Can You Grind Shrooms into Powder?

Grinding shrooms into powder is a standard method of processing before consuming them. Once the shrooms are powdered, you can use them in tea, capsules, chocolate, baking and more.

You can grind shrooms into powder easily with a food processor, coffee grinder or magic bullet.

But you might be wondering how to grind up shrooms. Does grinding up shrooms affect their potency? How to properly use the ground-up powder?

We will answer your questions and more in this article.

How to Grind Shrooms

You only need a grinder and magic mushrooms to grind up shrooms. Here are the steps you should follow to grind up mushrooms properly:

  1. Before grinding your mushrooms into a powder, you must dry them unless they are already dry.
  2. Divide the mushrooms into smaller pieces to make them easier to process in the grinder.
  3. You can split up the stems and the caps if you prefer, as the caps have more active ingredients, but this is unnecessary.
  4. Buzz up the shrooms in the grinder; if you don’t have a grinder, you can use a food processor or blender to make the powder. Mortar and pestle is an option, but it takes forever.
  5. Once the mushrooms are ground into a powder, please place them in an airtight container in a cool and dry environment.

A coffee mill is the best way to grind your mushrooms to a fine powder. While grinding, thoroughly stir the mushrooms so that any lumps are broken up, and the psilocybin is distributed equally.

Why Grind Up Magic Mushrooms?

Grinding up magic mushrooms is a widespread practice in many cultures worldwide. For centuries, people have used the psychoactive compounds found in these mushrooms for spiritual and medicinal purposes. While some may enjoy the experience of ingesting whole mushrooms, grinding them can provide added benefits and make them easier to ingest.

Grinding magic mushrooms into a powder makes their active compounds more bioavailable and accessible for the body to absorb, meaning you may feel the effects more quickly or with greater intensity. It may even allow you to get an impact from the psilocybin mushrooms more quickly, as it is easier for them to be digested as tea.

Also, grinding up shrooms makes measuring when preparing a dose much easier. This can help prevent any potential overdoses as well as ensure that everyone who is consuming them gets an equal amount.

Finally, grinding up mushrooms helps reduce their bulkiness, making storing and transporting them easier.

Consistent Results Microdosing

If you grind the mushrooms and thoroughly mix the resulting powder, you should get the same amount of psilocybin per gram every time, as long as that powder batch lasts.

Mushroom pills, or capsules filled with a precise dosage of mushroom powder, are a better choice because of the precision of Mushroom pills. In addition, you can buy microdose capsules or if you want to pack ground shrooms into capsules yourself.

Powdering your dried psilocybin mushrooms is the best way to produce the most consistent microdoses of psilocybin.

Once you have determined your per capsule dosage, fill the capsules with your required amount. You can complete the capsules with something like cocoa powder or powdered sugar to get as much as needed to fill your capsules and maintain the microdose level of the desired amount of psilocybin.

Need means using 0.1-0.3 grams of dried psilocybin mushroom powder for each dose. If aiming for lower dosages, .10 grams (100 milligrams) of psilocybin mushrooms is recommended.

Or you could premix before you grind up the powder and mix it consistently. For example, you could use 2.5 grams of mushrooms that have psilocybin in them, 2.5 grams of lion’s mane mushrooms powder, and 2.5 grams of niacin.

We already reviewed options for taking mushroom pills; a more popular alternative is making mushroom tea.

Shroom Tea or Smoothie

The mushroom powder can be blended into various foods, such as smoothies and teas. Creative alternatives are available to incorporate these ingredients into the daily diet.

With your psilocybin mushroom powder available, you can mix it into any liquid that can mask the shrooms’ taste. Unless you like the flavour, then go for it.

Consuming shrooms in the form of tea can also benefit your digestive system and provide a pleasant taste. To make the tea, add chamomile for an improved flavour. Before this, grind the desired dosage of shrooms with either a weed grinder or a coffee mill.

Making Shroom Edibles

Psilocybin-based chocolates are an alternative to dried shrooms, provide a psychedelic experience and can cause a high; however, the effects may depend on the type of psilocybin shroom used.

One possible way to store psilocybin, an organic material that is difficult to maintain for long periods, is mushroom chocolates. You can create your flavourings and additions to the chocolate mushrooms through customization. One easy recipe makes a consistent end product and can be adjusted to personal tastes.

The intensity and duration of a mushroom trip can vary depending on the strain and quantity consumed. Beginners should be careful when consuming edibles, as using a large amount at one time can have profound effects. It is recommended to gradually increase your dose until you are comfortable with the experience.

Sure, you can also smoke shrooms, but whether or not you will experience the same psychedelic effects when eating them is a different matter. The impact of smoking shrooms does not last the same amount as eating them raw. So you probably won’t use your powder for smoking, but it’s better this way.

While you absolutely can snort the shrooms, smoking the magic mushrooms does not seem to accomplish anything but waste your time and money (and shrooms).

Does Grinding Up Shrooms Affect Potency?

Grinding up shrooms does not affect potency overall, but the potency effects should be more consistent with a more consistent mixture.

As mentioned above, the ground-up shrooms have more surface area, allowing more to react at once, meaning the effects could come on faster and be more substantial due to concentration.

Therefore, go slow and small with mushrooms, starting with a gram or less. If it is your first time using a mushroom batch, you are dosing yourself on mushrooms that have yet to be tested for potency. Knowing which mushrooms you consume can be challenging unless the lab tests your mushrooms or you grow them yourself. Knowing where your mushrooms are grown may also give clues about their strength.

Knowing your mushroom strains can help you assess how potent the shrooms may be.

Best Grinder for Shrooms

A high-quality grinder is essential for achieving the perfect texture and potency when grinding shrooms. The best shroom grinders are designed explicitly with sharp blades and teeth that can easily break down even the toughest mushrooms. This gives you a consistent grind every time, which helps extract all the beneficial compounds from your shrooms.

Certain essential features should be considered when selecting a grinder with magic mushrooms.

When selecting a shroom grinder, it is crucial to consider the material’s durability, such as metal, to avoid breakdowns during use.

The grinder should be able to grind the mushrooms into a fine and consistent texture, and fragments should not remain.

It’s essential to ensure the grinder is easy to use and clean. Consider factors like assembly and cleaning difficulty when making a purchase.


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