How Much Do Magic Mushrooms Cost? Shroom Prices In 2024

how much do shrooms cost

Magic mushrooms, psychedelics that have multiplied in popularity over the last few years, can be grown, picked naturally or bought online or in person from a dealer or dispensary.

The cost of shrooms can vary, and it can be hard to know whether you’re securing a good deal or getting ripped off—the downside to having so many options now when looking for shrooms.

The good thing is that sites like The Fun Guys sell shrooms, which people can buy online at a fair price.

We’ve listed the different forms of shrooms and composed a rough guide to their cost.

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How Much Do Shrooms Cost? 

So, how much do shrooms cost? Like cannabis, the cost of magic mushrooms fluctuates based on the quality and type of product. Just remember the price of psilocybin mushrooms varies in other countries, as there is no set market price.

Now that magic mushrooms are becoming more available, growers provide more regular cropping from controlled environments with expert cultivation methods, and shrooms costs are pretty stable.

We’ve compiled a quick reference for how much shrooms go for in Canada.

Shrooms Price Chart

Weight of Dried MushroomsPrice CommonPrice Rarer
1 Gram$10$17
1 Eighth (8th)$35$55
1 Quarter (7g)$55$95
1/2 Ounce (14g)$80$175
1 Ounce (28g)$99$300
*Magic mushroom prices in Canada Updated for 2024

We’ve broken down magic mushrooms by weight so you know the cost and have a visual reference of how much they should be.

After we’ve broken down products into different forms, you can get a rough idea of how much each type of shroom form is sold for.

(Unless otherwise noted, All our displayed prices are in Canadian $.)

*This is only for reference; please do your due diligence and properly weigh your shrooms.

How Much is a Gram of Shrooms (1g)?

1 gram of shrooms

Cost Per gram of shrooms: $12-$15

One gram of shrooms is roughly one stem and cap or two small stems and caps. It would fit approximately in the center of the palm of your hand. This light dose of shrooms is just over a microdose, and you will feel light to moderate effects.

How much is an eighth of shrooms (8th)?

penis envy eighth

Cost of an Eighth of Shrooms: $35-50

An eighth (8th) of shrooms is 3.5x the amount of the 1 gram. So, three standard-size caps to 5 smaller caps. You could cover the palm of your hand in caps for visual reference. People typically purchase eighths when buying shrooms, as it’s a standard dose. This amount of psilocybin mushrooms taken in one dose will have considerable psychedelic effects.

How Much is a Quarter of Shrooms?

Tidal Wave Cubensis Dried Mushrooms

A quarter ounce (7g) of shrooms is 2x the amount of an eighth. About six standard-size caps to ten smaller caps. This amount of magic mushrooms will be enough for a couple of trips or shared between two people.

Cost for a Quarter Ounce of Shrooms: $65-95

How much is a Half Ounce?

Albino Rhino Cubensis Dried Mushrooms

A half ounce (14g) of magic mushroom caps and stems should last you a few trips or be shared among a group. The number can vary depending on the thickness of the caps and stems; if you’re concerned, it’s best to use a scale to weigh your product.

Cost for Half an Ounce of Shrooms: $110-175

How Much is an Ounce of Shrooms (Oz)?

texas ounce of shrooms

Cost Per ounce of shrooms: $99-$350 on average (depending on the type)

A full ounce (Oz) of magic mushrooms is a considerable amount (28 grams) and should not be taken in one dose – it would give new meaning to the term “heroic dose” (5 grams). One ounce will fill the bottom of a sandwich baggie a couple of inches. Depending on the mushroom strain, it might be 20-30 caps and stems.

Psilocybin Mushroom Prices Per Pound:

If you want to purchase large quantities of the same species, a pound of shrooms would provide the best price. You are unlikely to be able to purchase a pound of shrooms online; most people won’t be buying this much, but the average price range for a pound of shrooms is about $1000-$2000.

What Affects How Much Psilocybin Mushrooms Cost?

While numerous factors impact shroom costs, the main ones to be concerned about are which mushroom species (to account for production costs) and local demand and supply. Because of the widespread availability, local factors don’t have the same impact, but still, in restricted areas with a low supply, shroom prices would be higher.

Mushroom Species

Why do mushroom species affect the cost? Because some strains are more challenging to grow or take longer to produce. Also, certain psilocybin mushrooms cost more because they contain more psychedelic compounds, justifying higher prices.

