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Amazing staff and products
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Best magic mushroom place
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Great place with knowledgeable employees...

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Our mushroom products are made with the best Canadian psilocybin mushrooms straight from the earth. Order today from The Fun Guys, and you won’t be disappointed. Data from research shows high-quality magic psilocybin mushrooms can have therapeutic and medical benefits. We want everyone to have this opportunity.

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Microdosing Psilocybin

With magic mushrooms becoming increasingly popular, microdose capsules are the number one way patients consume psilocybin to mitigate the psychedelic impacts while capturing the mental health and wellness benefits.

This way, you can accurately dose the active ingredient for the most controlled experience. Our shop carries various microdose shroom products, including capsules, tinctures and teas.

You can view our microdosing products in the category below;

Magic Mushroom Edibles

The best magic mushroom dispensary should have, our magic shroom edibles come in various types and flavours.

Some of the most popular products in our online shop are magic mushroom gummies, psilocybin chocolate and mushroom tea. Our magic mushroom chocolate bars are dark or milk chocolate.

Magic mushroom edibles are easy to eat or divide for simple dosage.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

When you think of taking magic mushrooms, you think of “tripping.” Eating dried magic mushrooms is the most popular way to go on this adventure.

We offer a diverse selection of dried shrooms in many strains, often on sale, with the perfect mushrooms for you. They are primarily Psilocybe Cubensis species.

Dried magic mushrooms can be eaten, made into mushroom tea blends or used for making edibles.

Vaping DMT

A similar tryptamine as psilocybin mushrooms is Dimethyltryptamine.

To enter Dreamland, you can try our DMT Pens. DMT is incredibly powerful and used worldwide for its ability; please ask us about it.

The leading method to consume the drug DMT is through vaping, which we carry in our store. We offer the best DMT vape at our mushroom dispensary.

Buy Psychedelics Online in Canada

It’s easy to get psychedelics online at our dispensary. We primarily offer psilocybin mushrooms and carry DMT, marijuana and kratom. Your one-stop shop for psychedelics in Canada.

All of our magic mushrooms are grown by our expert mycologists. These are premium quality mushrooms with substantial amounts of psilocybin – the naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound. Our psychedelics are tested in-house to ensure safety.

Premium Magic Mushrooms

Our online dispensary takes pride in our curated selection of magic mushroom strains. Each strain undergoes rigorous research, and we provide detailed reviews based on our firsthand experiences to guide your choices.

When you purchase magic mushrooms online, the most sought after magic mushrooms that are popular choices of Psilocybe Cubensis are Golden Teacher, Blue Meanies and Penis Envy mushrooms.

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If you’re thinking of purchasing psilocybin online, you’re in the right place: The Fun Guys! Place an order now and get discreet shipping anywhere within our country from British Columbia via Canada Post.

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Great products and pricing. My order always gets to me fast. Keep it up Funguys!


Golden Teacher is right, I tripped balls maybe I learned something. But yea the mush here is good.


I have bought the microdose capsules a few times now and I can really notice how much better I feel. The customer service was really helpful getting me started.


Psilocybin Mushrooms FAQ

Ordering magic mushrooms from The Fun Guys is incredibly simple, just like any other online shopping experience. The only difference is we can’t accept credit cards, so payments must be made with Interac e-Transfer. The ordering process is as simple as adding your desired products to cart and checking out with your information. Please read our guide on how to order.

Our shrooms delivery service provides everything you need to get started with magic mushrooms.

The Fun Guys is the safest and most accessible way to get magic mushrooms. When you visit a mushroom dispensary in-person there are many risks to this. By ordering discreetly online, you remain anonymous and get your products quickly, with a diverse selection to choose from.

Our customer satisfaction and safety is our number one priority.

Psilocybin is a psychoactive substance found in psilocybin-containing mushrooms, often referred to as magic mushrooms. Psilocybin is the pro-drug for Psilocin, which is what brings you all the magical effects of these mushrooms. High-quality strains of these mushrooms can be sourced from reputable online dispensaries, ensuring only premium magic mushrooms are used for their potential therapeutic benefits.

Psilocybin (Psilocin) binds to serotonin receptors in the brain, particularly in regions associated with mood and consciousness. This is a multi-stage process in which you consume Psilocybin; it is then broken down into Psilocin and absorbed through your digestive system into your blood, reaching your brain. This interaction can lead to an altered state, described as a psychedelic experience, which may offer new insights and a unique experience.

Are magic mushrooms legal in Canada? Psilocybin containing mushrooms are classified as Schedule III controlled substances under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This makes their sale, possession, and use without a prescription or license illegal. However, recent regulatory changes have allowed for some sanctioned medicinal and research uses.

Buying shrooms online is becoming commonplace but you should know the risks.

Our online dispensary only carries psilocybin-containing mushrooms, but we do have DMT vapes for an alternative to psilocybin mushrooms. We do not sell Amanita mushrooms (Fly Agaric) and Amanita gummies, everything is psilocybin.

The effects of magic mushrooms and their active ingredients, Psilocybin and Psilocin, depend on the dose and the user’s physiology. At a low dose, no immediate or subtle effects will be felt. In a larger dose, magic mushrooms provide their powerful effects within 45 minutes.

Some effects of magic mushrooms can be therapeutic, depending on your mood or if you’re with friends. Addiction is not likely to form, but there is a risk of bad trips. Please consult your physician about Psilocybin mushrooms.

Clinical trials with Psilocybin, along with anecdotal evidence, all point towards the positive effects and potential health benefits of Psilocybin products that most people experience when consumed in a responsible and suitable way.

