How to Make Psilocybin Tea

psilocybin tea

Psychedelic Tea Getting your daily kick of shrooms should be a treat! If you require a new way to take magic mushrooms, here’s a recipe for a beverage you can whip up in minutes! Please allow TFG to present to you… “drum-roll please…!” Psilocybin Mushroom Tea Here’s What You Need Optional You can add your […]

Shroom Dosing – How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take?

Shroom Dosing - How Much Magic Mushrooms Should You Take? 2

You’ve decided to take psilocybin mushrooms, but how much should you take? It depends on your intentions, but general guidelines exist when dosing shrooms. Magic Mushrooms offer a range of emotions and physical changes and can increase mental and spiritual openness. Once you have determined the species you like and the environment you take them […]

The Magic Mushroom Brothers

The magic mushroom brothers

The Magic Mushroom Brothers About Terrence and Dennis Mckenna Terence Mckenna was born on November 16, 1946, and lived till April 3, 2000. He was an American ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author and advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic plants. He was passionate about various subjects, including psychedelic drugs, philosophy, culture and […]

Sex on Shrooms

sex on shrooms

Soothing sensations can give rise to powerful moments. Shrooms help people fight depression and anxiety, returning them to their everyday, happier lives. In addition, psilocybin and shrooms can elevate the pleasure of sex, enhancing the experience and allowing you to feel more intensely. The thought can be scary if you haven’t tried it before. This […]

10 Tips on How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms

How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms

For many studying this, it can be the first time going for a magic mushroom experience, so you might be nervous. So you are probably wondering how to prepare for magic mushrooms and the trip following. That is an incredible thing! A psychedelic trip is an intense experience, for a few, even sacred, so we propose approaching it respectfully. We gift nine conscious steps to do not forget to make sure you’ve got an unforgettable revel in along with your magic mushrooms. 10 Tips […]

Magic Mushroom Strains; Liberty Caps Found in North America And Europe

Magic Mushroom Strains

Liberty Caps Magic Mushroom Strains Found in North America and Europe Psilocybe Semilanceata These mushrooms also are regarded as “Liberty Caps” because of their large caps. They are considered to be among the most robust types of psilocybin mushrooms. They also regularly develop in North America and at some stage in Europe. These mushrooms typically grow in meadows and pastures, often those grazed by sheep. However, unlike psilocybe cubensis, psilocybe semilanceata no longer grows out of dung without delay. […]

Shroom Recipes – Avocado Pasta with Magic Mushrooms

Pasta with Magic Mushrooms

Pasta with Magic Mushrooms What’s up fellas, TFG here. After trying spaghetti with shrooms (you can find the full article here: Spaghetti with Magic Mushrooms), the guys got a little creative and started adding TFG’s special ingredient to some other dishes. Today we to present to you… Avocado Pasta with Shrooms This creamy avocado pasta is […]