Shroom Recipes – Turn Any Recipe into a Psychedelic Treat with Powdered Shrooms

Powdered Shrooms

Turn your Favorite Dishes into a Psychedelic Delight

Hey guys, TFG here.

If you’re looking for a new way to get your daily kick of Psilocybin, grinding magic mushrooms into powder is the the way to go.

All your favorite drinks and dishes can be turned into a magical treat by simply adding powdered shrooms!

Shred Your Magic Mushrooms into Powder

How you process your Psilocybin mushrooms will depend on what you plan on adding them to. Some people people prefer chunks or shredded mushrooms but I prefer to turn them into powder.

Not only is it more easier to add to dishes but you can also stir them into any drinks!

In history, people have used the pestle and mortar but this is not that convenient if you’re doing bulk.

I recommend using a blender or coffee grinder.

Just throw your mushrooms in, press a button, and voilà–you gots’ a ton a’ powdered mushrooms!


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