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How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Magic mushroom chocolate may sound like a fairy tale term, but this fungal breed contains psilocybin chemical, which is a common hallucinogen. Consumed on their own, shrooms have a strong, tangy flavour. However, the intensely flavoured shrooms can be fused with rich chocolate, making it a great sweet treat. What You Need to Make Magic […]

Are DMT Vape Pens Legal in Canada?

DMT vape pens have surfaced as a groundbreaking innovation in the ever-expanding quest for deeper understanding and transcendental experiences. These sleek, discreet devices offer a modern pathway to the ancient practice of exploring altered states of consciousness through Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).  Their ease of use and rapid effect onset have not only democratized access to profound […]

Is it Safe to Order Psychedelics Online in Canada?

With psychedelics becoming increasingly accessible through online platforms in Canada, a growing number of individuals are curious about the safety and legal aspects of this method of procurement.  The convenience and diverse selection offered by online purchases raise concerns about privacy, legal ramifications, and the possibility of losing shipments. This article seeks to delve into […]

Benefits of Magic Mushroom Delivery in Canada

The introduction of online shopping has significantly changed how we buy various items, expanding to include more specific markets such as magic mushrooms in Canada. The emergence of online dispensaries has made it easier than ever to obtain psilocybin mushrooms. With websites like The Fun Guys, let’s explore the benefits of choosing magic mushroom delivery […]

Should I Take Shrooms on an Empty Stomach?

Magic mushrooms aren’t that fun to eat, but they can make you feel great. But should you take mushrooms before eating? Or after? And how long does it take to kick in? There’s a lot of conflicting information online regarding whether taking mushrooms before or after food will help you get high faster. Some say […]

Shroom Caps vs Stems: Is There a Difference?

Are you curious about the differences between magic mushroom caps and stems? Many people who use these hallucinogenic fungi believe that the caps contain more psychoactive compounds than the stems, but is this actually true? Let’s take a closer look at the science behind these claims. This article will explore if there is a fundamental […]

What are the Strongest Shrooms? Species & Strains

You may be wondering what the strongest magic mushroom species or strains are. With over 200 species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, each strain can vary in potency and effects. In recent years, the popularity of magic mushrooms has increased, leading to a rise in demand for the most potent strains. However, with so many options available, […]