Do Shrooms Go Bad Over Time?

Almost every drug has a lifecycle, and active chemicals will break down over time from exposure to oxygen; shrooms are no exception. Unfortunately, the compounds may become less powerful, but also shrooms can be harmful to consume if not properly stored.

So do shrooms go bad over time? And how long can you keep them?

In this guide, you learn what can be done to keep mushrooms fresh, potent and free from going bad and causing health problems. Since magic mushrooms have similar characteristics to all other plants, bacteria and mould may grow and cause serious illness. We will cover what indicates shrooms have gone bad and are not safe for consumption if that occurs and what you can do to increase the lifespan of your shrooms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shrooms will go bad over time if not stored properly
  • you will notice critical indicators your magic mushrooms are bad
  • you can keep them longer by drying them
  • There are many excellent storage methods to increase the shelf-life of shrooms.
  • Psilocybin will break down into psilocin which is not very stable outside your body.

Mushrooms become harmful to your health if not properly dried and stored. Psilocybin has become increasingly popular, used by people who want to help with their depression and anxiety. You might wonder if psychedelic drugs will expire or how long their shelf-life is expected. Psychedelic shrooms tend to get a little bit worse than other psychedelics based on their organic nature; storage methods determine their shelf-life, pharmacological properties, and effectiveness.

Magic mushrooms are a typical psychedelic used nowadays. Several products are manufactured using psychedelic mushrooms in various applications. To effectively use mushrooms daily, users must understand the proper storage techniques. Proper storage practices may help keep your mushrooms in good shape longer.

How long do Psilocybin Mushrooms last?

Fresh Magic Mushrooms – Just a few days up to three months in the fridge (still check for signs of rot or mould)

Dried Shrooms – When stored correctly, dried shrooms can last 3-5 years but may lose potency

So how long do mushrooms last? According to the Psychedelic Experience, fresh mushrooms can usually be harvested. They should be consumed within just a few days, with a maximum of two weeks, when stored in the fridge. Then the signs of their expiration date may begin to show, especially if you’re not storing fresh magic mushrooms properly – we will discuss this further. Nevertheless, dried mushrooms are much better.

Can Shrooms Go Bad Over Time?

That is right; shrooms can go bad over time. Magic mushrooms are also better when kept adequately dried. In James Woodford’s interview with Vice, the forensic chemist said some factors affect the chemical bonds in drugs, which cause loss.

The lifespan of mushrooms varies depending on storage methods and preparation. For example, storing fresh mushrooms in a paper bag will give you around ten days before you can throw them out.

Putting fresh mushrooms in plastic bags and airtight containers encourages moisture accumulation, making mould and rot possible. Dried shrooms generally last longer and should be stored securely for safety reasons since they are a potent product.

Fresh Mushrooms vs dried mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms are considerably more flavorful than dried, but you must take much more care when you store fresh mushrooms. If not in the fridge, you should keep them in a cool dark place in an airtight container and consume them within days. They should also be kept in a brown paper bag with a paper towel to prevent bacteria growth further.

Dried shrooms are notorious for their bitter flavours and unpleasant texture. The drying process makes shrooms less potent because of oxidation, but they can be kept for much longer.

How to Dry Shrooms

There are two ways to dry shrooms, a food dehydrator or air dried.

Dehydrator Drying Process

A food dehydrator is the best way to dry them; much better than just air drying in direct sunlight. Dehydration machines provide an effective alternative for anyone who isn’t living in conditions with high temperatures to make air drying easier.

Some people advise turning off the heat pump in their dehydrating machine to protect themselves against potency loss caused by heat. However, this fact remains a controversial issue in the literature. Although people utilizing the highest setting of the dehydration system report no noticeable loss of potency, this suggests oxidative damage to potencies due to mushrooms is more likely.

Air Dry Process

It would be best to have a place with good airflow and direct sunlight; this drying process will take a lot longer, but you want cracker dry shrooms after you’re done.

Keep them on a paper towel and cover them with Epsom salt to absorb the moisture, then move them to a drying rack so they can be fully exposed to the air.

Are Shrooms dangerous after they go bad?

According to chemist Dr. Rick Doblin, the founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, stale shrooms are generally harmless once dried. The main downside being they completely lose their potency due to the psilocybin breakdown. Of course, this applies to any stale drugs, but these statements did not pertain to any particular strain of psilocybe.

On the other hand, if they are fresh, this is not the same; psychonaut shroom dispensaries say that consuming spoiled fresh mushrooms may cause harmful consequences. This includes an upset stomach and other adverse effects, which could be a really bad trip.

There can be many negative effects on your digestive system, including vomiting, diarrhea, food poisoning, and high blood pressure.

How can I tell if Magic Mushrooms have gone bad?

Understanding the signs of shrooms going bad is critical, whatever storage methods and the timeline. There are four things to be careful of when you eat mushrooms: visible mould growth, an unusual smell, a spot on a surface and discolorations. If any become rotten, take them out immediately and toss them. Dried magic mushrooms cost less, so it’s not worth the risks of consuming potentially toxic bacteria with fresh ones.

Here are some signs your mushrooms have gone bad.

White, Brown or Black Discolorations

Secondly, if your shroom has changed colours or has discoloured areas, you should remove it immediately. Discolouring can be caused by bacteria, mould or yeast, which can be toxic, e.g. ingestion. However, there’s an exception here: Blue pigmentation that seems completely normal. Blueing has been identified as one method that demonstrates the existence of psilocybin.