For example, Golden Teacher and similar Cubensis strains are in high demand, easy to grow and have the lowest prices. Other species, like Albino Penis Envy or leucistic strains, are more challenging to cultivate and provide stronger hallucinogenic effects.

Most Psilocybe Cubensis strains, such as Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, or Mexicana, can be picked up relatively cheaply and are in high supply at certain times. Cubensis is the most popular species of psilocybin mushrooms, commonly referred to as “cubes.”

Prices for Types of Psilocybin Products:

Whole Dried Psilocybin Mushrooms

So, how much do traditional dried mushrooms cost? We’ve broken down the basics above, but there are several factors you need to consider when you buy dried raw shrooms. The pricing may vary, so you’ll want to know why the costs may vary:

dried shrooms cost
Dried Cubensis Shrooms

Whole dried shrooms come in different gram sizes and species; some species may be more expensive. Golden Teacher, for example, is a popular and potent type of shroom, making it cheaper as growers prefer it because of its high demand.

In general, users have reported that the average shroom price of an 8th can be between $30 and $50 when purchased through a dealer. In Canada, the cost of raw shrooms is roughly $99 to $250 for an ounce, although this can vary, as mentioned earlier, depending on the source and other factors. 

Buying whole dried shrooms online is relatively similar to the pricing reported by dealers, with 3.5 grams (an eighth of shrooms) on average being approximately $30 and an ounce roughly $200.

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Our advantage is selection; some of our shrooms can go as high as $350 for an ounce (Albino Penis Envy mushroom), so it depends on what you are looking for. Prices can fluctuate with online dispensaries, especially sales or membership loyalty discounts.

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Cost of Shrooms Edibles

magic mushroom chocolates

Edibles include products infused with magic mushrooms, such as chocolates, gummies and teas. Edibles are typically weighed per mg, so it’s tricky to compare the prices with whole dried shrooms, but as a rough guide, microdosing capsules can cost up to $80 for, on average, a bottle of 30 pills.

Similar to cannabis, Shroom edibles are slightly more than buying dried, as they have chocolate and manufacturing costs. $15 / gram of shroom chocolate, up to $40 / 3 grams. This is a reasonable price, as making your own can be a hassle! Also, if you do it wrong, you can affect the psilocybin content.

Other edibles like psilocybin chocolates tend to be cheaper, but the prices can increase if they contain high doses of magic mushrooms. Since pricing for food products is based on the volume of mushrooms, the higher the product dosage, the greater the value. For example, one edible could have an eighth or quarter ounce of shrooms. Remember this, as you don’t want to trip too hard!

Other factors include the quality of the edible’s flavour or how fancy the packaging is.

Cost of Microdose Shrooms

Microdose shrooms come in a few different forms; you can purchase dried shrooms and weigh out small amounts or purchase microdose pills, tea, tinctures or gummies.

Microdose only means taking a small enough dose (500mg or less) not to feel the psychedelic effects.

The cost of microdosing can vary. We recommend using microdose capsules, as they are the most convenient option. Microdose capsules can also contain other beneficial ingredients; their price is roughly the same as chocolate, from $15-20 per gram.

How to Get the Best Magic Mushroom Prices

There are two main ways: buy shrooms online in Canada or at a local psychedelics dealer. The pricing can vary based on certain types. Buying online from a dispensary can be easier as you can browse other sites and compare the prices per gram or ounce before purchasing.

When you buy from a dealer, many aspects come into play, such as their product demand, the ease of acquiring magic mushrooms to sell, and the type of shrooms they offer.

Another factor to consider when determining the price of shrooms is the form you want to buy them. For example, whole dried shrooms are often priced very differently from edibles or microdosing options, so it’s a good idea to know what type of form you want before researching prices.

Foraging for Magic Mushrooms


What better magic mushroom than the one you’ve found on your own?

There are many guides to help you find mushrooms growing wild. The great thing about foraging for wild mushrooms is that the cost can be outweighed by the fun you’ll have to find the right fresh mushrooms. Many people forage mushrooms, so someone searching for psilocybin mushrooms wouldn’t look out of place.

Would you like to know how much shrooms cost when foraging? Just your time, supplies and gas money.

