Micro Dosing Mushrooms Pros and Cons

Micro Dosing Mushrooms Pros and Cons 1
Micro Dosing Mushrooms Pros and Cons 2

We are The Fun Guys here, and we’ve got a special guest today, Larry Homes of neural growth. You guys might recognize Larry if you’ve been into the store. He always rocks the elixir bar and the floor super knowledgeable, super helpful, and he’s had a side project that he’s been working on for a while, and he started teaching classes at a slight sell-out around town the topic of micro-dosing. You can buy microdose shrooms in Canada from The Fun Guys.

Now there are many benefits that one can get from micro-dosing. It’s a substantial trend it’s kind of it’s growing down; it’s blowing up. Larry has experienced they will share the benefits and some of the cautions around like your dosing.

So, whether you are reading our blog or reading the repost afterwards on any number of the platforms, feel free to join the conversation posted any comments any questions down below, and Larry and I will follow up with you.

So, let’s dive in. Welcome, Larry; thanks for being on. Yeah, thank you so much. It’s good to be here, and I like the intro because it’s not. You know, many people are putting the micro-dosing kind of; they’re mystifying it is the solution to everything. But it definitely can be super helpful. It really can be such a game-changer in our lives.

Micro Dosing Mushrooms Pros and Cons 3

Micro Dosing Magic Mushroom Safety

Microdosing shrooms is easy and safe, but it’s not for everyone; there are some things we need to be aware of and a few cautions that we’ll get into here to ensure you got lots of information and we’re staying safe, which is of the utmost importance. So, let’s start right off the top kind of full benefits, and I’m going to get into some the cautions however those want to come out, yeah.

I would say the number one benefit, and we’ll get into some of them. You know it’s not for everyone, but it is very mood-elevating and picks us up. It enhances all the senses, our smell, especially our hearing and vision. It gets what I call you to know, the HD kind of hue to it. It just really brings colours out, and it’s very mood-elevating, and I think one of the main reasons.

It is because it helps us connect; even if you’re looking at a tree, a flower could be a beautiful person. You know we see beautiful things all the time, but we don’t take a minute to appreciate it, and I could tell you should be grateful you should understand the Beauty around you and if you’re a little bit depressed. You might want to hit me; you know it’s not always what we want to hear, but I find when we microdose, it just helps us do that; it genuinely makes us very, very present, and if you’re in the presence of something or someone beautiful or exciting you feel it you feel so connected to that.

And especially when it happens with Beauty, it floods the body like you think that Beauty and I genuinely believe that that is the antidote to depression or one of them. That would be one of the other main benefits of helping with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Now it is not a replacement for good hydration and good food-breathing meditation.

I don’t like to see people bypass those things, but they can help you in those areas. They’ve done my reflections extremely sincerely to help me quiet my mind very quickly; you know, when we’re happier and feeling more joy, it’s much easier to say no to bad foods. To keep on track with our lifestyle goals because a lot of times when we fall off way, we’re using that because of a rewarding life was hard today we had a tough day at work very stressful now I want to eat some cake, or I want to eat some ice cream.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but when we can find joy and happiness in other ways, like connecting with people connecting with nature, we will fill up. It’s a different kind of fall, and you’ll find yourself in a much better place. It’s way easier to say no to some of these more negative things or things that have lots of consequences and significant short term yes that short-term benefits for the long-term pain, and many of us get caught in that, myself included.

Especially with the food, but yeah, it can be huge for depression and anxiety, and one thing I’ll throw in is some people, it makes the anxiety worse. It’s probably about 5% of people I’ve worked with, so it’s not a huge number, but it is significant, and they keep trying to lower the dose.

Micro Dosing Mushrooms Pros and Cons 4

Anxiety Caused by Micro-Dosing Shrooms

They want to experience the benefits, but some people micro-dosing increases their anxiety. They need to lower the dose in half cases, but this 5% worsens the other half. I’m still trying to understand it, but I like to let people know that because you fall into that category if you try it. It’s okay, yeah, there’s never going to be a one-size-fits-all, I don’t think, and yeah, you know, it can help with that anxiety.