Visible signs of mould

Visible mould can tell you if your shroom isn’t suitable for your consumption. For example, a gray or white scab could grow in the shroom. The residue from the shroom should permanently be removed as soon as possible, and the ones stored with the affected shroom should be removed. Mould is often a danger that is not worth taking based on strain.

Soft spots

Soft spots in shrooms can be another indicator that the problem went wrong. These places may develop bacteria or mould spores. Sadly, this means you will have to throw it aside. You cannot store frozen mushrooms if they are mushy or caused by bacterial growth or mould. They’ve got to be taken away.

An “Off” Odor

Mushrooms are already very smelly. It’s earthy but slightly musky. It may smell nasty if your discarded dish is scented with bacteria or yeast. Almost any unpleasant smell will cause bacterial infections that may be deadly.

How to properly store Shrooms for a longer lifespan?

Stored properly dried shrooms will last a long time; storage in a proper manner gives them a longer shelf life.

It’s advisable to keep them in an airtight container such as Tupperware at a minimum. It’s also suggested to store them in vacuum containers for at least three months. Magic mushrooms require dry storage. Dry shrooms are more durable than fresh shrooms. Mushrooms can be dried in drying devices such as ovens and air dryers.

Mushrooms are necessary for proper storage so that they will last longer. New varieties can only last for several hours or days, but dried may last three years in suitable conditions. However, the standard error of exposing the shrooms to heat can decrease the lifespan; prolonged temperatures can damage the active parts of the magic mushrooms, which may reduce their effectiveness.

Storage methods you can use

Magic mushrooms may be kept dried for 3-5 years or preserved in dry, cold, and dark environments if storing them longer than expected is necessary (probably longer). Other conditions cause damage from exposure to light, moisture or heat. Mushrooms decompose more slowly at lower moisture content.

Duration of storage

Freshly prepared mushrooms may last for a short period, just like your local grocery store. Keeping them stored correctly is vital to keep in mind. In addition, mushrooms are susceptible to mould and decay, which would affect the potency of the mushroom and cause an adverse effect upon consumption.

When can magic mushrooms be preserved? You can put them in paper bags in cold, dark and dry places with no other material like refrigerators and freezers. You can keep the hallucinogens for up to one month, but drying will not last the same amount of time, much longer.

Where to store your mushrooms?

The ideal mushroom storage method is to place the fresh ingredients in a sealed container. Dry mushrooms, however, are much longer lasting than fresh mushrooms. They are available as paper sacks and jars. A suitable storage area has adequate air circulation and shields mushrooms against UV light. This gives mushrooms a longer life regardless of how dry they have become. Alternatively, you can put the dried mushrooms in an unused container in an unattended place.

Use an Airtight Container

A suitable mushroom container helps keep magic mushrooms alive. A container that can be stored with a vacuum sealer can help store magic and dried mushrooms in airtight conditions. Food vacuum packing machines can place mushrooms and dried mushrooms in airtight packages.

Psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelic mushrooms should also not be subjected to heat and light; this leads to rapid growth in mould, like many other mushrooms and dietary supplements. Stored properly in a cool, dark spot keeps mushrooms from heat, accelerating fungi deterioration.

Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags offer similar safety features to mason jars, with different disadvantages. Ziploc bags allow you to remove air from bags without sealing them. However, it reduces oxygen content inside, causing toxicity and reducing efficiency. In addition, a ziplock bag may have air leakage issues. If the sealed bags get stuck or a few mushrooms get stuck in the sealing, they may lose fresh oxygen and substantially reduce the shelf life.

Vacuum sealed bags

Food vacuum packers are a great way to keep fresh and dried shrooms longer. This way, you’ve gone a step further and removed everything in the bag and sealed it with a hose. These won’t leak and will protect mushrooms from air and moisture. Use a mylar vacuum sealer to prevent ultraviolet light damage. This means the mushroom can be kept for years. It represents an ideal solution for long-term dry storage of any foodstuffs.

Mason jars

You can find a mason jar at any local grocery store. This storage method is far more accessible and cheaper as mason jars can usually be bought inexpensively. This helps maintain the airtight seal and helps keep oxygen away, slows your mushrooms’ oxidation, especially if kept in the dark place.

Use chocolate

Chocolate is a valuable and effective tool for preservation. The best way of producing chocolates using psilocybin mushrooms is to powder dry chocolate in a hot oven (dark and white are the best). Chocolate preserves the mushroom by blocking out UV light and oxygen.

Use honey

The honey preserves everything well; shrooms will not go bad if honey directly covers them. While honey lasts between 2 and 3 years, you can keep shrooms in honey significantly longer. You could also use natural honey as a preserver if you place magical mushroom mixtures in the jar in a glass jar, then cover them with fresh, nourishing honey. Ensure the mushrooms have a honey cover of 2 cm (14 inches). Any mushroom uncovered can deteriorate. The active substances in mushrooms can be diffused in honey during storage. You can consume honey on its way to get an effect on the psychedelics.

Shelf life of Magic Mushrooms

For long-term storage of mushrooms, some can be dried. It is possible to air dry mushrooms to prevent mould and rot from contaminating your mushrooms quickly. In addition, water evaporates in mushrooms, making them viable for extended storage.

Dry mushrooms are growing in popularity. It’s easily packed and consumed and lasts longer than fresh mushrooms. Dry shrooms do not affect their psychedelic potential. Eating dried mushrooms is an interesting taste. Mushroom capsule form helps maintain active compounds more efficiently. Active psilocybin remains present after dried mushrooms are dried in water.


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