About Psilocybin and Psilocin AKA “Magic Mushrooms”

About Psilocybin and Psilocin AKA "Magic Mushrooms" 3

About Psilocybin and Psilocin “Magic mushrooms” is the term used to explain mushrooms that incorporate hallucinogens, usually psilocybin and psilocin. When human beings take magic mushrooms, they will see, pay attention or sense matters that are not sincerely there. A man or woman who makes use of magic mushrooms can also revel in other results like anxiety, fear, nausea and muscle twitches. The use of magic mushrooms does not typically bring about a substance use disorder. What are Magic Mushrooms Magic mushrooms were used for many years. […]

John Hopkins Psilocybin Studies & Research Legacy

Magic Mushroom Legacy

About John Hopkins John Hopkins was born on May 19, 1795 and lived until December 24, 1873. He was an American entrepreneur, abolitionist and philanthropist of the 19th-century of Baltimore, Maryland. He was known for his many contributions to medical treatments–with John Hopkins Psilocybin research being the most controversial. Institutions have been named after him […]

Alternative Medicine – Shrooms for Mental Health Treatment

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Shrooms as an Alternative Medicine for Mental Health Treatment Old and new studies have proven that psychedelic capsules like psilocybin, the active aspect in shrooms, when used together with therapy, can preserve convicts from re-offending.  Benefits of Shrooms However, that is not all. According to various speakers in the day, psychedelic capsules can also help with PTSD, addiction, and none secular crises large and small. Given the setting, the wild reward for shrooms is not surprising. However, while there changed into masses of communicating about how “psychedelics make the universe experience connected”—which is acquainted with all people who ever met a […]

Denver First to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

Denver First to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms 7

Denver the First to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms Although shrooms have been gaining popularity over the years, possessing magic mushrooms could be illegal depending on where you live. A Denver initiative to decriminalize the use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms become narrowly surpassed by way of the electorate on Tuesday, in step with results posted through […]

Where are Shrooms Legal in 2020

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Are Shrooms Legal? This depends on where you live but the move to decriminalize shrooms have been gaining much support over recent years. Recently, Denver Colorado became the first US city to decriminalize magic mushrooms. the psychedelic drug, also known as psilocybin, has experienced a resurgence in terms of therapeutic use in recent years. Shrooms […]