SHROOMCUTS – Fat Burner Stack


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750 mg Capsules

200 mg Pcilocybe Azurescens

550 mg Proprietary Fat Burner Blend Containing: Green Coffee Extract, Ashwaganda, Cinnulin PF, Caffeine, Coleus Extract, L-Carnitine.

NeoMind Biosciences Inc.. a company that is developing products containing legal medicinal mushrooms, is working with Dr. C. Laird Birmingham, a psychiatry professor at UBC whose expertise includes eating disorders.
“Psilocybin has the potential to serve as a new and different tool to help people lose weight and maintain their weight loss by changing their neural pathways”

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Shroom Cuts Fat Burner Stack is a blend of psilocybin mushrooms, green coffee extract, Cinnulin PF and Ashwagandha.


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