How to Microdose Magic Mushrooms

how to microdose shrooms

Psychedelic substances offer a range of benefits, but for some, the intensity of taking an entire dose of shrooms can be too much, hindering their ability to complete their daily tasks. As researchers uncover how psilocybin can alter and improve our focus, help with mental health issues and increase our general well-being, many users are now turning to microdosing shrooms.

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What is Mushroom Microdosing? 

In short, microdosing is consuming small amounts of psilocybin, the critical chemical that causes humans to feel the effects of the mushrooms. It’s carefully weighed up to boost the user but remains focused and clear enough to function, work and perform everyday tasks like parenting, driving, and running errands. 

Compared to the effects of whole shrooms, it’s easy to understand why so many people have taken solace in microdosing. Instead of hallucinations, euphoria and mood fluctuations, users can incorporate micro-dosing options into their lifestyle quite seamlessly and often unnoticeable (which is excellent for those who take it to enhance their performance at work). 

The amount in which is consumed when microdosing is tiny. Often just one-tenth – one-twentieth of an average recreational dosage, this crumb-sized amount of psilocybin is small enough not to impact the user significantly. Instead, it packs quite a punch in all the right areas, subtly enhancing the user’s ability to perform tasks. 

Microdosing shrooms are often sold in capsule form, which can be an excellent option for those new to taking shrooms. This option allows the user to monitor exactly how many grams they consume, which will help determine the quantity that suits them. Some users prefer to cut up their whole dried shrooms into small amounts, but it can be harder to keep track of dosage amounts.

How to Microdose Shrooms

As a general rule of thumb, starting with a dosage of 0.1 grams is ideal, especially if you’re new to shrooms. This can be increased slowly over time; however, it is recommended that you take this amount once a day for five days and then have a break for two days.[2] You can check popular microdose protocols in our guide.

This schedule gives you a break in between, which stops you from building a tolerance to the quantity. Taking shrooms in a microdosing form affects everyone differently, so it will be a case of trial and error before finding the dosage which suits you. 

Other factors, such as the strain and species of magic shroom you take, can also impact how you feel, so you may have to try a few different types to determine which gives you the best effects. Remember, microdosing should complement your lifestyle and enhance areas you may struggle with, such as concentration, anxiety or creativity.

Different species have different potency levels and can cause different reactions; you might not get your ideal level figured out immediately. 

An alternative option follows the advice of Dr. Fadiman, a psychologist who works in the field of psychedelics. His routine for microdosing is to start with 0.3 grams but take it every three days so that the body can get used to the effects of the dosage. 

With regular breaks, you should avoid building up too much tolerance, so the effects remain fresh and beneficial.[3] Some users like to record their daily amounts and write down the impact they felt each day and whether the microdosing options increase their quality of life.

Amount of Psilocybin Mushrooms for a Microdose

You may be wondering how much shrooms to microdose; as mentioned above, a microdose of psilocybin mushrooms is .1 to .3 grams.

The most important thing to know about microdosing psilocybin mushrooms is that everyone reacts differently, but numerous reports generally show the same effects are present. Therefore, to microdose psilocybin, you should record your dose and timings to find what works best.

You can take microdose more often than tripping on shrooms.

You can also take this microdosing course by The Third Wave, which teaches you how to do it yourself without depending on other people’s concepts of what works.

Can I Microdose With Shroom Edibles?

Microdosing with magic mushroom edibles is one of the easier ways to go about it. With capsules, you know each capsule is a set amount of psilocybin. That’s the great thing with edibles: you can easily determine the dose you will take. With magic mushroom gummies, it may be one piece or half a piece. With psilocybin shroom chocolates, the whole bar might be a gram, so 1/10th piece would be 100mg.

Not only that, they taste a lot better and are easier to swallow than capsules or dried shrooms.

What are the Benefits of Microdosing?

Psilocybin offers endless therapeutic benefits, and the beauty is that there’s still so much being researched that we don’t know yet. Over the thousands of years it’s been consumed, consumers often describe feeling much more spiritually connected and aware of the world around them. It can lessen the ego, promote being open-minded and even induce euphoria. Let’s face it; these benefits are hard to compete with. So, what makes microdosing an even more attractive substance? 

Firstly, taking recreational mushrooms can induce all the incredible benefits listed above but can also be accompanied by trips and hallucinations, which aren’t always pleasant. Users go on a journey when they take shrooms, which is often unpredictable. There are ways to influence the trip, like surroundings or dosage amounts, but ultimately, a lousy hallucination resulting in paranoia or fear can happen without warning. 

Microdosers want to avoid that possibility. They aim to enjoy the benefits of shrooms but without the risk of not being in control, mentally and physically. Some of the main effects of microdosing are:

  • Higher energy levels 
  • Heightened senses 
  • Improved communicative and relational skills 
  • Creative levels are boosted 
  • An increase in spiritual awareness 
  • Sharper focus and mental clarity[1]

How Does Microdosing Affect Mental Health

In addition to these benefits, other studies have shown that psilocybin positively affects patients suffering from anxiety and depression. For example, a study conducted by researchers at New York University alongside Johns Hopkins found that with just one dose of magic mushrooms, 80% of cancer patients in the trial displayed reductions in depression, anxiety and psychological stress.

