Buy the best shroom edibles in Canada; conveniently dosed mushroom gummies, shrooms chocolate and shroom tea. The perfect products for macrodosing or microdosing. Edibles taste great and are easily dividable for controllable dosing. When you buy magic mushrooms online, edibles are a great choice!

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Buy Shroom Edibles Online in Canada

There are many advantages to magic mushroom edibles, the main one being the taste!

The flavour of dried shrooms on their own may put you off; luckily, there are many types of shroom edibles to get the job done. They are easy to dose; whether you want to microdose or experience a potent trip, there is an edible psilocybin mushrooms product.

No more searching where to buy shroom edibles in Canada. The Fun Guys Shrooms online dispensary has what you need.

Our selection of psilocybin edibles includes Magic Mushroom Chocolate Canada, classic mushroom tea, and magic mushroom gummies.

Psilocybin Edibles Dosage & Potency:

All product packaging indicates the total amount of psilocybin in the package. If the item contains pieces, the total amount is divided per piece.

You can control the dosage easily by calculating how much is in each piece (or smaller pieces you divide).

For no to little psychedelic effects (microdose) – 250mg

For mild effects – 250mg-1g (start low, work up)

For moderate effects – 1-3g

Full psychedelic experience – 3g+

Benefits of Magic Mushroom Edibles

As we mentioned above, the main advantage is the delicious flavour, but you can also appreciate;

  • Odourless product
  • They come in many different flavours or formats, such as gummies, chocolate, caramels or tea.
  • Easy to dose with single pieces with indicated potency
  • Great for bringing with you to keep your trip going
  • It can be micro-dosed with small, accurate pieces

How Do I Take the Edibles?

Taking shrooms edibles is simple. Depending on the product you buy, it’s most often ready to be eaten as is; you only need to ensure the dosage you are about to consume.

For tea, the total dosage is what’s in the tea bag, and it must be prepared by steeping.

The gummies and chocolate are ready to eat, but you should calculate the dose for the piece to ensure you don’t consume too much.

How Long Do Psilocybin Edibles Take to Kick In?

There is little difference between dried shrooms and edibles for the time they need to kick in. Your body will digest the candy and psilocybin just as quickly. The onset time is anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Similar to cannabis edibles, it takes a bit for the psilocybin content to be processed by your body. The magic mushroom trip should be the same as taking raw magic mushrooms.

How Long Do Shrooms Edibles Last?

This can depend on many factors, but if you take one single dose of 2-3g, your experience with psilocybin edibles will last from 4-6 hours.

There are ways to potentiate the hallucinogenic compound for longer or shorter duration, but this can vary significantly among individuals.

What are the Effects of Psilocybin Edibles?

Consuming psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, through edibles like mushroom chocolates or in their dried form can produce effects like hallucinations, altered perceptions, and a distorted sense of time.

While some seek these experiences for self-discovery or spiritual journey, it’s crucial to acknowledge the risks involved, including bad trips, nausea, and potential adverse reactions in the context of other substances or other psychedelics.

Understanding the physical effects, such as changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and ensuring a safe, controlled environment is crucial.

How to Store Shroom Edibles for Later?

When storing your shroom edibles, please keep them in a cool, dry place in a sealed ziplock bag. The most essential factor is reducing exposure to air and light. The fridge is best if you keep them for a long time, as the freezer can degrade potency.

Are Psilocybin Edibles Legal in Canada?

Psilocybin edibles are not yet legal in Canada.

Navigating the legal framework for psilocybin-containing mushrooms and their derivatives, like chocolate shrooms and mushroom chocolate, involves understanding their classification as hallucinogenic substances.

While there’s a burgeoning interest in the potential therapeutic applications, especially in therapeutic settings, and some instances of access to psilocybin for medical use, the general sale and purchase, especially of edibles like the mushroom gummy treat or polkadot bar, remain under stringent regulations in Canada.

Ethical considerations are paramount, especially regarding a safe environment and responsible use.

Are Psilocybin Mushroom Edibles Safe?

Ensuring safe and informed consumption of psilocybin mushrooms, whether through mushroom gummies, chocolates, or other edibles, involves understanding both the short-term effects and potential long-term impacts.

From ensuring that the product is free from contaminants (like poisonous mushrooms) to understanding how different strains, like Psilocybe cubensis, might impact the individual, an informed approach is crucial.

Recognizing symptoms of a bad trip, understanding how to manage anxiety during an experience, and knowing when to seek help (such as contacting poison control) is vital in ensuring that the journey with psilocybin is approached with safety and respect.

Are Scooby Snack Shroom Edibles?

Scooby snack mushroom capsules are a product taken orally. They are generally microdose and a favourite of festival goers and summertime adventurers.

This product is not actually a shroom edible but a microdosing psilocybin product with other substances to enhance the effects of psilocybin.

Can Magic Mushroom Edibles Enhance Mental Health?

Magic mushroom chocolate and shroom chocolate bars have become popular means of consuming psychedelic mushrooms in Canada. With mental health being a pivotal discussion, especially concerning potential therapeutic uses, chocolate mushrooms and mushroom gummies offer an alternative to traditional consumption methods of dried magic mushrooms.

While some anecdotal reports and peer-reviewed studies, including those from institutions like Johns Hopkins, suggest beneficial effects on mental health conditions, comprehensive research is ongoing into the long-term effects and potential benefits.

Getting Creative With Shroom Edibles:

For mushroom lovers and culinary adventurers, the world of psilocybin mushrooms extends beyond basic mushroom chocolate bars and dried variants. The shroom edibles market is expanding from dark chocolate infusions and delicious gummies to innovative drinks.

Mushroom chocolate is the easiest way to get creative with magical shrooms; melt milk chocolate, add ground dried magic mushrooms, and mould them into a Psilocybin chocolate bar.

However, it’s crucial to approach this cautiously, recognizing that while the combination of psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, with other ingredients might offer a palatable experience, the potency and impact can vary.

Ensuring accurate dosing, understanding the potential effects, and prioritizing well-being are essential in exploring the culinary world of psilocybin.

Shroom Edibles vs Raw Psilocybin Mushrooms

Shroom edibles are undoubtedly gaining popularity as the go-to product when consuming mushrooms. Magic mushroom products, like mushroom chocolates and gummies, make microdosing psilocybin and macrodosing (high doses) easier.

This method of dosing has many advantages over dried mushrooms. Magic mushrooms can vary in potency, so you will get inconsistent hallucinogenic effects each time you take them.

On the other hand, shroom edibles are in the same dose every time. Other than that, the main advantage of shroom edibles is their delicious taste.