Here are some of the effects of psilocybin you could expect;

  • Increased sense of creativity
  • Psychedelic experience (magic mushroom trip)
  • Mild to intense visual hallucinations
  • Alteration of time Euphoria, distortions of time
  • A deep connection to your surroundings and with nature
  • Neural connections, deep and creative thoughts
  • Abstract thinking and new ideas
  • Support to treat depression and anxiety
  • Potential stress reduction
  • Physical Effects (dry mouth, dampening of feeling, wet noodle feeling)
  • Increased heart rate

Individuals may buy magic mushrooms online and use them for various reasons, often seeking the benefits of the psychoactive substances they contain. We have listed to effects of shrooms above, most often used for personal improvement of some sort, or for recreational reasons, still to do with personal reflection. High-quality magic mushrooms, which can be a part of one’s daily routine, are believed to enhance life’s purpose and improve mood.

Ethically sourced from plant medicine experts, these all-natural fungi, including magic mushroom chocolate and gummies, are available for sale online and are delivered discreetly to those looking to explore their consciousness in a private setting.

Microdosing mushrooms involves consuming small doses of microdose magic mushrooms, from 100-250mg per dose, often found in the form of microdosing capsules or gummies, to potentially enhance mental clarity and provide increased focus without the intense effects of a full dose. Microdosing has gained so much attention because of its beneficial effects without the potential downsides of a psychedelic experience.

Macrodosing refers to the consumption of higher doses (1-3g) of whole mushrooms, which can lead to a more intense psychedelic journey and profound alterations in perception and mood. Macrosoing is what refers to “tripping” on shrooms to get a full psychedelic effect. Opposed to microdosing, macrodosing has a higher risk of adverse effects, such as a bad trip or nausea.

Magic mushrooms are consumed orally, no matter the format of the product. You can eat mushrooms raw, brew them in tea, or consume them as edibles. To use magic mushrooms responsibly, start with a small dose to gauge your sensitivity. Some users prefer ingesting mushroom species infused into chocolate bars for a delicious taste, while others like to eat raw mushrooms so nothing is wasted. The first step is using discreet packaging from medicinal mushroom dispensaries for privacy.

The correct dosage varies; for psilocybin microdosing, it’s about a tenth of a recreational dose (100-250mg) to increase focus and well-being slowly. For macrodosing, 1-3 grams is common but please read our dosage guidelines or consult with a professional from a medicinal mushroom dispensary to find a dose that aligns with your mental health needs and desired psychedelic compounds experience.

The duration of a shroom’s effects can vary, typically lasting between 4 to 6 hours. However, factors like potency, psilocybin use history, and individual metabolism affect the experience’s length and intensity. There are ways a trip can be intensified, muted slightly or tapered off with specific substances involving citrus (lemon tek).

Psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, is not considered physically addictive. There is no evidence that Psilocybin causes addiction or is habit-forming, but like anything else, you can develop a psychological need from forming a habit. Many users incorporate microdosing magic mushrooms into their daily routine to potentially benefit brain regions associated with mood disorders.

First-timers often start with microdosing capsules purchased from reputable online vendors, who offer excellent customer service to answer questions about dosage and responsible use. Especially microdosing is not addictive in itself.

Tolerance to magic mushrooms, which contain psilocybin, can build up swiftly but tends to be short-lived. Additionally, using magic mushrooms may lead to a cross-tolerance with LSD, affecting the body’s response to both substances.

It’s advisable to allow sufficient time for reflection and integration of your previous psychedelic experience before considering another. Consuming a substantial dose again within a few days may result in less intense effects.

Psilocybin can show up on a drug test, although it is not commonly screened for. The usual 5-panel drug test doesn’t test for it, but a thorough (although uncommon) 10-panel drug test includes Psilocybin, but you’d have to be using it frequently or within the last 24 hours. It’s essential to be aware of the legal status in Canada, as psilocybin is considered an illegal drug and is prohibited in Canada, which means employers aren’t too keen on it for now.

Psychedelic therapy is an emerging field exploring the healing potential of psychedelic compounds like psilocybin in a controlled, therapeutic setting, often for treating mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. It’s not only limited to Psilocybin, as psychedelic therapy could include MDMA, LSD, DMT, Ketamine and more.

Using psilocybin in Canada, like in any other country, comes with potential risks. From a legal perspective, psilocybin is prohibited, but largely available. There is also the possibility of experiencing severe side effects, or issues with mental well-being, particularly without precise dosing and responsible consumption.

Mixing psilocybin with other substances is not recommended due to the unpredictable nature of psychoactive substances. Since Psilocybin acts on serotonin receptors, using alongside anything that can impact serotonin function is not recommended (recreational drugs or alcohol). It’s especially important not to mix with anti-depressants or SSRIs.

To ensure public interest and safety, it’s important to use psilocybin in its pure form, as combining it with other drugs can lead to serious side effects. Buying shrooms from trusted sources, where high-quality and all-natural products are guaranteed, can help mitigate these risks.

A bad trip refers to an unpleasant experience while using psychedelics, characterized by negative emotions or hallucinations. To avoid this, start with a small purchase of high-quality magic mushrooms, and slowly increase the dose if needed.

In addition;

  • Ensure a positive mindset
  • Pre-plan your adventure
  • Have a trip-sitter (sober companion)
  • Don’t overdo it

Consuming delicious edibles, like a chocolate bar infused with magic mushrooms, in a controlled environment can contribute to a positive experience. Always seek magic mushrooms from vendors that ensure ethically sourced, highest quality products for responsible consumption.

How to Learn More About Magic Mushrooms

If you would like to learn more about magic mushrooms we have put together an education hub or you can check out our blog posts.

*Use our services at your own risk; Psilocybin and magic mushrooms are generally prohibited in Canada as controlled substances.

Health Canada makes exceptions for the use of Psilocybin mushrooms in medical contexts.