This is huge, and I think the reason is that when you’re anxious, you’re either caught up in the past or what’s coming in the future. Whereas when I microdose, I’m so present all that fades away, not entirely. It’s not like you’re drunk or something, but it helps me if I am stressing out about the future; it helps me. Okay, what’s stressing me out? Let’s solve that. Let’s see what I can do about it, and if it’s truly nothing, it goes away.

Yeah, I’m much more centred, much calmer, and another tremendous benefit of micro-dosing is increased focus and productivity. I get a lot more done. I am one of those people who, if I have a long to-do list, it sits on me, and it can be crushing, and the long to-do list becomes the reason why I’m not getting anything done; it’s a bit of a vicious circle. When I’m microdose, I’m presently a lot of that stuff fades away, and I get to what’s right in front of me and what’s super cool is I’ve used, you know, caffeine.

I’ve used other stimulants to achieve that, and they can say I’ve had great success, but I’m not present, whether it’s laundry or writing a video. I’m rushing through it. I’m doing it to get it done. When I microdose, I find out I want to do a great job right there. I naturally do a good job because you’re very connected with what you’re doing, whether folding laundry or doing dishes. I think that’s super important in today’s society.

A lot of us got so much to do that was everywhere, but right here, we’re supposed to be doing it that. I, yes, you know, the Zen of dishwashing, the Zen of folding laundry, and it helps with that again, people will tell you, oh, you know, we should always be in a meditation state, and we should always be relaxed and breathing again. If you’re not feeling it, those words don’t do you much good.

Yeah, but I have found micro-dosing brings you into that moment, that present moment, and you feel a lot more gratitude. You feel very connected with what you’re doing, and I do find at the end of the day, I think perfect about myself. I feel very accomplished, whereas again, in the past, if I’m leaning on stimulants or just willpower, and I’ve breezed through everything, the end of the day comes. I feel almost like I didn’t do anything because again I

Micro Dosing Mushrooms Pros and Cons 5

Microdosing Benefit; Be Like Water

We’re again so busy that we’re everywhere but right here, and then another big one which ties into that a huge benefit is it helps with connection and getting in the flow state and the flow state. A lot of people describe it in different ways to me. Simply, you know, a pro basketball player running up the court and just sinking shots isn’t thinking about how much weight to put on it.

How much is he bending his knees? No, he’s right in the flow; he’s connected, and it’s the same on the mushrooms you’re connected to. Even the dishes have that same idea, but an even further point with this connection is your relationships, so a big problem I’ve had here working at the light cellar. When I started, I knew someone would come through the door so happy, they wanted to eat some chocolate, and it’s straightforward to connect with them.

Then the next person that comes in maybe just got a grim diagnosis, or they’re going through a health battle, and if I was thrilled two minutes ago, it could be tough for me to get on their wavelength. when micro-dosing, I found I could instantly look someone in the eye, and it’s not even a technique; it happens very naturally. I get very in sync with them. I’m again present with them, which helps me ask the right questions and find some solution, or I like to say help them find their solutions, and that’s super important if you’re in the health industry in any way.

if you can’t connect with your clients, you’re likely not going to help them, and you may even harm them because if you disconnect from them, you might make the wrong suggestion. We’re all just trying to help; it’s not, you know, we’re not malicious. We’re not evil, but it makes a huge difference when we can truly look someone in the eye and connect with them. you will truly develop better relationships. Even if your relationships at home, like we’ve got lots of mothers who were very timid and scared to microdose because there are moms, they have tons of responsibilities.

