Can You Grind Shrooms into Powder?

Grinding shrooms into powder is a standard method of processing before consuming them. Once the shrooms are powdered, you can use them in tea, capsules, chocolate, baking and more.

You can grind shrooms into powder easily with a food processor, coffee grinder or magic bullet.

But you might be wondering how to grind up shrooms. Does grinding up shrooms affect their potency? How to properly use the ground-up powder?

We will answer your questions and more in this article.

How to Grind Shrooms

Before grinding your mushrooms into a nutritious powder, you first need to dry the mushrooms.

The fastest way to grind your dry mushrooms to a fine powder is by using your coffee mill. But first, ensure you mix it well, breaking up any mushroom powder lumps so that psilocybin is distributed evenly.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, place the dried mushrooms into a food processor (or a blender, if you do not have one) and process them until they are reduced to fine powder. The amount of time can vary depending on the appliance you use.

Why Grind Up Magic Mushrooms?

If you grind the mushrooms and thoroughly mix the resulting powder, you should get the same amount of psilocybin per gram every time, as long as that powder batch lasts.

But, of course, you could always grind them into a powder and add them to a smoothie or even make tea out of your magic mushrooms. So you can get creative and blend your mushroom powder or truffles into almost everything you consume daily.

It may even allow you to get an effect from the psilocybin mushrooms more quickly, as it is easier for them to be digested as tea.

Consistent Results Microdosing

Mushroom pills, or capsules filled with a precise dosage of mushroom powder, are a better choice because of the precision of Mushroom pills. In addition, you can buy microdose capsules or if you want to pack ground shrooms into capsules yourself.

Powdering your dried psilocybin mushrooms is the best way to produce the most consistent microdoses of psilocybin.

Once you have determined your per capsule dosage, fill the capsules with your required amount. You can complete the capsules with something like cocoa powder or powdered sugar to get as much as needed to fill your capsules and maintain the microdose level of the desired amount of psilocybin.

Need means you will use 0.1-0.3 grams of dried psilocybin mushroom powder for each dose. If aiming for lower dosages, .10 grams (100 milligrams) of psilocybin mushrooms is recommended.

Or you could premix before you grind up the powder and mix it consistently. For example, you could use 2.5 grams of mushrooms that have psilocybin in them, 2.5 grams of lion’s mane mushrooms powder, and 2.5 grams of niacin.

We already went through options for taking mushroom pills; a more popular alternative is making mushroom tea.

Shroom Tea or Smoothie

However, because psilocybin has such intense flavours, some prefer grinding the mushrooms up and taking capsules, whereas others might make tea or create an edible. Other reasons for grinding mushrooms are if you wish to mix them into your food, with tea or another liquid.

Making shrooms into tea is one of the best ways to consume shrooms since it may be easier on your digestive system and be more pleasing to the palate this way. Make a little tea with a bit of Chamomile added, and you will not taste the shrooms. Instead, grind up a preferred dosage of shrooms in your strength using either a weed mill or coffee mill.

Psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, are found in nature and are consumed for their hallucinogenic effects. Known as the shroom, magic mushrooms are consumed to have a unique, often profound, psychedelic experience.

Making Shroom Edibles

If you want a psilocybin-psychedelic experience, fungi chocolates offer a preferable alternative that will leave you feeling high. However, the effects of mushroom chocolate may vary greatly depending on which psilocybin is chosen to create the treat.

Making mushroom chocolates can be a valuable way of preserving psilocybin, a plant-based substance that is notoriously hard to store for long periods. You can customize your fungus chocolates in various ways, provided the powdered psychedelic mushrooms are a staple. Below, you will find one super easy recipe for chocolate mushrooms, a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, which you can easily customize according to your preferences.

Again, trip duration with mushroom chocolate will vary depending on the psilocybin strain and consumed quantity. The more mushrooms used, the stronger and longer the trip; again, play around with the dosages until you find something that works well for you. If you are a first-time user of mushrooms, do not use too many all at once, for one thing.

Sure, you can smoke shrooms, but whether or not you will experience the same psychedelic effects when eating them is a different matter. The effects of smoking shrooms are not lasting the same amount as eating them raw.

While you absolutely can snort the shrooms, smoking the magic mushrooms does not seem to accomplish anything but waste your time and money (and shrooms).

Does Grinding Up Shrooms affect Potency?

Grinding up shrooms does not affect potency overall, but with a more consistent mixture, the potency effects should be more consistent.

For that reason, go slow and small with mushrooms, starting with a gram or less. If itas your first time using a mushroom batch, you are dosing yourself on mushrooms that have yet to be tested for potency. Unless the lab tests your mushrooms or you grow them yourself, it can be challenging to know which species of mushrooms you are consuming. Knowing where your mushrooms are grown may also give clues about their strength.

Knowing your mushroom strains can help you assess how potent the shrooms may be.

Best Grinder for Shrooms

This grinder, used for both coffee and spices, comes with several bowls, so you can have one dedicated to mushrooms and use another for anything else. There are several different-sized cups, so you can reserve one bowl and grinder blade for mushrooms and use another attachment for something else. The cups are transparent, so you can see whether or not the mushrooms are being crushed correctly without opening up that grinder, which is suitable for coffee and spices. The easiest way to grind up your psilocybin mushrooms is by using your spice or coffee grinder.

Dried mushrooms can be easily blended into fungus powder and mixed in your meals to boost plant-based protein and dietary fibre without the intense umami flavours in fresh mushrooms. Add a powder to your whipped cream, salad dressing, or mustard, and enjoy your mushrooms more memorably. Once you have your mushrooms, it is time to work out your plating and settings.


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