Can You Drive While on Magic Mushrooms?

You’ve taken some psilocybin, wondering how to get where you need to go.

Many people have been in this same predicament, but their next actions separate them.

Should you drive while on shrooms? Going for a ride can seem like a good idea, but we strongly disagree for safety reasons.

Take the transit, walk or ride a bike.

Let us discuss driving while on magic mushrooms and why it’s not a good idea.

Key Takeaways:

  • Psilocybin affects your motor skills and reaction time
  • High doses of shrooms change your vision and hearing abilities
  • Not only do you endanger yourself, but you also endanger those around you
  • Don’t drive while under the effects of psilocybin
  • Going for a drive while on shrooms is highly illegal
  • Walk, bike or take transit instead
  • Wait a couple of hours minimum after your trip to drive

How Do Shrooms Affect Your Ability to Drive?

Magic mushrooms, or shrooms, are a species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound. Some mushrooms produce effects similar to LSD when used in high enough doses.

Since they are psychoactive and hallucinogenic, they will affect your senses, reaction time, and ability to see things properly. Although tripping on shrooms and having these effects take hold can be fun, they are incredibly dangerous while behind the wheel.

These effects don’t go together with driving a motor vehicle, just like alcohol.

Drugs such as LSD and Psilocybin make you see things that are not there, which can be dangerous while driving.

Should You Drive While on Magic Mushrooms?

The simple answer is no. Seeing things that are not there is terrible while driving, but hallucinogens can make you miss seeing things that are there, which is just as dangerous. So, for example, a snowman suddenly appearing out of nowhere is probably not the reality, but you may react as if it were right there.

We think it is safe to say driving while intoxicated with any substance is a horrible idea, whether you are using alcohol, cannabis, LSD, or magic mushrooms. Not to mention magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada.

Some mushroom users experience flashbacks, in which they experience parts of the drugs trip again while not high. It might be a good idea to avoid getting behind the wheel after taking shrooms regularly in recreational doses.

What About Microdosing and Driving?

While microdosing, you should not feel the intense effects of psilocybin, but they may still be present if you are new to microdosing.

We advise not driving if it is your first time taking microdosing or you get a sense you are taking a dose that is too high. You need to watch out for your medications; talk with your healthcare provider about whether you are safe to drive while taking any medication. Find out why driving while impaired by drugs is dangerous and if microdosing may affect your driving.

Microdosing shrooms are becoming a lot more common, so driving on psilocybin microdose is probably also common. Just like painkillers, it’s important to know how it affects you and always to air on the side of caution.

Is Driving on Shrooms Illegal?

Not only is it unsafe, but driving under the influence of magic mushrooms is illegal. There is no roadside test, but the authorities would easily notice if you are under the effects of a large dose of psilocybin.

All illicit drugs cause dangerous effects on your body and impact your ability to focus or make rational decisions. Any use of illegal drugs or alcohol has some effects on your body, all of which make it unsafe and illegal to drive. Furthermore, if you combine drugs with alcohol, the consequences may be harder to control and result in an overdose.

Walk, Bike or Take Transit Instead

If you need to travel with shrooms, you can still walk, run, or bike during this time without issue or anyone bothering you. You can also take transit while high on shrooms, but depending on how the effects control you, people may notice.

In these cases, users have rarely had to fear being arrested or charged with drug crimes because they were high or had a few magic mushrooms in possession.

How Long Should I wait to Drive After Shrooms?

Researchers have noted that approximately 66% of the compounds in magic mushrooms are excreted within the first 3 hours of ingesting them. The amount of time shrooms remain in the person‘s system depends on several factors, including the potency of the mushrooms, dose, and individual body. Several factors can play a part in how a person’s body processes these compounds, such as weight and metabolism and the dosage and types of mushrooms consumed.

Depending on how heavy your binge is and how much you take, you may be able to drive 6 hours after taking it. While much of the effects will completely wear off in 6 hours, you are advised to wait even a couple of hours after that before driving anything. We’re saying you should not drive while high; it is just not right to put others’ lives in danger. Most users have found the effects of the mushrooms kick in pretty consistently over time, and maybe it seems okay to drive lightly after 4-6 hours, but probably not.

Be aware of how you feel, and understand within a couple of hours of a trip being over, you are still taking a risk to drive.

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