How to Make Psilocybin Tea

psilocybin tea

Psychedelic Tea

Getting your daily kick of shrooms should be a treat!

If you require a new way to take magic mushrooms, here’s a recipe for a beverage you can whip up in minutes!

Please allow TFG to present to you… “drum-roll please…!”

Psilocybin Mushroom Tea

Here’s What You Need
  • Depending on your desired dosing, 1-5 grams of Shredded/crushed Psilocybin mushrooms per serving or buy magic mushroom tea bags from us.
  • 1 Cup of water per serving
  • Water Strainer
  • Mugs
  • Kettle
  • Teapot

You can add your favourite tea, a bit of orange juice, honey or sugar for some added sweetness.

Adding chicken or beef stock also removes the mushroom flavour entirely from the tea, and it tastes pretty darn good, too, believe it or not!

What you add to this Psilocybin tea recipe is up to you!

*** Adding any acidic ingredients to your tea will make your body absorb the Psilocybin much faster and, in turn, give you a faster and stronger Psilocybin experience.

Please exercise caution with your dosage if it is your first time trying Psilocybin teas.

  1. Pour water into the kettle and heat to boiling point.
  2. Place the chopped/crushed mushrooms into a teapot.
  3. Pour boiling water from a kettle into the teapot and let it for 10-15 minutes while occasionally stirring.
  4. Pour the tea into the mugs, using the filter to keep the mushroom chunks from falling out.
  5. Add optional ingredients to your mug and stir.
  6. Drink the mushroom tea.
  7. Put all the mushrooms that you’ve strained back into the teapot.

We’re not done yet. If you want a second kick, you can restart from step 3 after putting all the mushrooms you’ve strained into your teapot!


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