Microdosing During the CoVid-19 Pandemic

Microdosing During the CoVid-19 Pandemic 1

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada, and I became finding recovery with the aid of stumbling memes about coronavirus online – of all my reading, training and experience, “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE” of all. One of my preferred memes examines, “has each person just taken magic mushrooms and talked to the virus?

I contemplated, “was someone playing Jumanji? Or turned into this a synchronicity?”. Finally, I decided that this couldn’t have been extra of a signal for me to plan my subsequent sacred adventure using Psilocybin Mushrooms.

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I took the following week to put together for the ceremony, received my domestic-grown fungi and devoted myself to a 10-day microdose adventure initiated on the first day of spring. Here is my ride report:

Day 1:

Prepare my apartment through spring cleaning. Portion out my domestic-grown mushrooms into ten envelopes. Get wonderful paranoid of co-vid 19 after speaking to family and buddies. Attend a Board of Director’s assembly over Zoom to discuss the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy. Take my first dose around 5 pm and rapid the rest of the night, drinking most inexperienced water and working towards Kundalini Yoga. While practicing, I pray for the planet and those of earth. I practiced Reiki and washed my body. I slept like a baby after my baby.

Day 2:

I awoke in a horrible mood, clearly impatient and ready to move. I cried aloud to my step-dad approximately my fears, pressures, life’s task, messages from the cosmos and every else under the stars. I felt everything and notion to myself, “how can I teach my son emotional intelligence when I can’t even maintain myself together?”. However, when I allowed myself to name the feeling and practice introspection, the more aligned I felt to the assignment and my process as a mother. I went stay at midday to open my Seasonal Coaching Circles and knew I changed into speaking to the proper humans at the appropriate time. At 5 pm, I took my subsequent dose and went to jump in puddles with my baby. We fell asleep shortly after returning domestic.

Day 3: Sunday Funday

I became wired… Ready for trade and prepared to move! There changed into no manner I was staying within the town with my son paranoid of a virus, people, vaccines, martial regulation and 1,000,000 other matters that were stealing my focus, my life pressure energy. I publish a funny meme to my non-public Facebook and get known as out hard. I acquired masses of comments – a few supportive, some calling me insensitive at best… I don’t deliver a f*** if I have a terrible experience of humour – I am now not for every person. After a few journaling and deep contemplation, I sat with my step-dad and over a few natural teas, we wondered about our ideal style of living and unschooling my baby. At 5 pm, I took my subsequent dose, ate a bunch of popcorn and watched some arise comedy with my step-dad, who I had now been remoted with weeks.

Day 4:

It’s Monday morning, and I am again to work, plugged into the laptop at 8 am and taking education calls through 9 and feeling so f***ing thankful for my vicinity on this world, to be my very own boss, to be teaching my son in a way that’s specific to him. I am blessed. At 5 pm, I take my subsequent dose and near my eyes. I meditate; I go to my internal worlds and communicate with the coronavirus for tips.

Day 5:

I sleep in till 7:30; I am up at 5 am naturally; I guess I had to relax longer today? At 8 am, I am on the phone with my accountability partner. We are kindred, her and I, like a soul sister connected through the internet through synchronicity. We discuss our success, our desires and help every other consciousness in on our next movement steps. I interviewed a person on how he healed himself from the usage of psychedelic mushrooms. After recording, we talk about how psychedelics have played a function in how I parent my child, and I comply with being interviewed for his channel again the subsequent week. I spend the rest of the day babysitting; I take my next dose. I feel great and optimistic about our destiny as a species.

Day 6:

Wednesday, my favourite day of the week because I sense like a female Neil DeGrasse Tyson – my Carl Jung is the simplest Dr. Dan Engle. Dr, Dan, is the health practitioner in the back of Onnit, owner of Full Spectrum Medicine and a High-Level Influencer inside the psychedelic world. I was inclined to be my mentor for three years, and now a collection of us meet to examine from him every Wednesday for sixty minutes. This Wednesday, he shared the excellent news that we would now be an assembly for another half of an hour each week, “YES!”. When I was given the decision at 6 pm, I took my dose. I felt thankful, aligned, complete of cause and driven via passion.

Day 7: Another excellent day, another tremendous mentor:

I had been ready months for this possibility to be with Paul Stamets and the team that created the Fantastic Fungi Collection. I cried to my step-dad, sobbed actually – we needed to get to the united states of America asap; we needed to be too close to the medication now. We discovered the cabin we would stay in until the pandemic became over, and I began packing us up and ultimately down our city apartment. On these days, I additionally was given the news that my unwell friend turned into finally called in for CoVid-19 testing and changed into now sedated within the Intensive Care Unit. He is so far still in the ICU but additionally doing better at respiration on his own than another sufferer that has examined positive inside the area. Bless the staff, bless apple cider vinegar, bless anyone who’s stricken by this pandemic. At 5 pm, I take my dose shortly after being a part of the active Paul Stamets Zoom Call.

Day 8:

I awake with a headache; I relax, I go inward, I breathe… On this day, I fast and bypass my eighth dose. Instead, I cuddle with my baby, and we watch Harry Potter as a circle of relatives. I don’t regularly watch TV; however, after I do, I commit!

Day 9:

I am wide-awake feeling, in reality, excellent and rested. I hold my rapid and take my eighth dose at 8 am, beginning to eat once more at 10 am. I finished packing up for the united states of America cabin have been transferring to and closed down our metropolis apartment at some stage in the pandemic. I am in pass mode, however, also so calm and focused – I am aligned and using midday had been geared up to hit the highway. We arrive at our American homestead around supper time, unpack the auto and explore the land as a family. At the same time as papa and I, my child’s adventures discuss how we will take care of the country, forage, and develop food. A moderate headache returns around sundown, so I supply myself a massage with a domestic-made cream and eat my weight in the water earlier than I go to sleep like a baby – we made it!

Day 10:

Wow, the beauty is stunning, the odour of maple brings me again to my childhood, and I am inspired to make a video for my pals and own family approximately our move. At 2 pm, I recall that I nonetheless have doses left, I take one, and as my baby naps, I write, and then together, we adventure outdoor and smooth the log home we moved. Life is excellent!

Day 11:

It’s all happening. I have well-known what has happened, I have adjusted what wishes to be changed and now extra aligned with my motive than I could have imagined before this journey. As I write this, I see the clock examine 5 pm, and I take my tenth and final dose of psilocybin mushrooms as I listen to my son giggle together with his papa. I am so glad to be a mom, grateful for the step-dad who believes in me and enables me to elevate a happy, healthy and prosperous human every day. I am entirely at peace with my new reality, honouring my capability to ask the universe for something and show up what I want. I am additionally so thankful to The Fun Guys and all your readers that resonate with my story. I love you so much!

These are the instructions I learned from my 10-day sacred adventure the use of psilocybin mushrooms throughout the CoVid-19 pandemic:

Of my 15 years of using psilocybin in all unique doses, microdosing in the morning, I must admit, is my favoured method.

Dr. Seuss was and nevertheless is so outstanding.

You are simplest a sufferer of CoVid-19 if you refuse to capture the natural opportunity for Elemental Growth.
Life is what you’re making it, so create it to kick-ass.

Gratitude is a state of thought that, when cultivated, will assist you in taking place greatness in all areas of your life.

Look at what’s working and neglect the rest; I couldn’t say it extra.

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