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Should I Take Shrooms on an Empty Stomach?

Magic mushrooms aren’t that fun to eat, but they can make you feel great. But should you take mushrooms before eating? Or after? And how long does it take to kick in? There’s a lot of conflicting information online regarding whether taking mushrooms before or after food will help you get high faster. Some say […]

Travelling With Shrooms in Canada

You’re looking to take a trip somewhere, and you’ve packed all your things, but what to do with your shrooms when you travel? You don’t want to get to the airport and be uncomfortable that something might happen. Although psilocybin mushrooms are a controlled substance, storing them properly for travel looks natural. The best way […]

Can You Grind Shrooms into Powder?

Grinding shrooms into powder is a standard method of processing before consuming them. Once the shrooms are powdered, you can use them in tea, capsules, chocolate, baking and more. You can grind shrooms into powder easily with a food processor, coffee grinder or magic bullet. But you might be wondering how to grind up shrooms. […]

How to Microdose Magic Mushrooms

how to microdose shrooms

Psychedelic substances offer a whole range of benefits, but for some, the intensity of taking an entire dose of shrooms can be too much, hindering their ability to complete their daily tasks. As researchers uncover how psilocybin can alter and improve our focus, help with mental health issues and increase our general well-being, many users […]

Shroom Recipes – Psilocybin Tea

psilocybin tea

Psychedelic Tea Getting your daily kick of shrooms should be a treat! If you require a new way to take magic mushrooms, here’s a recipe for a beverage you can whip up in minutes! Please allow TFG to present to you… “drum-roll please…!” (You can always get what you need from us for this recipe […]