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Buy Shrooms in Alberta - Edmonton & Calgary 3
Buy Shrooms in Alberta - Edmonton & Calgary 4

If you’re a native to Alberta, or just passing through the region and want to find some psilocybin mushrooms, you’re in for some luck. 

Home to five different species of magic mushrooms, including the well known Banded Mottlegill, shrooms can be found across the province mainly in forestland and pastures with animal dung. 

So is it legal to take shrooms in Alberta, and how can you go about buying some? Read on for more information.

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Are Shrooms Legal in Alberta?

As magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, the rules apply to Alberta too. Under Canada’s Controlled Drug and Substances Act, it is prohibited to grow, sell or consume shrooms, however there is a clause, Section 56, which allows the health minister to make exceptions. These exceptions tend to be in cases of medical use or for scientific purposes.[1] 

It’s worth noting that spore kits are legal to buy and grow, so this may be a better option for those looking for a legal way to obtain shrooms. 

Local to Alberta, two Calgary men have been apprehended by the police after 80 bags of psilocybin were seized early in 2020 in a rural area east of Didsbury. 

The law tends to lean more towards finding and prosecuting large organizations which grow and sell shrooms, while the individual consumption of the hallucinogens isn’t as highly prioritized. It is still very much illegal though, and those caught in possession of magic shrooms can face a hefty fine of $1000, or a six month prison sentence. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in Alberta

If you’re searching for somewhere to buy shrooms in Alberta, the best bet is to order online. Online dispensaries offer far more in terms of different species to try, and it can also be safer than going out and picking your own as it eliminates the possibility of picking a poisonous mushroom by mistake. 

Online magic mushroom dispensaries also have many more forms, such as microdosing options and edibles, which can be hard to create at home. In addition, discreet packaging is usually guaranteed, so you can order from home with peace of mind. 

Magic Mushrooms in Edmonton 

Known as Canada’s Festival City, Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. A city filled with culture and history, it’s a great place to experience magic mushrooms. Whether you’re interested in visiting the Royal Alberta Museum, or enjoying nature in one of the many city parks, there’s something for everyone to experience while they enjoy their shroom trip. 

If you’re looking for natural magic mushrooms, forested wetlands are the best place to search for shrooms, but make sure you identify them and check they’re not poisonous before consuming.

Magic Mushrooms in Calgary 

The largest city in Alberta, Calgary is a mere 3-hours from Edmonton. If you’re planning to take magic mushrooms in Calgary, there’s plenty to do which will compliment your trip and show you the city in a new light. 

Visit the Calgary Tower, watch a hockey game, browse the farmers market or just enjoy being in one of Canada’s sunniest cities. Whilst it may not be possible to pick your own magic mushrooms within the city centre areas, heading outside of Calgary to forests and wetland areas should provide you with some fungal pickings depending on the time of the year (generally spring time).

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Alberta 

When searching for magic mushrooms in Alberta, you may be able to locate some species in piles of horse or cow dung, in addition to forest wetlands. 

Here are some of the species of magic mushrooms found growing in Alberta[3]:

  • Conocybe kuehneriana – Found in grass and mulch, this type of magic mushroom can be identified by the velvet fibres and yellow/brown appearance. 
  • Gymnopilus luteofolius – Also known as the ‘Yellow-Gilled Gymnopilus’, this magic mushroom has a rusty orange spore print, and grows on dead hardwoods and conifers. 
  • Gymnopilus sp. These psilocybin containing mushrooms change color as they mature, starting at bright yellow/orange and turning brown when they get older. They tend to grow on hardwood logs and conifers. 
  • Panaeolus cinctulus – Also known as the ‘Banded Mottlegill’ this type of psilocybin mushroom is commonly known for its hallucinogenic properties. They can be found growing on compost piles.
  • Panaeolus sp. – These tend to be identified by their spotted gills, which are usually black or grey.Thirteen of this species have been identified to be hallucinogens.

If you plan on hunting for your own shrooms, make sure you compare them carefully to ensure that they are safe for consumption. Ordering from a dispensary is a great option for those who have little experience with identifying shrooms.

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Psilocybin Shrooms That Grow In Alberta Canada

Shrooms that grow in Alberta

There are a few unique species of psychedelic psilocybin shrooms that grow in Alberta. We are going to attempt to look for those soon, even though we fear it is likely too late within the season. When selecting mushrooms, one needs to be careful because many mushrooms appearance alike, and selecting an incorrect one could bring about death if ingested. To be safe, buy shrooms online which are

Magic Mushroom Strains found in Alberta Canada

  • #1 Conocybe kuehneriana
  • #2 Gymnopilus junonius
  • #3 Gymnopilus luteofolius
  • #4 Gymnopilus luteus
  • #5 Panaeolus calculus

On most of the outline pages, they most effectively have U.S locations; however, they do grow In Canada, and these five types develop in Alberta. Pay maximum interest to the outline of the mushroom, the season, habitat and distribution. These might be the hints with a purpose to make it the perfect for finding. If we stay on a farm like an area we will probably have more success finding Panaeolus calculus, and in case we live near a forested area with coniferous trees, we may probably have extra luck with the alternative four. We hope collecting these statistics in a single secure region was useful, and we want you desirable hunting if you so choose.

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