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We’ve found these reads online to be quite helpful and thought we would share them with everyone.

We did not upload them and do not benefit from sharing these links.

If you found any of these books enjoyable, please support these authors by buying them if you are financially able to.
These authors are the leading figures in the psychedelic community and have spent much time and sweat bringing these works to light.

If buying them is not possible, reviewing their book or recommending it to a friend is a great way to support them as well!

E-Books 1
psilocybin mushrooms of the world
mycelium running
the psychedelic experience
Food Of The Gods
E-Books 2
magic mushroom explorer
The Psilocybin Solution
The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell
Psychedelic Medicine
E-Books 3
How to change your mind
Tihkal The Continuationj
Pihkal A Chemical Love Story
True Hallucinations