Magic Mushrooms Toronto, Ontario

Magic Mushrooms, also known as shrooms, hallucinogens and Psilocybin mushrooms are commonly found across North America. There are roughly 200 species of the magical fungi across the world, with Ontario being home to nine of them. 

Trials have been taking place around the world to research the benefits of psilocybin, the active chemical in magic mushrooms, and some results show positive changes in treating depression and anxiety. 

Are Shrooms Legal in Ontario?

The act of buying, selling, growing and consuming psilocybin mushrooms is illegal in Canada. Those caught in possession of magic mushrooms can face up to 6 months in jail or a $1000 fine, and in some cases both penalties can be applied.[1] 

Although they fall under the ‘Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), there are some cases where exceptions can be made under provision section 56. This can take a lot of paperwork and can easily be denied, making it hard for those who legally want to consume shrooms. 

There is hope for change in the future though. Now that cannabis has been legalized and widely accepted for medicinal use, many are anticipating magic mushrooms will follow in its footsteps. 

There are also reports of clinical trials taking place, which conduct research how psilocybin can affect and potentially treat depression and anxiety. If it’s found to be suitable for medical use, there’s a high possibility that some psychedelics will be legal in certain settings in Canada. 

Luckily, the sale of psilocybin mushrooms is widely overlooked as police focus their efforts on more harmful drug related activities and drug organizations, although it is still clearly stated as an illegal substance. 

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Ontario

There are many dispensaries across Canada in which customers can purchase magic shrooms, often from the comfort of their own home. Online shops have opened en masse, with a huge consumer demand for the natural hallucinogenic.

Although natural magic mushrooms can be found across Ontario depending on the season, it’s far more convenient to browse an online store and take your pick. Any reputable company will proceed to package your order discreetly, so there should be no issue when delivering. 

One company which has set out to change attitudes in Canada towards psilocybin is the ‘Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary’, founded by Dana Larsen. 

The small online dispensary focuses on microdosing forms of taking shrooms. Their theory is that the quantity of psilocybin in the microdosing options (roughly 5%-10%) is low enough to be disregarded by the law.[2] 

Generally, consumers are interested in taking these microdosing options as they have shown promising results in trials when used to treat PTSD, cancer-related anxiety and depression. 

All offer a discreet service, with shipping to Ontario. The advantage of purchasing through an online store is an extensive range of shrooms available to choose from. 

Buy Shrooms Online in Toronto

If you are searching for shrooms in Toronto, we have the solution for you. Buy shrooms online from The Fun Guys.

There are a number of different species which grow in and around Toronto. The best time is between summer and late October. Generally, they prefer to grow under cool autumn conditions.

Open fields and cow pastures are a great place to start your search, with a focus on grassy areas which have a lot of sunlight exposure. If you’re successful on your hunt, make sure to correctly identify the species online first before consuming. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Ontario 

If ordering online doesn’t appeal to you, and you want to spend some time in nature, there are plenty of species to be found in Ontario. 

A list of mushrooms which have been found to grow naturally in Ontario include[3]:

  • Gymnopilus luteus 
  • Gymnopilus viridans
  • Massospora levispora 
  • Panaeolus cinctulus
  • Panaeolus sp.
  • Pluteus americanus 
  • Pholiotina smithii 
  • Psilocybe caerulipes
  • Psilocybe silvatica

A great example of what can be found in Ontario is Psilocybe silvatica, commonly known as Liberty Cap. A popular choice of magic mushroom, it is also recognized as one of the most potent species of mushroom, and prefers to grow in wet areas. 

On the other end of the spectrum is Psilocybe caerulipes, which is fairly rare but can be found in Ontario during May-December. This species of fungi can often be found growing in deciduous forest areas, and grows on decaying hardwood logs. 

There are numerous ways to obtain magic mushrooms in Ontario, mainly through online dispensaries or by hand picking yourself. The key to an enjoyable shroom experience is to make sure to thoroughly research beforehand. 

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