’s capital city. If you plan on taking shrooms in Regina, sign up for a walking tour of the town which will guide you through the top attractions and inform you of the city’s history.

Alternatively, you could check out the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Wascana Centre, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, or the Regina Farmer’s Market. It’s the perfect city to escape rainy days thanks to the number of cultural centers.

Interested in watching cadets train? Do not worry; Regina City has the RCMP Academy to entertain you. The place opens from Wednesday to Friday at 12:45 p.m. for the public to see what the cadets are up to.

What else to do in Saskatchewan?

  • Visit Kinsmen Park
  • Head to Moose Jaw for beautiful nature
  • Prince Albert National Park is one of many national parks in SK
  • Cross the Canada-US Border
  • Head up to Northern Saskatchewan for primitive camping
  • Or visit two national parks, one of which is Grasslands National Park in southern SK

Are Shrooms Legal in Saskatchewan, Canada?

Magic mushrooms are not legal in Saskatchewan and follow the same guidelines stated by schedule III under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in Canada. Possession of psilocybin or psilocin (two chemical compounds which cause the mushrooms to have psychedelic properties) is prohibited unless a prescription or license is acquired first.[1]

According to Vancouver-based drug advocate Dana Larsen, ‘Saskatchewan, unfortunately, is not known as a bastion of drug freedom.’ He compares that the province hasn’t reached the same cultural acceptance of shrooms as other parts of Canada, such as Toronto or Vancouver.

If caught with magic mushrooms, Canadians face up to six months in prison or a $1000 fine. However, there is an upside as spore kits are legal to purchase so that shroom users can grow their psilocybin mushrooms from home. [2]

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Saskatchewan, Canada

Regina, Saskatchewan

As mentioned at the start of the article, there is little documentation regarding the species of magic mushrooms growing in Saskatchewan. However, shroom enthusiasts have been lucky to locate one type in the entirety of the province’s age– the Amanita Muscaria.

The distinctive red and white mushroom is hard to miss, as it contrasts with its surroundings. Also known as Fly Agaric, this mushroom species have been used to kill flies across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Amanita Muscaria differs from other types of magic mushrooms because it doesn’t contain psilocybin. Instead, the psychoactive components of this fungi are ibotenic acid and muscimol. These compounds take longer to effect and can last up to 10 hours during a trip.

Care should be taken when ingesting any wild shroom, as it is often easy to accidentally eat a poisonous kind. Even Amanita Muscaria must be appropriately prepared before consuming, as it can cause illness.

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