10 Tips on How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms

How to Prepare for Magic Mushrooms

How to Get Ready for Your First Time with Magic Mushroom For many studying this, it can be the first time going for a magic mushroom experience, and so you might be a piece nervous. So you are probably wondering how to prepare for magic mushrooms and the trip following. That is an incredible thing! A psychedelic trip is an intense experience, for a few even sacred, so we propose approaching it respectfully. We gift nine conscious steps to do […]

Magic Mushroom Strains; Liberty Caps Found in North America And Europe

Magic Mushroom Strains

Liberty Caps Magic Mushroom Strains Found in North America and Europe Psilocybe Semilanceata These mushrooms also are regarded as “Liberty Caps” because of their large caps. They are considered to be among the maximum robust psilocybin mushrooms. They also regularly develop in North America and at some stage in Europe. These mushrooms typically grow in meadows and pastures, often in those grazed by sheep. However, in contrast to psilocybe cubensis, psilocybe semilanceata do no longer grow without delay out of dung. Psilocybe Mexicana These magic mushrooms originated in […]

Shroom Recipes – Avocado Pasta with Magic Mushrooms

Pasta with Magic Mushrooms

Pasta with Magic Mushrooms What’s up fellas, TFG here. After trying spaghetti with shrooms (you can find the full article here: Spaghetti with Magic Mushrooms), the guys got a little creative and started adding TFG’s special ingredient to some other dishes. Today we to present to you… Avocado Pasta with Shrooms This creamy avocado pasta is […]

Shroom Recipes – Spaghetti with Magic Mushrooms

Spaghetti with Magic Mushrooms

Spaghetti with Shrooms Bang Bang, Welcome to the gang! What’s up fellas, TFG here. So one of the members at The Fun Guys was making some spaghetti until he noticed that he forgot to buy mushrooms. When you make spaghetti, you got to have mushrooms. Spaghetti 101–the basics. Everyone knows this. At this point, everything’s […]

Shroom Recipes – The Best Ways to Eat Magic Mushrooms

Shroom Recipes - The Best Ways to Eat Magic Mushrooms 3

To All The Mushroom Eating Savages Out There… You love shrooms. We do too. It’s not just another way to get high. It’s a way of life. We made a choice, and it became a part of who we are. You’ve been eating dried shrooms raw regularly for quite some time now. It’s still fun, […]

Shrooms: How to Identify Magic Mushrooms

This is how you identify magic mushrooms

How To Identify Magic Mushrooms Hunting for Magic Mushrooms Right now, there are over 30 million Americans who have tried psychedelic drugs. Among these, magic mushrooms are among the most popular choices because psilocybin is considered a non-toxic substance and one of the least harmful recreational drugs. If you are interested or are out hunting […]

The Stigma of Mental Health Problems

Psychedelic Therapy

Mental Health Issues are a Real Problem Did you know that 1 out of every 5 Canadians will experience some sort of mental health problem in any given year? Consequently, 8 million deaths are also caused by mental health issues every year worldwide. Yet even after all these years, the common stigma concerning mental health […]