Can You Put Shrooms Up Your Ass for a Better Trip?

Although this may seem like an odd question, it’s totally understandable.

First of all, we don’t recommend putting shrooms in your ass. You should just stick with lemon tek as a better way to get enhanced effects.

But, if you are considering “boofing” the shrooms so you can get high, technically, it could work. You might be asking this question because we know inserting substances rectally has a rapid and effective absorption rate. But what about magic mushrooms?

So can you put shrooms in your ass?

Theoretically, you could rectally administer an isolate of Psilocybin like a tincture or salt; however, your asshole will not shoot the booms up your GI tract.

In all seriousness, yes, you can rectally administer extracts of Psilocybin; however, you cannot stick a straight shroom up there; there is no way that the Psilocybin would be metabolized correctly and broken down into Psilocin, like when you ingest a mushroom.

Here are some threads we found that argue whether it’s effective or not;

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