Sex on Shrooms

sex on shrooms
Sex on Shrooms 3

Soothing sensations can give rise to powerful moments. Shrooms help people fight depression and anxiety, bringing them back to their everyday, happier life. In addition, the psilocybin in shrooms can elevate the pleasure of sex, enhancing the experience and allowing you to feel with more intensity.

If you haven’t tried it before, the thought can be a little scary. This article looks into what it feels like to have sex on shrooms and whether it’s a good idea to mix the two. 

Mixing Shrooms and Sex

Some say it is a heavenly combo; others believe you need to know the person you are tripping with and their state of mind. One thing is for sure, though; psilocybin affects the brain resulting in a more open mind and a willingness to connect with those and the environment around them. Therefore, the use of shrooms can significantly impact the psychological, hormonal, emotional well-being of a person. 

No two experiences will ever be the same, and it’s important to remember that taking shrooms can make you more willing to engage in situations that you might not have considered beforehand. That’s why being clear on your intentions with your partner early is essential in making sure the experience goes well. 

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to shrooms, and while you may be on a great trip, if your partner isn’t, it could end unpleasantly. In these situations, it’s best to assess your environment and partner and only proceed if you’re both on the same page. 

What’s it like to have Sex on Shrooms?

Shrooms can have effects that land on either end of the spectrum. It can act as an aphrodisiac for some, enhancing their sex drive and freeing them of their fears and anxieties. It can make the act of love-making amplified, increasing the intensity of orgasms and the emotional connection you feel to your partner.[1]

 For others, it can be a source of distraction. For example, some users have reported not being able to achieve an orgasm, as the room around them seemed to be changing, and they found it hard to focus on the act of making love. 

This can come down to the dosage amount, which is one of three key elements to be aware of before mixing shrooms and sex. For those who have been successful, the experience has been described as an act of pure bliss and intense feelings of love. 


The fundamental rule is to have a comfortable environment while having sex on shrooms. The definition of a relaxed environment differs from person to person, so it’s important to discuss this beforehand with your partner. A romantic atmosphere such as being out in nature or somewhere familiar can be a good starting point and may even create an atmosphere for your love-making on shrooms. 


Dosage can play a massive part in how the experience turns out. As touch and sensations are heightened when you take magic mushrooms, consuming too much can be counterproductive.  Many said that more tripping leads to slower body movements during sex. The pleasure is minimized because your legs and arms are not synchronized during the act of sex. 

To have a controlled experience, it is recommended to initially take less than 1 gram and increase the dosage later, especially if you are new to taking shrooms.  


The partner factor is the most important one out of these three. It may instigate some harsh memories, ruin the trip, or make him miss his ex. This is when the partner will not enjoy the moment to the same extent as the other partner, ruining the act for both of them. 

Therefore, it is essential to powerfully communicate your expectations with each other and make sure that they have mutual consent to perform sex under the influence of magic mushrooms. In addition, do it with someone you trust and can enjoy the experience with.

In the case of a casual hookup with a stranger at a club or party, some communication is still essential. If you want to remain aware of what is happening around you, it’s a good idea to take a smaller dose and communicate your expectations with the person you’ve just met.

So what makes the shroom sex a masterpiece? Psilocybin can cause ego deterioration along with mind-opening effects, which can certainly create the possibility of an ‘out of world’ experience. 

Is It a Good Idea to Have Sex on Shrooms?

Sex on shrooms is not harmful; however, you have to consider the above factors carefully. The consent of two partners, the environment, and the right amount of dosage will help you experience the best sexual experience. It is a fact that your emotions are more active when you are under the effect of psychedelics like magic mushrooms, making you feel a stronger connection to your partner.

On the flip side, there’s always the possibility of having a bad shroom trip. This can make having sex a possibly traumatic experience. Hence, doing it with a trusted person can make a world of difference. 

It’s always best to start with a low dose. Sometimes orgasms can take a while to achieve when taking shrooms, and you can find your attention drifting. If you do reach the peak, you’ll probably find it a much more intense orgasm than you would typically have sober.[2]

In conclusion, Sober sex has no comparison when compared to having sex on shrooms. So it’s understandable why many people experiment with the two; it could result in the best sex of your life. The main points to take away are based on knowing your expectations, partner and environment. All of these play a crucial role and the dosage amount and type of shroom you decide to consume.

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