10 Tips on How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms in 2021

How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms
10 Tips on How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms in 2021 3

How to Get Ready for Your First Time with Magic Mushroom

For many studying this, it can be the first time going for a magic mushroom experience, and so you might be a piece nervous. So you are probably wondering how to prepare for magic mushrooms. That is an incredible thing! A psychedelic trip is an intense experience, for a few even sacred, so we propose approaching it with respect. We gift nine conscious steps to do not forget to make sure you’ve got an unforgettable revel in along with your magic mushrooms.

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10 Tips for the Best Magic Mushroom Experience

Prepare for your first experience with magic mushrooms! This is the cleansing ritual everyone should follow before they embark on their journey to the magical world of mushrooms.

How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom Tip #1 – Have an Open Mind

No, remember how plenty you put together for your ride, the revel in will nevertheless flow you in many ways. So be organized to laugh, feel bliss, have first-rate insights coming in and out your mind, sense confusion, and even experience discomfort; in short, be prepared to soak up all to come to your manner. This does now not mean to start obsessing approximately a bad journey because it would ensure you have one.

Starting an experience with a high-quality and open mindset will move a long way in contributing to your high-quality revel in, and if you do experience moments that are challenging, tell yourself that it is far temporary, sit and allow it to pass, accept it in your mind, the higher you resist, the harder it will likely be for you.

It is crucial to understand that everybody who takes magic mushrooms will react. Differently, that is why you probably want initially low dosages in the beginning. Even if you are an advanced user, we highly recommend micro-dosing magic mushrooms as you can better control your experience.

Magic Mushroom Tip #2 – Optimize Your Attitude and Physical Environment

Your mental state is crucial to take into consideration. This consists of your mind, temper and expectations. Naturally, you will experience a more exciting trip in case you are in a great country of mind the day of the journey; however, also at the least in the previous weeks. Therefore, if you could, meditate earlier than your trip and calm yourself.

One of the top vital things to maintain in mind is to let the cross of the preference make sense of everything this is going on. Once you are taking off, allow your thoughts to pass anyplace, it needs to.

Where you ride is also critical. You want to make sure you are in a quiet environment without strangers or danger around you.

Being exterior can be a remarkable experience, but preserve in thoughts that non-house surroundings will increase the probabilities of surprising occurrences, so make sure you are safe. If you are hiking within the woods, you can get lost. Indoors or outside, you want to be 100% familiar with the environment, spend a few hours before there on a specific day. Tidy the area up, dim the lights, light some incense; there may be nothing worse than tripping in a grimy and chaotic environment.

Magic Mushroom Tip #3 – Surround Yourself with People You Trust and Love

A magic mushroom revel is a powerful revel in, however, at the same time very delicate. You will need to be with human beings to no longer choose you or freak out in case you begin to enter your subconscious thoughts.

Have you never taken magic mushrooms or truffles? It is satisfactory now not to experience alone! Trip with a person who has extra enjoyment, a TripSitter, a person who decides to stay sober and take care of folks who are tripping. Again, make sure this person has formerly experienced some trips; there is nothing worse than someone who has no concept and begins to freak out while you start in view that plane flies in your living room.

Magic Mushroom Tip #4 – Set the Proper Dosage

The usual dose for maximum magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2 and a half grams of dried shrooms.

Many superior users will say these quantities are too small. However, they are safer for a beginner. To get the dose right, you will want to experiment a couple of times, so begin at a low dose that might be 0.8g-1g and slowly work yourself up in various sessions. It is all about finding the sweet spot to optimize the positive effect of an excellent revel in and avoid the concern and anxiety of a bad trip.

Magic Mushroom Tip #5 – Set Your Intention

What are you searching for? A little bit of fun? Deep conversations? An honest assessment of yourself? Or strong visuals? Once the experience is in movement, it is exceptional to go together with the flow, but beforehand it is helpful to set your intention. What would you want to enjoy, and is there something you would love to benefit from a psychedelic experience?

The purpose will manual revel in and transform a laugh recreational enjoy into existence-converting revelations.

Always consider your purpose for embarking on your trip! Coming again to that initial aim, when a ride receives challenges, will assist you to steer away from negative mind back to the original intentions.

Magic Mushroom Tip #6 – Dress for Success

There is nothing worse than being cold during an experience. If you’ll be tripping outdoors, ensure you’re warmly dressed. Look at the Burning Man images each year; it is miles a desert, so all through the day, it is sizzling hot, and those are dressed accordingly; at night, temperatures drop, again, you will see human beings are protective themselves from the bloodless. The concept is to be ready for anything type of temperature, so think ahead. Wear something that you will be capable of roll on the dust with. If that is what your trip calls for you, that means if you are frightened of destroying your outfit, it may not be the proper one And lastly, pick comfy clothing.

Magic Mushroom Tip #7 – Do not over devour and ensure you have got sufficient food and water

For the beautiful journey, we endorse consuming your magic mushrooms on a (near) empty stomach because mushrooms could make you feel uneasy and a piece bit nauseous. Moreover, the empty belly will make it less difficult for your frame to system the mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Tip #8 – Expect the Surprising

Once the magic mushroom begins to take effect, your notion of the sector will change, especially what you see. If you close your eyes, you will see bright colours and various geometrical patterns. Sometimes the trip can spin your around like the center of a hurricane. Stay cool! You will have to hold calm and experience the storm.

Other times you’ll experience in entire manipulate of your ride, and this is your possibility to cross in deep into your inner self, to explore. This is a beautiful moment to look at the pending issues in your existence and not forget the purpose you set.

Magic Mushroom Tip #9 – The higher you communicate, the extra you may relax

Talking to the mushrooms is a great way to get out of a bad experience, or as a minimum, to keep away from moving into that darkish hole. For this, you must recall the mushrooms as a “teacher.”

All we need to do is learn from the Indigenous populations who’ve used psilocybin mushrooms for centuries. As part of their spiritual ceremonies, they also use them for divine purposes. For the Aztecs, it became called Teonanáctl, which means God Mushroom.

Relate to the mushroom as a conscious entity rather than a ” drug”, even while now not tripping.

Magic Mushroom Tip #10 – Magic mushrooms are medicine; treat them as such

Many studies are coming out indicating the ability of psilocybin to treat numerous illnesses. One of the most well-known research is the only one finished at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2012. In that look at cancer, patients were treated and ended up having the most significant experiences in their lives.

These studies tell us that magic mushrooms should no longer purest be used for recreational purposes. Instead, treat the magic mushrooms as a sacred conscious being as the Aztecs and other indigenous people have done for thousands of years. Then, heal yourself and heal the arena.

Have Fun

All preparations are done, and you are now ready to embark on your adventure. You may now enter the rabbit hole. Have fun! I’ll see you on the other side.

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