Still, when they finally give it a shot, many of them found it. Wow, like you know, seven or 8-year-old children will come home, and they can connect with them. Whereas if you’re caught up busy in the adult world, and your eight-year-olds are telling you about what’s happening at school with you, that sounds good. Like you’re not present with them, and so yeah, we’ve seen countless stories now. We’ve had lots of great feedback from mothers and parents who now understand where their children are coming from; they feel directly connected with their children, not just making sure they are complete and happy. On the go, you’re developing friendships within your family.

I can see all this lining up; you first said it elevates and heightens the senses. As you’re describing this, you know, like it’s, it’s also that sixth sense of like the feeling of purpose. Right and getting into your heart, getting that present moment into your body, and connecting with others. So yeah, I like how you ordered the sixth sense because I thought a hundred or two hundred years ago, this was something; we were all perfect it out.

you know, it’s not that the mushrooms were giving you some magical skill; they’re just helping you connect with what’s been here all along, and we see when we can see it everywhere in our society where the connection is not happening. you know it’s either all about profits or all about this, all about that. Not truly.

What’s what does it feels like? Does this feel right? Does it feel good, and in the foundation is connecting with oneself right tuning into your body? We all tend to spend so much time trying to distract ourselves and take ourselves away from the feelings that we have, and that’s I think that’s probably one of your cautions is that’s what micro-dosing is not for, right if you’re trying to lower your weight things internally.

if you’re seeking another kind of distraction, this is not it, no, and what’s funny is if you’re hurting, like if you’re depressed, you’re not having a good time; it will give you that for a while. Hence, a common thing we’ve seen with people working with their depression or even they’re not clinically depressed; they want to feel more joy is their first month of micro-dosing.

they take a little break, and then they go into their second month, and all of a sudden, when they take it, they get frustrated to get emotional; they’re feeling their pain much deeper, and a lot of people look at this as a negative thing. I’ve come to learn that’s not the case to me; these mushrooms are likely will one day be called the daf-2 genic they’re brilliant, and so are you your body has an amazing and Nate wisdom to it.

So if you’re not in a state where you can deal with your pain and issues, the mushrooms won’t make you do that; they will give you some joy they’ll build you up. I like to say it, and then when you reach a level where you’re strong enough, the mushrooms will pull out your issues and hold them right here, and that is not always very comfortable; however, if you’re in a supportive environment, you’re somewhere. where you can deal with those issues that they’re pulling up, you will be so much stronger afterwards and then when the mushrooms are long gone, and you’re no longer microdose ting.

you will have dealt with some of these issues; it’s not that you’re just high on the mushrooms and getting the effects. they’ll pull stuff up for you to deal with, and I must mention that, so we get lots of people who want another happy pill; it might give you that for a while, but when you’re strong and ready, it does help you go through your emotions you know. Since micro-dosing, you know, the past two-three years in my life like it’s, you know, I’ve probably cried more than I did.

The first twenty years, if you like, which sounds funny but does help you connect to get over not get over it like us men like to do I’ll get over it you know it helps you connect with it and move forward, you know pick up what you need to pick up let go what you need to let go of yeah awesome cool so Larry his life this and as he talks about depression as he talks about many other things you know. He has lived this been through these experiences and mushrooms in a part of his journey.

This is why he’s now sharing this with such enthusiasm was his passion, and I wanted to bring him on and give a little bit of a window in this world. I know a lot of people have a lot of questions because it is on-trend. It’s out there, and there are not many safe spaces to have these conversations feel risky.

We’re still in a gray area, so we have a workshop coming up on March 1st, yeah, March 1st at like cellar; it’ll be the second one he gives here. it’ll be the same. I know you’ve got a few kinds of like improvements and some additions as you’re always learning call and improving the information that you’re sharing, so he’ll be delivering that again; it’s going to be amazing first one completely sold out, so if you’re able to join us.

I would highly recommend getting on it now because where that gap is narrowing down to whatever we’re over half full now, yeah, so it’s definitely going to sell out again and yeah, reach out to Larry personally.

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