Magic Mushrooms in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Being the most eastern province in Canada (followed by Labrador), Newfoundland has a wide range of climates and temperatures, making it the ideal place for three types of magic mushrooms to grow. 

With an abundance of nature and wildlife, this province is a dream place for those who want to reconnect with nature. As shrooms and nature go hand in hand, it’s no wonder that Newfoundland is a great place to have a mushroom trip. 

From hikes to whale watching, there’s plenty to be enjoyed here. Camping is also a popular activity to do, so if you’re in the mood to hunt for some shrooms, you may be in luck. Check out The Fun Guys online store to find what you need!

Are Shrooms Legal in Newfoundland

Magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, so the possession or consumption of them is prohibited. Psilocybin mushrooms are classified as a schedule III drug under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Permission may be granted in some instances if psilocybin mushrooms are needed for medical research or trials.[1]

If caught, you can face criminal charges, including a fine or possibly a short jail sentence. It is, however, legal to buy spore kits. This means that those who want to grow psilocybin shrooms can, from the comfort of their own home, which some prefer to do as they can, experience the growing process of the shrooms for themselves. 

With new research emerging regarding the use of psilocybin on mental health issues like depression and anxiety, there are hopes that magic mushrooms will one day be legal and hold the same status as cannabis. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in Newfoundland

Buying shrooms in Newfoundland is easy thanks to the use of online dispensaries. The hassle is taken out from finding a reputable dealer, and you no longer need to scour the forests every time you go for a walk.

Online dispensaries usually have many options regarding different shroom species, so it’s an opportunity to experiment with shrooms that may not grow locally in your area. In addition, micro-dosing options and edibles such as teas or chocolates may be available to purchase, making your shroom trip take a tasty turn for the better. 

The final pro when it comes to ordering through an online dispensary is that discreet shipping is always guaranteed, and you can do orders from home without the need to go out and actively look for a way to buy magic mushrooms. 

Magic Mushrooms in St John’s

St John’s is the capital of Newfoundland, and with its contemporary yet vibrant atmosphere, it’s a great place to explore. This is the leading educational, cultural, financial, and commercial center for Newfoundland. It is also the oldest city in North America that the Europeans founded.

Whether you’re looking for the charm of a small city or luxury, St John’s is diverse enough to please everyone. 

Taking shrooms here is excellent for several reasons. Firstly, the colourful houses reflected onto the water make for a great photo opportunity or a nice place to sit and relax admiring all the colours. 

Wander the quaint streets, explore the many shops and restaurants, or hike nearby Signal Hill. You’ll be rewarded with an impressive castle and sweeping panoramic views. It’s the perfect place to enjoy your shroom high. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Newfoundland

Out of the 180+ types of psychedelic shrooms which grow across the world, The three types of shrooms known to grow in Newfoundland include[2]:

  • Gymnopilus sp.

This species of mushroom is most commonly found in moist, lowland wooded areas near rivers. They grow in dense clusters on hardwood logs, tree stumps, tree bases, and conifers. Some of the subspecies of Gymnopilus are known to contain psilocybin. 

The cap diameter of this species is around 4 cm to 20 cm but do not be surprised if you find one with a 30 cm cap. The plant starts with a convex cap that eventually flattens and turns into a slight umbo. The cap has a regularly golden appearance that is owed to the radial orange fibres. The golden appearance turns orange-brown as the fruit body matures into an adult plant.

The robust stipe is orange-brown and has many fibres below the ring, which turns rusty with age. The stem is yellow, and the base of the stipe is bulbous or club-shaped.

Over 14 members of this species have the psilocybin compound, but most cannot be used for recreational use due to their bitter taste.

Panaeolus cinctulus

Also known as the ‘banded mottlegill’ or ‘weed Panaeolus’ is an extremely popular type of magic mushroom. It can grow in many countries and can usually be located during the fall and spring seasons. The best place to look for it is fertilized gardens, lawns, and sometimes horse dung. 

  • Psilocybe semilanceata

Psilocybe semilanceata species of mushroom is commonly known as ‘liberty cap’ and is very potent. Liberty caps prefer wet areas like grasslands, meadows, and pastures. Contrary to popular belief, liberty caps don’t often grow on dung but rather on decaying grassroots.

The best time to look for liberty caps is during the spring months. Liberty caps can be bell-shaped or have a sharp conical shape. Psilocybe semilanceata have deep reddish purple-brown spore prints and have thin cobweb-like partial veils.

Magic mushrooms in Newfoundland can be a great experience and a chance to reconnect with nature. Using an online dispensary is the safest option, as hunting for magic mushrooms yourself will always have an element of risk to it. If you do take this option, make sure you follow a trusted guide before consuming shrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy magic mushrooms in Newfoundland?

Psilocybin dispensaries in Canada are the most secure and fastest way to get the drug into your home. Some offer express shipping that makes sure all the items in the cart arrive as fast as you want. Moreover, these mushroom dispensaries include discrete packages to ensure your package is only known by you.

What types of magic mushrooms can you buy online in Newfoundland

Magic mushrooms in the online dispensaries will usually come in three product forms: dried mushrooms, mushrooms in edibles like cookies and muffins, mushroom capsules, and mushroom beverages.

How much do mushrooms like Liberty Caps cost in NL, Canada

The cost of whole dried mushrooms will vary from country to country and seller to seller. The drug prices will differ depending on the strain and species since more potent mushrooms like the Psilocybe semilanceata cost more.

However, on average, you can expect to buy a gram of dried psychedelic drugs for about $7 – $12. The same drugs will cost $20 – $40 for an eighth. So you will commonly spend $200 – $350 for an ounce. On the other hand, micro-dosing capsules can cost on average up to $80 for a bottle of 30 pills.

Scientists who want to examine the effects and features of psychedelic mushrooms can purchase a gram of the shrooms for up to $10,000. However, Research-grade psilocybin is more expensive and more complex to obtain than regular magic mushrooms. That is to say that the cost will depend on the quality of the shrooms, where you purchase them, and the market demand for them.

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