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Any hiker who frequented the many forests and trails in Vancouver, British Columbia, will have encountered a magic mushroom at some point, even if they didn’t realize it.

Because of this, psilocybin mushroom delivery services are abundant across the region.

Read on where to buy magic mushrooms in Vancouver.

Where to Buy Shrooms in Vancouver

Like cannabis dispensaries, several retail storefronts sell Psilocybin products; it’s easy to buy shrooms in Vancouver; just Google “Magic mushroom dispensary near me.”

Otherwise, prepare for your magic mushroom experience using our online magic mushroom dispensary in Vancouver, The Fun Guys, where you can ensure your mushroom products have been carefully grown and vetted. Getting shrooms from an online mushroom dispensary is as easy as adding them to the cart and waiting for shipping.

Shipping magic shroom products from online shops is also a great way to ensure that you receive safe products that have been appropriately cultivated and any questions you may have answered by the Vancouver shrooms dispensary.

Where to get Magic Mushroom Delivery in Vancouver

Our dispensary lets you buy shrooms in Vancouver and deliver them to your mailbox. If you are searching for same-day magic mushrooms delivery in Vancouver, unfortunately, our service takes at least 24 hours to be delivered.

Some Vancouver mushroom delivery services likely exist, and some mushroom dispensaries might offer it.

It’s fast but not same-day. Across Canada, our dispensary is here if you ever need shrooms.

Buy Dried Magic Mushrooms Vancouver

Our online dispensary sells dried magic mushrooms in Vancouver, offering affordable prices; you only have to search our menu. For example, at The Fun Guys, you can buy magic mushrooms for about $35 to $260, depending on the amount.

Another popular strain in our catalogue that you can add to your cart if you are in the city is the Tidal Wave mushroom strain – Psilocybe cubensis species. This type of dried mushroom will cost you between $40 and $99, depending on your desired amount.

BC has a lot of advantages, being a lovely outdoor province, we have cannabis and Vancouver DMT for sale as well.

Buy Shroom Edibles Vancouver

You can get shroom edibles in Canada, like jellies, magic mushroom gummies, chocolates, caramel, or tea bags at a mushroom dispensary in Vancouver. The Fun Guys website has a wide range of options that cover all the edible forms. Our tea option includes Ethos – a 50 HP Healing Potion tea bag only costs $18.

This one bag (750 mg of Psilocybin mushrooms) can give you a medium, exhilarating experience.

Chocolate edibles like the Mycodose chocolate squares (four chocolate squares) cost $30. Each Mycodose chocolate square contains 500mg of psilocybin, which means one purchase will get you 2000 mg; this psilocybin chocolate bar is more than enough shroom chocolate to make your trip worthwhile.

Buy Microdose Magic Mushrooms Vancouver

With all the mushroom dispensaries available, finding microdose mushrooms for sale online is easy. You can easily find psychedelics and marijuana on sale. Micro-dosing is the way to go if you want a more controllable experience.

Is There a Mushroom Dispensary Near Me in Vancouver?

Vancouver is home to several notable dispensaries, each offering a unique selection and experience:

The Fun Guys: We operate and have online shrooms in Canada for sale, offering a discreet and convenient way to explore a wide range of psychedelic products from the comfort of your home.

Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary: Founded by Dana Larsen, this Vancouver mushroom dispensary offers an extensive range of products beyond psilocybin, including coca leaf and peyote, across multiple locations in the city.

Zoomerz: Located on Granville Street, Zoomerz is known for its classic selection of mushrooms, making it a go-to spot for enthusiasts.

FOREST The Mushroom Store: Situated closer to Canada Place, FOREST offers a similar menu to Zoomerz but in a more upscale venue, providing an enhanced shopping experience.

Toronto magic mushrooms chain, The FunGuyz, hasn’t been able to expand West quite yet.

What can I expect to find in a Vancouver mushroom shop?

In a Vancouver mushroom shop, you can expect to find a wide array of psilocybin products, including dried mushrooms of various strains, microdose capsules, shroom edibles like chocolates and gummies, DMT vape pens, and mushroom teas. 

These shops cater to various preferences and purposes, from recreational use to therapeutic applications.

What differentiates The Fun Guys from other mushroom dispensaries in Vancouver?

The Fun Guys is a premier online mushroom dispensary that offers convenience, a wide selection of quality products, and the assurance of privacy for customers. 

Unlike physical stores, The Fun Guys provides an easy, discreet shopping experience with detailed product descriptions and customer support, making it ideal for both newcomers and experienced users seeking to explore the world of psychedelics safely.

