Shrooms and Orange Juice

So you’ve heard that orange juice can affect your shroom trip. But how does this work?

Mixing shrooms with OJ is a popular topic; we are here to set the record straight on the chemistry behind it.

Many factors attribute to the effects of magic mushrooms and orange juice. How does the orange juice affect the psilocybin? Does it make the shrooms stronger? Or does it make the effects of them wear off faster?

Your body’s individual chemistry will also play a role.

Here is an explanation of how drinking some OJ affects your shroom trip.

Magic Mushrooms and Orange Juice

Why does orange juice have any effect on psilocybin? The answer lies in the citric acid present in OJ. Like lemon tek, citric acid helps your stomach process the psilocybin into psilocin, which your body processes.

Psilocin is the chemical that causes you to trip; it’s consumed as psilocybin, which your stomach acid breaks down into Psilocin. Psilocin is unstable in regular environments, so inside your stomach, it is processed quickly in a contained environment.

Over the past decade, the common wisdom on mushrooms is that lemon juice works by mimicking the acidity in the stomach and that lemon juice starts to break down the mushrooms when consumed. So grind your dried magic mushrooms, mix them and squeeze the orange juice into a small glass. The effect is similar to any citrus juice as they contain citric acid.

The real factor is timing; let us explain how orange juice and mushrooms work together to enhance your trip or help it smooth out.

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Does Orange Juice Enhance Shrooms for a Stronger Trip?

This is the most common question, does orange juice make shrooms hit harder? If you’re looking for a stronger trip, here is the answer to your question.

The best-understood mechanism is that citric acid in orange juice breaks down psilocybin faster than stomach acid, which makes the fungi effects hit harder. Most evidence is strong enough that fresh orange juice helps the mushrooms become stronger.

Funnily enough, some experts say that certain fruit juices are more likely to influence the journey route, and orange juice is one of them. So if you feel like drinking orange juice, your journey will be faster and more intense; it won’t hurt and helps you stay hydrated.

There are a couple of ways to go about this; mix the shrooms in some OJ before consuming, or right after eating the shrooms, drink a glass of orange juice.

The key element is mixing the shrooms and OJ when the mushrooms are most potent, with the most psilocybin. This way, the juice helps to break down the psilocybin faster than your body would without it.

Don’t let the magic mushrooms sit in the juice for too long, or the citric acid will break down the psilocybin, and the psilocin will oxidize in the open air.

It is well known that combining shrooms with orange juice can take your magic mushroom journey to the next level. The combination of shrooms and orange juice leads to rapid and intense ups and downs, and the journey is much better.

Will Orange Juice Prevent a Bad Trip?

As mentioned above, orange juice may lead to more intense effects of psilocybin mushrooms. But will OJ prevent a bad trip? There is some evidence that it can, but the efficacy is not certain.

Let us explain. Since the citric acid in orange juice breaks down the psilocybin faster, drinking orange juice when the mushrooms are starting to affect you will increase the intensity.

But once the shrooms have peaked and are starting to wear off, orange juice may help to soften the effects and help your body flush out the active chemicals.

A bad trip goes hand in hand with the amount of shrooms you consume, so if you take a large dose, the citric acid will not help much.

If you have taken a small dose and feel the effects wavering, drinking some orange juice will help your body stay hydrated, give you some energy, provide vitamins and assist your liver and kidneys in flushing out chemicals to reach a more sober state.

The key element of OJ is to break down the psilocybin into psilocin, so if that process has been completed, the acid has already done its job, and you are only benefiting from the other great aspects of orange juice.

Should I take Magic mushrooms and OJ?

One of the most popular reasons people combine mushrooms with orange juice is to mask the bitterness of mushrooms. The juice’s strong flavour helps cover up the potent mushroom flavour.

Mixing shrooms and orange juice can have varying effects, but taking it before the onset will enhance your trip.

What are some other methods to achieve the same effect?

The tangy treat, typical of Shrooms, is favoured in a widespread practice called lemon tek, which uses sour fruit juice to improve the absorption rate of medications and compress your journey into a shorter, more intense experience. In other words, the most practical combination of drinks and medicines is not acid (orange juice and shrooms) but lemon juice, as it contains more citric acid.

One man in Oregon, who keeps raving about lemon tequila, described how he let his homemade mushrooms sit 15 minutes in lemon juice before drinking a shot of lemon juice, and “[his] mind went back to [his] high school friends chasing their shrooms with orange juice.”

A strong theory is that this is a significant factor in what happens when our stomach acid breaks down fungi. Many people say the trick is eating mushrooms with lemon tek instead of drinking tea. When you consume your lemon juice extract and hasten the mushrooms a little, many people report that it is an intoxicating feeling rather than a physical one.


Magic mushrooms are often associated with psilocybin, but the substance that makes you most likely to come across magic mushrooms is called psilocin. Study after study has shown that magic mushrooms and their psychoactive substances can restore balance to the brain and help treat psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Giordano and Chris Witowski, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Psilera Biosciences, have heard anecdotal reports of orange juice-enriched acid trips, but neither Giordano nor Witowski have a scientific explanation. “Every night, my friends drink 6-8 screwdrivers and eats 2 grams of mushrooms. They ate it last month and felt the effects, but the rest still stumble across the balls.”

Magic mushrooms can provide a strong or mild experience, depending on the dosage. If you want to improve your trip strength, take a larger dose and drink orange or lemon juice. The juice alone will not be the main factor in trip intensity.

The positive health benefits of OJ persist, so it’s never a bad idea to stay hydrated and get the vitamins once your trip has run its course.

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