This shows the powerful effects psilocybin has on the brain, so what’s to say that taking smaller doses (like microdosing) over more extended periods won’t also help with anxiety and depression? This area still needs some research, but microdose feedback looks promising. 

What Does Science Say About Microdosing?

Much anecdotal evidence supports the benefits of microdosing psilocybin, but what have scientists reported about the benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms?

So far, all the evidence has shown significant improvements in functional connectivity in various brain regions. These findings suggest that psilocybin can be used to create better psychiatric drugs.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Treatment-resistant depression is at the forefront of psychedelic research. This is because treatment-resistant depression cannot be treated with pharmaceuticals or talk therapy. Psychedelic drugs have shown some efficacy in combating extreme cases of depression, but future research is needed.

Convergent and Divergent Thinking

Scientific studies have shown that convergent and divergent thinking in study participants compared to the control group was significantly higher in those taking a very low dose of psilocybin. This is what makes having sex on mushrooms interesting.

Is Microdosing Shrooms Addictive?

There is much evidence to show that microdosing of psilocybin does not cause a physical dependency or lead to addictive behaviours. But the question do shrooms and alcohol mix can change the outcomes of addiction.

Microdosing is part of your regular health regimen. Learn more about the potential of microdosing addiction.

Anecdotal Reports on Microdosing

One woman spoke about her experience battling depression while raising her children. Although she found that traditional means such as therapy helped, when she started microdosing, she was transformed in a way that conventional methods had failed to achieve. Her levels of awareness and alertness improved, and as a result, so did her parenting.

There are many online microdosing communities which tell stories about microdosing psychedelics. In addition, you can read through many anecdotal reports. Users report many beneficial effects of microdosing, like positive mood, increased creativity, convergent thinking and creative problem-solving.

One college student reported outcomes of his mind wandering less, calming his brain activity to improve his creativity and focus. Although he can still get distracted, psilocybin mushrooms have been a godsend.

Unlimited anecdotal accounts like these are found in many studies and across online communities.

Where to Buy Microdose Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

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Microdosing – the new trend in supplements.

Psilocybin mushrooms have proven to be beneficial in microdose amounts.

Keeping a diary can help you stay aware of what’s working for you and help narrow down your choices, especially if you’re a beginner in the magical world of shrooms and microdosing.

Another important consideration is when countries will effectively decriminalize psilocybin and other psychedelics so each research team can share their findings. There is much scientific interest in the effects of this psychedelic substance on mental illness.

It suits your mental health and can help you become a better person by making you more productive and creative.

When I first heard about microdosing from Shroom Bros magic mushrooms, I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true.

But then my friend told me he felt more content and creative after doing it for a week. So, after reading up on the many benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms, I became convinced that this is worth trying out!


Microdosing magic mushrooms could be one of the best decisions of your life! We’ll explain how to do it safely.

Magic mushrooms, also known as “shrooms,” are naturally occurring fungi in many parts of the world. This fungus contains a psychoactive compound known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is known to produce changes in mood, perception, and cognition.

The name “magic mushrooms” is a pretty accurate representation of the effects of these fungi.

Consuming these mushrooms can produce intense hallucinations, euphoria, and increased empathy, also commonly reported. Different strains seem to have varying effects and potency, however.

Throughout history, psilocybin mushrooms have been used by people worldwide to help with mental and physical health issues. However, they’ve become more popular for recreational use in recent years because of their hallucinogenic properties.

Just to make this clear, we’re not going to tell you how to get high. However, we know that psychedelics are known to be dangerous, and there have been reports of serious complications.

This guide explains how to microdose magic mushrooms safely to avoid adverse side effects!

First, we will discuss why microdose is essential and what constitutes a “micro” dose. Then we’ll get into how you can purchase some magical shrooms, and then finally, I’m going to teach you how to prepare them before consuming them properly!

Microdosing magic mushrooms can be done by eating about 1/4 of a gram (100-300 milligrams) every few days. You won’t notice the effects, making it perfect for people who work during the day and want to take off at night to have fun!

Microdosing is a new trend in which people take small doses of psychedelics such as magic mushrooms for mental health benefits without the debilitating effects.

This post will discuss how to use microdoses and their benefits. In addition, this article will discuss what you need to know about micro-dosing magic mushrooms to decide if it’s worth trying.

Magic mushrooms are a psychedelic used to induce hallucinations or other altered states of consciousness. They grow on the ground and need to be picked with care.

When consumed, they can produce effects lasting up to 6 hours, including mood lift, mild euphoria, relaxation, creativity enhancement, and introspection. Do you want to find out what happens if you smoke shrooms?

Micro-dosing means consuming small amounts – usually around 0.2 grams daily – enough for the desired effect without getting you high!

Micro-dosing is when someone takes only tiny doses of drugs instead of large amounts.

This makes the effects of psilocybin much milder and allows one to have complete control over themselves.

Rather than one large dose, microdosing involves taking a quarter to an eighth of the usual dose throughout the day. As a result, you will get the same long-term effects without debilitating side effects.

In addition, this method reduces anxiety and the nauseous feeling commonly reported from taking a total dose.


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