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Shrooms Edmonton

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If you’re a native of Alberta or just passing through the region and want to find some psilocybin mushrooms in Edmonton, you’re in for some luck.

Skip the article and buy magic mushrooms online from The FunGuys dispensary. We offer free express shipping on orders over $200. We always have exclusive deals and high-quality products you can trust—our online shrooms dispensary ships across Canada.

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Edmonton

If you’re looking for a place to buy shrooms in Edmonton, buying shrooms online from a mushroom dispensary is the best option.

An online shroom dispensary will offer many more forms, such as micro-dosing options and edibles, which can be challenging to create at home.

In addition, discreet packaging is usually guaranteed so you can order from home with peace of mind. We also carry DMT and cannabis at our online dispensary—get more with your Edmonton magic mushrooms.

Can I get Same-Day Shroom Delivery in Edmonton?

While we are unsure if you can get same-day magic mushroom delivery in Edmonton, we can deliver it in 2 to 3 days. The Fun Guys is your go-to when looking for magic mushroom delivery near me in Edmonton.

The FunGuys has the perfect treatment for you. Our company is based in Vancouver and lets you order mushrooms and psychedelics that can be shipped quickly to you.

Dried Magic Mushrooms Edmonton

You can’t buy magic mushrooms online without looking at dried shrooms. Most people consume the active ingredient Psilocybin this way.

The top picks from our Vancouver shrooms customers include the Golden Teacher and Yeti Cubensis. These are not highly potent strains, so you should expect a mild experience that will most likely not be highly spiritual. However, they will give you well-balanced high and colourful visuals.

Another great strain on our menu is the Lizard King mushroom. When people buy shrooms in Edmonton, these dried mushrooms cost between $40 and $99, depending on the desired amount.

Buy Shroom Edibles Edmonton

You can easily buy shroom edibles from our menu. People love them because they are convenient and come in gummies, chocolates, caramel, and tea bags. One of the favourites is our mushroom tea option, Ethos—a 50 HP Healing Potion tea bag only costs $18. One pack contains 750 mg of psilocybin mushrooms. You can also try Calgary magic mushrooms if you’re in the area.

When you buy psychedelics in Canada, these are essential to consider; they are easy to ingest and taste delicious (unlike magic mushroom caps and stems), especially the magic mushroom gummies.

Most shroom edibles are made with Golden Teachers, as they are easy to cultivate and one of Canada’s most popular strains.

Buy Microdose Mushrooms in Edmonton

Popular in news, microdosing is coming up when you buy magic mushrooms in Edmonton. Microdosing is an excellent way to get the positive effects with a simple dose of psilocybin without a shroom trip or psychedelic effects. You can buy microdose capsules from our online store easily.

People practice microdosing more often than large doses, as the effect of taking such a small amount isn’t immediately noticeable. At most, it creates a mild high that relaxes and sets them in the mood for a stress-free day.

Micro-dosing is the best option for a more controllable magic mushroom experience.

Is There a Mushroom Dispensary Near Me in Edmonton?

There are currently no physical mushroom dispensary locations in Edmonton. Although some brands would love to move here, the city probably hasn’t opened its doors to welcome them.

If you want a psilocybin mushroom dispensary in Edmonton, search online for your purchase.

There is minimal risk when buying shrooms online. Lastly, The Fun Guys’ selection is unbeatable and easy to find at local shops. You can visit many great places in this country and try magic mushroom stores safely.

Also, find a Mushroom Dispensary with Shrooms Delivery Toronto, or a Mushroom Store Montreal, where you can also get Shrooms Halifax and enjoy our Mushroom Dispensary Victoria.

Are Shrooms Legal in Alberta?

Are magic mushrooms legal in Canada? It is still very much illegal, though; while those caught possessing magic shrooms or the drug psilocybin can technically face a hefty fine of $1000, it’s not likely to happen.

As magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, the rules apply to Alberta, too. Under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, it is prohibited to grow, sell or consume shrooms; however, a clause, Section 56, allows the health minister to make exceptions. These exceptions tend to be in cases of medical use or for scientific purposes.[1] 

It’s worth noting that spore kits are legal to buy and grow, so this may be a better option for those seeking a legal way instead of purchasing magic mushrooms in Alberta online. 

The law tends to lean more towards finding and prosecuting large organizations which sell other drugs, while the individual consumption of the hallucinogens isn’t as highly prioritized.

What to do on Shrooms in Edmonton

While in Edmonton, you can visit various historical and landmark centers, such as the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Legislative Assembly, Government House, Giant Aluminium Baseball Bat, Talus Dome, Walterdale Bridge, and Father Lacombe Chapel. Each place has a fascinating story and atmosphere to enhance your shroom experience.

Sports lovers are big fans of Edmonton because they have many of Canada’s finest teams in various sports; there is always something to watch at the Alberta Sports Hall. You can watch the Oilers, FC Edmonton, Elks, Trappers and other elite sports teams any day.

Whether you’re interested in visiting the famous Rocky Mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Royal Alberta Museum, or enjoying nature in one of the many city parks near hot springs, there’s something for everyone to experience while they want their shroom trip.

Is Psilocybin Beneficial for Mental Health?

With the stigma behind mushrooms changing, people in the public are excited that access to magic mushrooms in Canada is available.

Psychedelics have been shown in studies to provide a number of benefits for mental health. They have also been used for end-of-life treatment.

Magic Mushrooms that Grow in Alberta

Want to forage? Alberta is home to five unique species of magic mushrooms, including the well-known Banded Mottlegill.

When searching for magic mushrooms in Edmonton, you may be able to locate some in piles of horse or cow dung, in addition to forest wetlands.

Suppose you’re looking for natural psilocybin mushroom patches. In that case, forested wetlands are the best place to search for shrooms, but ensure you identify them and check they’re not poisonous before consuming them.

Here are some of the species of magic mushrooms found in this province [3]:

  • Conocybe kuehneriana – Found in grass and mulch, this type of shroom is identified by its velvet fibres and yellow/brown appearance. 
  • Gymnopilus luteofolius – Also known as the ‘Yellow-Gilled Gymnopilus,’ this mushroom has a rusty orange spore print and grows on dead hardwoods and conifers. 
  • Gymnopilus sp. –These psychedelic mushrooms change colour as they mature, starting a bright yellow/orange and turning brown as they age. They tend to grow on hardwood logs and conifers. 
  • Panaeolus cinctulus – Also known as the ‘Banded Mottlegill,’ this type of psilocybin mushroom is commonly known for its hallucinogenic properties. They can be found growing on compost piles.
  • Panaeolus sp. – These tend to be identified by their spotted gills, usually black or grey. Thirteen of these shrooms have been determined to be hallucinogens.

If you plan on hunting for your shrooms, compare them carefully to ensure they are safe for consumption. Ordering from a dispensary is an excellent option for those with little experience identifying shrooms.

Try The Fun Guys magic mushroom online dispensary when you need shrooms in Edmonton.