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Any hiker who’s frequented the many forests and trails in British Columbia will have come across a magic mushroom at some point, even if they didn’t realise it. That’s because there is an abundance of psilocybin shrooms to be found across the region. 

Known for growing on deadwood logs, grassy areas and in animal pastures, finding shrooms can be an enjoyable experience as long as you know what you’re looking for. 

Are Shrooms Legal in British Columbia?

Magic Mushrooms remain illegal in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Exceptions can be made for medical purposes, but the process is long and taxing. 

Around the world, research is being conducted into the effects of psilocybin, especially for treating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Researchers at New York University and at Johns Hopkins University are investigating how psilocybin can help cancer patients to overcome depression and anxiety[1].

If concrete research suggests that the effects of psilocybin can be implemented into medical treatments without negative side effects, it is possible that Canada’s laws may change in the future. 

In 2019, a motion to crack down on the sale of magic mushrooms was rejected by Vancouver council. Those who wish to toughen the laws on buying/selling/consuming shrooms believe that unregulated dispensaries can cause issues, however the motion was not favored by the council. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in British Columbia

Unless you know a guy, who knows a guy, it can be tough finding an underground seller with a decent reputation. Tough, but not impossible, if it’s a risk you are willing to take. Alternatively, prepare for your magic mushroom experience by using an online dispensary, where you can be assured that your shrooms have been carefully grown and vetted. 

With quick, discreet delivery, you can browse through many different options of magic mushroom species, and even try some edibles or microdosing options. Ordering dried shrooms online is also a great way to ensure that you are receiving safe fungi which have been cultivated properly, and also have any questions you may have answered by the dispensary. 

Magic Mushrooms in Vancouver 

Vancouver is a perfect city for exploring when taking shrooms. With numerous beaches, local mountains to hike or ski down and a buzzing city center, there’s plenty to keep you entertained while you enjoy your ‘trip’. 

Alternatively, enjoy the vibrant art, theatre and music scene, letting your shroom trip immerse you into the artistic flow of the city. 

Although there are plenty of enjoyable magic mushrooms to be found on Vancouver island, it’s a good idea to proceed with caution if you plan on picking them yourself. According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, a ‘death cap’ mushroom was found on the west coast in Vancouver. This particular mushroom lives true to its name – it’s highly poisonous and can lead to death if consumed. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in British Columbia 

Across BC, you can find an array of different magic mushroom species which vary in habitat, potency and appearance. Although many prefer not to share their shroom sources in fear that everyone will descend on that location, the number of species which grow in British Columbia means that you’re likely to come across some shrooms, even within urban cities. 

Here are the known species of magic mushrooms which grow in British Columbia[2]:

  • Gymnopilus luteofolius – Also known as the ‘yellow-gilled gymnopilus’. This type of mushroom tends to grow in dense clusters on dead hardwood.
  • Panaeolus cinctulus – Often referred to as ‘banded mottlegill’ these shrooms can be found growing on compost piles and well fertilized lawns and gardens. 
  • Pholiotina cyanopus This type of shroom can be found around BC on lawns, in fields and grassy areas.  
  • Pholiotina smithii – This rare type of hallucinogen is commonly found in ditches, bogs and swampy areas across North America.  
  • Pluteus brunneidiscus – The Pluteus brunneidiscus likes to grow on the wood of broad-leaved trees, generally in the months June-November. 
  • Psilocybe baeocystis – Commonly known as ‘bottle caps’, ‘knobby tops’, ‘blue bells’ and ‘olive caps’, these psilocybin shrooms have high potency levels and can be found on ground bark, conifer mulch and wood chips.
  • Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa – Sometimes referred to as ‘blue-haired psilocybe’, this distinctive type of psilocybin grows from September-December. It can be located growing in soils rich with deciduous wood debris. 
  • Psilocybe cyanescens – Also known as Wavy Caps. They are extremely popular, but can also be mistaken for Galerina mushrooms which are deadly when ingested. 
  • Psilocybe fimetaria – Native to Canada, Psilocybe fimetaria is often found on cow and horse dung, or in grass or rich soils. They tend to grow from September to November. 
  • Psilocybe pelliculosa – containing low levels of psilocybin, Psilocybe pelliculosa grows in clusters along forest roads and trails in coniferous woods. 
  • Psilocybe semilanceata – most commonly referred to as ‘liberty cap’, these are also a very popular shroom species. Found growing in 17 countries across the world including Canada, look out for them in grasslands such as meadows or pastures.
  • Psilocybe sierrae – This type of psilocybin mushroom is found in BC, often in different kinds of decaying organic matter.
  • Psilocybe silvatica – Commonly found in coniferous forests, look out at trails and forest roads where you can find Psilocybe silvatica growing in clusters. 
  • Psilocybe stuntzii – This type of psilocybin shroom grows from July through to December. They are usually found in wood chips and bark mulch. 
  • Psilocybe subfimetaria – This is a rare species of psilocybin which grows out of dung in grassy areas. They have been known to grow in Vancouver in October- November time. 

Locating mushrooms isn’t difficult to do once you know which type of habitats they grow in. It is advised, however, that any shrooms picked naturally should be cautiously cross checked to ensure they are safe for consumption. 

 Whether you plan to order shrooms online, or search for your own in the many habitats dotted around the province, British Columbia is certainly a great place to unwind and enjoy taking psilocybin mushrooms. 

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