Taking Shrooms in Vancouver

This is a perfect city to explore when taking mushrooms. With numerous beaches, local mountains to hike or ski down, and a buzzing city center, plenty keeps you entertained while you enjoy your ‘trip.’ 

Downtown Vancouver is a great place to visit, with many shops and access to great food. Follow in the footsteps of many others!

Alternatively, enjoy the vibrant art, theatre, and music scene, letting your shroom trip immerse you in the city’s creative flow. You can also head to Vancouver Island and try shrooms Victoria.

What are the Effects of Shrooms?

There are many effects of shrooms, but this will depend on the amount you take, how they are consumed, and how potent the shrooms are, and it varies from person to person. Please read our guide on magic mushrooms to learn everything you need to know. If this is your first dose of magic mushrooms, begin with a low dose to feel light and avoid a bad trip. If you have done this before, take your usual dose for an authentic psychedelic experience.

Here are some effects you can expect;

  • Body stone
  • Euphoria
  • Altering of reality
  • Visual hallucinations

Taking a lot of shrooms can affect your physical health, so take sufficient breaks and pay attention to the amount you take.

Also check out shrooms Edmonton for sale.

Are psilocybin mushrooms Legal in BC?

According to Federal Law & Health Canada, magic Mushrooms remain illegal in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The federal government has made Legal Exemptions & exceptions for medical purposes, but getting a business licence for it is long and taxing. The city is home to psychedelic therapy clinics, used in a medical form to reduce the symptoms of certain conditions.

The Vancouver Police Department is more focused on those who traffic harmful opioids, contributing to an ongoing health crisis, which can fuel gang violence and increase violent and organized crime. Opioids cause many illicit drug deaths in the downtown Eastside. They want to target violent crime over illegal psychedelics.

If concrete research suggests that practitioners can implement the effects of psilocybin into medical treatments without adverse side effects, Canada’s laws may change in the future.

Psychedelics News in Vancouver

In 2019, the city council rejected a motion to crack down on selling psychedelics. Those who wish to toughen the laws on buying/selling/consuming shrooms believe that unregulated dispensaries can cause issues; however, the council favoured the motion to allow psychedelic programs.

This is after the government made several reforms in the cannabis industry due to improved studies and activists like Dana Larsen.

The City of Vancouver also seems lenient on magic mushroom stores; even though they sell illicit substances, they are not harmful like opioids. The hallucinogenic compound Psilocybin can be used for medicinal purposes and isn’t involved in organized crime.

Advocates argue that Health Canada won’t supply synthetic psilocybin when needed, so patients have to access it through a medical mushroom dispensary. This could be a valuable tool if a synthetic form were available for medical use.

Dana Larsen, a Canadian author, philanthropist, cannabis, and drug reform activist, is one of the faces behind the push for change regarding drugs such as psilocybin; he operates the Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary and Coco Leaf Cafe in the City of Vancouver. If the upward trajectory continues, we may see legal use of magic shrooms in Canada in the next few years- paving the way for medicinal and recreational use across the country.

Dana Larsen was a massive in advocating to legalize cannabis. With Vancouver’s marijuana legalization scene under his belt, he wants to spur the legalization of shrooms for compassionate access in a similar path.

The City of Vancouver is now home to several magic mushroom dispensaries, mainly in the Downtown Eastside, operating without a business license but staying open; this is an excellent indicator of a trend toward potentially legalizing shrooms.

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in British Columbia 

Across BC, you can find various magic mushroom species, which vary in habitat, potency, and appearance.

Although many users do not share their shroom sources for fear that everyone will descend on that location, the number of species that grow in Vancouver means that you’re likely to come across some shrooms, even within urban cities. 

Although plenty of enjoyable magic mushrooms are found around Vancouver, it’s a good idea to proceed with caution if you plan on picking them yourself. It’s best not to take higher doses your first time.

According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, someone found a ‘death cap’ mushroom on the west coast near the city. Unfortunately, this mushroom lives up to its name—it’s highly poisonous and can lead to death if consumed.

There are many known species of magic psychedelics which grow in BC.

Locating mushrooms isn’t challenging once you know which type of habitats they grow in. However, it is advised that any shrooms picked naturally by users should be cautiously cross-checked to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Do You Know Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Vancouver?

Whether a user plans to order shrooms online or search for their own in the many habitats dotted around the province, Vancouver, Canada, is a great place to unwind.

Whether for medicinal purposes or recreational use, Vancouver psilocybin can be an option now that psychedelic programs are available.

Buy magic mushrooms in Vancouver, BC.

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