Taking Shrooms Twice (Or More) a Day

Most of the time, taking shrooms once is plenty sufficient.

But what about if you feel the trip isn’t as good as it could be or want to have the experience all over again?

Taking magic mushrooms twice in a day is completely fine, but the conditions under which you do it will affect how it turns out. We will also talk about doing shrooms two days in a row.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taking shrooms twice a day is completely fine if not done all the time.
  • Taking shrooms two days in a row is possible, but mindfulness, rest, and moderation are key for a safe and enriching experience.
  • Be mindful of the trip; if the effects have yet to hit, wait before taking more, or it could get dicey.
  • Redosing can be effective, depending on the effects you are feeling
  • Once the effects have subsided, it will take a larger dose to feel significant effects because of tolerance.
  • Microdosing twice a day is reasonable but may contribute to psychoactive effects.
  • Taking shrooms twice in one day, or two days in a row, is no more harmful than once, but your tolerance will build quickly.
  • Long-term use of psilocybin in large doses can cause adverse mental health effects.

Can I Take Shrooms Twice a Day?

No one is stopping you; you can take shrooms twice in one day, but you should understand how psilocybin and psilocin work in the body.

Several factors can affect how well your body handles these compounds, such as your weight, metabolism, and the dosage and type of mushrooms you consume. Therefore, the effects will vary between individuals, and which mushroom type you consume will impact your experience.

Ingesting more significant amounts of mushrooms will increase the number of psychedelic compounds that circulate, leading to more intense psychedelic experiences.

The effects may compound or reinstate the psychedelic trip if taken twice a day.

Once again, the time shrooms remain in someone’s system depends on several factors, including how strong the mushrooms are, their dosage, and their body. The effects of shrooms usually last four to six hours, depending on the size and potency of the dose taken. Taken twice within the time frame will have different effects than re-dosing outside peak effects.

Can you take shrooms two days in a row?

While it’s possible to consume psilocybin mushrooms two days in a row, certain considerations should be kept in mind for a safe and meaningful experience.

One key factor is tolerance; the body rapidly adjusts to psilocybin, resulting in potentially diminished effects on the second day. This could mean needing a higher dose to achieve the same impact.

Also, the experience, being intense, can exert physical and mental strain, making rest and recovery between sessions essential for overall well-being and assimilation of the experience.

Lastly, the unique nature of a shroom trip contributes to its specialness. Regular usage might lessen this novelty, transforming an extraordinary experience into something more routine.

Hence, while consecutive day usage is possible, mindful considerations can enhance safety and enrichment. Furthermore, repeated use might increase the chance of unwanted side effects, both physical and psychological. Learn more about how often you could take shrooms and the considerations.

It’s important that if you’re going to do magic mushrooms two days in a row, it does not become a habit.

Dosing Magic Mushrooms Twice Daily (Or Consecutively)

When you take your second dose is important. Taken before peak effects will cause more intense peak effects. Taking them right after the peak effects will bring on a less intense trip without higher doses. Consistent dosing throughout your trip will help the effects continue, but as mentioned, there are diminishing returns to this.

This is especially if you wait until they have completely worn off. Your body will adjust to the substance; without sufficient time for your brain to get back to normal, the psilocybin won’t be as effective.

A trip from shrooms will take around six hours, peaking around one hour after ingesting it. While some natural variations exist on starting, many people experience effects from taking shrooms for up to an hour. Shrooms remain in the body for 48 hours, but byproducts from the drug may be detected for 90 days. Researchers have noted that approximately 66% of compounds found in magic mushrooms are excreted within the first 3 hours of ingesting them.

For the first trip, you may want to make mushroom tea with around 3 grams of shrooms. Then take 3-5 dried grams with you, along with lemon tek, in case the tea does not do the trick. A single gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms (in their chocolate form) would be enough to get you to the tripping point in one piece, and you can take more if needed.

Will the Effects Be the Same the 2nd Time?

The quality of the trip the second time also depends on the mood state of the person taking the mushrooms. People may feel a range of emotions when taking psychedelics, so you may have a different experience from someone else even though you took the same dose.

After the effects of the magic mushrooms have subsided, re-dosing magic mushrooms will bring back the trip, but you will need to take a higher dose because of your body’s tolerance to the psychedelic compounds.

As you can see, if you were trying for a consecutive daily hit, you would have to dose triple the last dosage to get comparable results, which amounts up and up and up. While you might wonder what grams of mushrooms you should take, you should never take more than double what you took your first time. The effects of using mushrooms are temporary, but you cannot go on the same journey twice.

Dried Magic Mushrooms vs Microdosing Twice a Day

We’ve discussed taking a large dose of mushrooms twice in one day, but what about microdosing?

Microdosing is associated with daily use, so taking it twice daily goes against the proper regimen. The reason you microdose is not to feel the psychoactive effects. If taken too close together, two microdoses may cause some unwanted results.

Microdosing involves taking a far smaller dose of psilocybin mushrooms, typically between .05 and .25 grams. This means that a twice-daily dose of psilocybin mushrooms is not recommended.

Individuals microdosing, taking small doses several times weekly, typically following a particular protocol. They may develop a small tolerance for psilocybin, necessitating a slight need to increase dosages over time but not dosing twice a day.

In brief, microdosing involves taking very low amounts of psilocybin mushrooms on a semi-regular schedule to experience the claimed benefits, such as increased levels of perception and creativity and decreased anxiety and depression.

Most people experimenting with microdosing take a single day of taking, then take two days off not to build up a tolerance and experience day two leftover effects. People follow various schedules while microdosing, sometimes taking a dose daily but often alternating between dosing days and off days.

Is Dosing Shrooms Twice a Day Safe?

If you plan on using mushrooms more than once per day, you may be experiencing the same adverse effects. While mushrooms do not seem to carry the risk of physiological addiction, those who frequently use them can suffer from specific withdrawal symptoms when they stop using.

In addition, while mushrooms are natural substances with no built-in components posing any risk to our health, taking any significant dosage of psychedelic drugs daily or even weekly can harm one’s mental health.

Is it bad to do shrooms 2 days in a row?

Taking shrooms two days in a row is just as safe as doing it once. The only difference is your tolerance will have built up from the day before. Fortunately, compared to redosing shrooms, the longer timespan between trips or redosing will allow you to experience another great trip; you may have to increase your dose to feel the same effects.

It’s not bad 2 days in a row, but frequent daily use of magic mushrooms in strong doses is not recommended and can lead to adverse effects.


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