You should be careful, as many mushrooms resemble psilocybin varieties, which may contain another dangerous drug.

Cost of Growing Shrooms (With a spore kit or naturally)

Lastly, growing shrooms can provide the desired product, but it takes time and patience!

Home-Grown Magic Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms from a spore kit involves costs: the container, the substrate, the spore kit itself, the lighting, and your time. However, the more you practice, the cheaper your costs will be per gram; your costs will be spread over more products. Anyone can do it, too; it requires no specialized equipment!

Growing shrooms is entirely legal in Canada, as are the spore kits for sale. Cultivating them is fine, but this is the part that converts them to an “illegal” substance.

We often get asked how to grow shrooms and the associated costs; once you master this, like experienced mycologists, the cost to grow shrooms is minimal, and you’ll have fun doing it. The process of growing psilocybin mushrooms is a great experience and very rewarding.

Strains like Golden Teachers are easier psychedelic mushrooms to grow; you should research internet forums and growing websites to find psilocybin species that are easy to grow.

How Much Are Shrooms Spores?

Shroom spores are much less expensive than dried mushrooms, but you will need other supplies and time to grow them. The great thing is you can cultivate a large quantity of shrooms with spores.

Mushroom spores typically cost about $35 to $50 per strain.

How Much Do Shrooms Go For Legally?

So, you want to save money on your magic mushrooms? Think about this: the craziest thing is what legit private businesses are paying for psychedelics. Behavioural sciences professor Matthew Johnson says ONE GRAM can cost $7000 to $10k depending on different factors. We can’t imagine what they are paying for drugs like LSD or MDMA.

Because of local laws preventing drug abuse, psilocybin and shrooms are controlled substances. Like any drug, you can abuse it, but psilocybin as a drug is much less likely to be abused than a drug like nicotine.

So what do we recommend?

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The trick to how to find a shroom dealer and saving money when you purchase psychedelic mushrooms is to pick the right company. Unfortunately, many black market companies aren’t regulated and don’t have a good supply from real mycologists or haven’t done the proper research, so their mushroom product is shit. In addition, the quality & quantity of psilocybin is poor, which can significantly affect your experience.

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So, how much are shrooms? In Canada, myco-curious folks can easily browse online to find this out. But as we noted, quality is the key to psychedelic drugs – having a reasonable amount of active chemicals.

We always see this question: “How come a vendor offers the product for so little?”

This is probably because they are substituting one strain for a more expensive one, and many places do this. They want to stock what’s in demand. If you have any questions or comments, please email us for more info; we will reply within 24 hours.

So saving on shrooms is just as easy as buying from us. So keep your time & research, and buy shrooms you’ll love from The Fun Guys in Canada!

*Always be responsible with psilocybin mushrooms; safe use of magic mushrooms is beneficial, especially for first-time users.

5 thoughts on “How Much Do Magic Mushrooms Cost? Shroom Prices In 2024

  1. Seth Baker says:

    Cost to grow shrooms:
    1 golden teacher spore syringe = $30 (ask reddit)
    2 Sterilite plastic tubs with lids -$8 (Target)
    1 brick pressed Coco Coir – $10 (any pet store)
    Latex gloves – $10
    Dehydrator -$35
    6-12 pint sized bell jars borrowed from mom = $0
    1 package popping corn (or other similar grain) borrowed from mom = $0
    Instant Pot (for sterilizing corn) borrowed from mom = $0 (fyi there are methods to sterilize without instant pot)
    Rubbing alcohol borrowed from mom $0
    Sprayer for alcohol borrowed from mom- $0
    Garbage bags borrowed from mom -$0

    Total = $93
    Yield = Unlimited!!! (Search for videos on “grain to grain transfer”)

    Check out Philly Golden Teacher on YouTube.

    PS – You do not need lights to grow mushrooms

    PPS – The ONLY way I EVER take shrooms is by grinding ’em up and putting ’em into a cup of very hot water with a bag of herbal tea. Wash down with very strong lemonade.

    • Doran says:

      You can also inject your spore syringe into a nutritious jar of “Liquid Culture” that you first sterilize in your mom’s instant PC, then you got yourself big batch baby! Liquid Culture – water and honey throw a small thick piece of broken glass in the jar to break up The mycelium once it starts growing. look up videos YouTube for mushroom Liquid Culture. (LC)

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