How Much Should Shrooms Cost?

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Magic Mushrooms, psychedelics which have grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years, can be picked naturally or bought from a dealer or dispensary. The downside to having so many options now when looking to buy shrooms, is that the cost can vary and it can be hard to know whether you’re securing a good deal or getting ripped off.

 We’ve laid out the different forms of shrooms and have composed a rough guide for how much shrooms should cost. 

Buying Shrooms

As there are two main ways to buy shrooms, online or through a psychedelics dealer, the pricing can vary. Buying online from a dispensary can actually be easier as you are free to browse other sites and compare the prices per gram or ounce before purchasing. 

When you buy from a dealer, many aspects come into play such as their product demand, the ease in which they can acquire magic mushrooms to sell, and the type of shrooms they offer. 

Another factor to take into account when trying to determine the price of shrooms is the form in which you want to buy it. For example, whole dried shrooms are often priced very differently to edibles or microdosing options, so it’s a good idea to know what type of form you want first before researching prices.

You can review our prices here at any time.

How Much Do Shrooms Cost? 

Although prices will vary from country to country, and even from one city to another, we’ve broken down magic mushroom products into their different forms so you can get a rough idea of how much each type of shroom form is sold for.

Whole Dried Shrooms 

Whole dried shrooms come in different gram sizes and species, and you may find that some species are more expensive than others. Golden Teacher, as an example, is a popular type of shroom and is quite potent, which results in it often being more expensive. In general, users have reported that the average shrooms price of an 8th can cost anywhere between $20-$30 when purchasing through a dealer, and roughly $160-$180 for an ounce, although this can vary as mentioned earlier. 

Buying whole dried shrooms online is actually fairly similar to the pricing reported from dealers, with 3.5 grams (the equivalent of an 8th of an ounce) being approximately $30, and an ounce being roughly $160 (some dispensaries can go as high as $250 for an ounce so it’s good to search around).[1] Prices can fluctuate with online dispensaries especially if they have sales or membership loyalty discounts. 

Edibles and Microdosing 

Edibles include products infused with magic mushrooms, such as chocolates, gummies and teas. Edibles and microdosing pills are normally weighed per mg, so it’s tricky to compare the prices with whole dried shrooms, but as a rough guide, microdosing capsules can cost on average up to $80 for a bottle of 30 pills.[2]

 Edibles like chocolates tend to be cheaper, but if they contain high levels of magic mushrooms then the prices can increase.

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