Shroom Recipes – The Best Ways to Eat Magic Mushrooms

Shroom Recipes - The Best Ways to Eat Magic Mushrooms 1

To All The Mushroom Eating Savages Out There…

You love shrooms. We do too.

It’s not just another way to get high.

It’s a way of life.

We made a choice, and it became a part of who we are.

You’ve been eating dried shrooms raw regularly for quite some time now.

It’s still fun, of course, but… you know?

There must be a better way!

You pull out your phone and ask big brother Google…

What’re The Best Ways to Eat Shrooms?

And here you are.

Are you tired of eating dried shrooms raw all the time? If you are one of those who cannot stand the flavour of Magic Mushrooms.

We understand

That earthy bitter taste… it’s not for everybody.

Taking magic mushrooms is fun. Eating shrooms should be a treat as well!

Be assured–you’re prayers have been heard.

To all the mushroom eating savages out there.

Prepare your mind. Allow yourself to be blessed in the light of redemption.

Lo and behold!!!


A lone shroomer cannot accomplish much.

But what if you had hundreds? What if thousands of shroomers came together?

Jokes aside, we are starting another community project.

Like the section we created for people to better educate themselves about psychedelics (which you can find here), we have created a page focused on making Psilocybin mushrooms part of a culinary delight.

Currently, we only have a few recipes that we found digging through the internet. So if you have an excellent shroom recipe, share the love!

Please let us know in the forums, and we will post your recipe on the page!

Remember to include “Shoom Recipes” at the beginning of your post title so everyone can find it more easily.

You can find the complete article for all the shroom recipes through the link below!

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