Shroom Dosing – How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take?

Shroom Dosing - How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take? 1
Shroom Dosing - How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take? 2

You’ve decided to take psilocybin mushrooms, but how much should you take? It depends on your intentions, but general guidelines exist when dosing shrooms.

Magic Mushrooms offer a range of emotions and physical changes and can increase mental and spiritual openness. Once you have determined the species you like and the environment you take them in, the final step is knowing how much you need to consume. 

This can vary depending on the shroom species you intend to take, as they differ in their potency levels. Experience is another factor to consider, as those new to magic mushrooms shouldn’t consume too much as their bodies aren’t accustomed to the effects of psilocybin.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of dosing magic mushrooms.

Wondering How Much Shrooms to Take for Your First Experience?

Deciding on your dosage is an essential part of how to prepare for shrooms.

The primary chemical in magic mushrooms is called psilocybin, and this converts to psilocin when digested. Like serotonin, it affects the brain by activating certain emotional regions, and some studies believe that the connections in the brain are temporarily rearranged. 

In plain terms, your brain starts to see, feel and associate things differently than when it’s completely sober. This can lead to happiness or even euphoria, and users can begin to perceive things differently. Hallucinations and increased love for nature and the earth around you are common. 

It can take 20-60 minutes to feel the effects kick in, and the peak usually reaches 3-5 hours. Most trips can last up to 6-10 hours, but it’s important to remember that you won’t constantly feel the effects. Instead, they come and go in waves, and the easiest thing to do is go with the flow! This will make your first time much more enjoyable.[1]

How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take
Psilocybe semilanceata

Psilocybin Mushrooms Dosage Guide

The guide below is based on a rough estimation, but as mentioned earlier, factors such as species type, environment and experience can all affect how much the shrooms affect you. Here is a guide for how much is a gram of shrooms and other weights for a visual reference, or you can weigh them appropriately.

Micro dosage [0.05- 0.25 grams]

With this dosage, you don’t experience any perceptual changes. Instead, the mind feels more creative, energetic, mentally relieved, and positive. You are emotionally stable if you take this much magic mushroom, making microdosing a popular method for those who want to work with a boost of energy and focus.

Microdosing psilocybin is a separate practice from tripping. It seeks therapeutic benefits without psychedelic effects; learn more about how to microdose shrooms.

Low dose [0.25- 0.75 grams]

With a mini dose, you have moved out of the perceptual threshold but are still in complete control of yourself. With increased open-mindedness, positive perspectives towards life, ADHD relief, energy levels, and more emotional and physical sensitivity, this dosage is perfect for those who want a shroom experience that isn’t too intense. 

Museum dose [0.5- 1.5 grams]

In this amount of psilocybin, the symptoms of drugs are more visible. However, you are still conscious of your actions. You will still feel comfortable actively participating in physical public acts. People who take this much are likely to experience a conversational fluidity, be more into music and art, have positivity amplification, and have better empathy and introspection. You will also feel physical effects, such as pupil dilation, difficulty focusing and an increased emotional awakening.

Moderate dose [2-3.5 grams]

With a moderate to high dose, a whole hallucinating experience is achieved. You may experience patterns and fractals deeply engraved in your perception or inactive brain memory. However, you can still distinguish what is happening around you. You may step into the world of philosophical ideas and theories, amplified emotions, soothing effects, and the feeling of content with more creative ideas flowing in your mind. In addition, compulsive yawning, nausea, and dizziness are some of this dosage’s side effects. 

Megadose (Heroic Dose) [5+ gram]

When taking 5 grams or more, your senses start to relax. You will have less control over your actions, time becomes meaningless, images are distorted, and you may experience synesthesia. You may not feel the nervous connections with your body, and motor muscles do not coordinate with the brain messages. Facing cognitive tasks becomes more challenging, but the dosage also begins to dissolve the ego, allowing you to make more available choices.[2]

How to Take Shrooms

The method you consume magic mushrooms can affect your experience; for example, brewing magic mushroom tea can help regulate the strong effects of psilocybin. Sometimes, dried shrooms are filled in gelatin capsules. The best way to take shrooms is how you enjoy it most.

Dosing Shroom Edibles

With so many options of products on the market, you can buy magic mushroom edibles that are pre-dosed per piece or package.

When dosing with a shroom chocolate bar, you can quickly determine how much one square is by dividing the total. Similarly, shroom gummies are usually dosed by piece, making it easy to know what you consume.

The Right Shroom Dose for The Purpose

The reason you are taking shrooms should be considered when dosing psilocybin if you are looking for a profound experience versus the subtle effects of microdosing.

As mentioned earlier, the environment can also play a massive factor in your shroom trip. Make sure you are somewhere comfortable, safe and familiar. Having a good friend with you, possibly someone who isn’t new to shrooms, will create a calmer, more trusting atmosphere.[3]

Psilocybin Therapy for Depression

Those with depression have benefitted from microdosing or a full psychedelic experience.

Taking Shrooms Responsibly

Shrooms can open your mind to new experiences and feelings when used correctly. It’s one of the most common recreation hallucinogens amongst young people in North America and Europe and is only increasing in popularity.

This is because there aren’t many risks associated with taking shrooms, except for bad hallucinations (which can include paranoia and panic) and if you accidentally consume a poisonous mushroom. Unfortunately, this leads many to believe taking shrooms is perfectly safe, but caution should always be applied when dabbling with natural substances. That’s why following the guidelines above and creating the right environment will help you have a great shrooms trip. Order from The Fun Guys magic mushroom dispensary to get the best products.


It takes only a small amount of research to understand the correct quantity to consume, especially if it’s your first time. Remember to start slow and increase the dosage as you become more experienced and your body becomes used to the effects. Once you have that down, you can enjoy your shroom experience while minimizing the chances of a bad trip.


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