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Are you looking for the best magic mushrooms in Brampton? We’ve got them with shrooms delivery in Canada!

Magic Mushrooms are a psychedelic drug used by humans since ancient times. They are often referred to as magical substances because they are straightforward to consume and produce powerful effects.

You are probably interested in ordering shrooms online in Canada. If you’re interested in trying some magic mushrooms, our shop is one of the best places to find Psilocybin mushrooms online in Brampton.

Where to Buy Shrooms in Brampton

We recommend a mushroom dispensary serving Brampton if you want to purchase this product over heading to a Shroom Shop Toronto. There are many psychedelic dispensaries online that ship across Canada. Customers can get mail-order magic shrooms from the comfort of their own homes or order from Shroomyz Brampton, a local dispensary.

There is no need for a shroom dispensary if you are visiting Brampton. Pick up Mississauga Magic Mushrooms for a great and successful psychedelic trip, or if you’re in the capital city, find a Mushroom dispensary Ottawa has.

Online shops have also opened en masse, with huge consumer demand for the natural hallucinogenic. You can easily find the following;

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Choose from various dried mushroom strains in our shop, the most popular at your typical mushroom dispensary.

Dried magic mushrooms are the most common form of consumption; for example, an 8th of shrooms costs about $30. Since they are unprocessed and only dried, they provide the most active ingredient per dollar. We also have competitive prices on popular strains such as B+ Cubensis, Mazatapec, and Treasure Coast mushrooms.

Shroom Edibles Brampton

Fun Guy Edibles are a great way to consume mushrooms. This is because you can start with a low dose and work up to avoid a bad trip. Our dispensary has a variety of Canada’s best-selling edibles. Try our magic mushroom chocolates or the fruit-flavoured magic mushroom gummies.

Microdose Capsules Brampton

Microdosing is popular with our customers.

Our small online dispensary focuses on micro-dosing forms of taking shrooms. The theory is that the quantity of psilocybin in the micro-dosing options (roughly 5%-10%) is low enough to be disregarded by the law.[2] Some popular products include the Scooby Snacks capsules or Snore Lax microdose for sleep.

Generally, consumers are interested in taking these micro-dosing options as they have shown promising results in trials when used to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), cancer-related anxiety, and depression. 

Mushroom Tea

Magic mushroom tea is probably the most relaxing way to take mushrooms. Drop your tea bag into hot water, let it steep and drink it like your morning coffee.

Why Buy Magic Mushrooms in Brampton?

You can purchase a gram of shrooms at the low price of $7-$12 in the city. This is standard across the country – although rare strains can cost more. We generally have something on sale, so sign up for an account; we ship from British Columbia directly to Brampton and around the country.

Our magic mushroom dispensary has everything you need, including cannabis. Your order will be processed within an hour; you’ll receive a tracking number and be on your way to Brampton.

Although natural magic mushrooms can be found across Ontario depending on the season, browsing an online store’s far more convenient. In addition, any reputable company will promptly package your order, so there should be no issue when delivering.

One company that has set out to change attitudes in Canada towards psilocybin is the ‘Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary,’ founded by Dana Larsen. 

All offer a discreet service, with shipping to Ontario. The advantage of purchasing through an online store is the extensive range of shrooms available.

Are Psilocybin Mushrooms Legal in Brampton?

Canada’s federal government has stated, “The Act of buying, selling, growing, and consuming magic shrooms is illegal in Canada. Those caught possessing magic mushrooms can face up to 6 months in jail or a $1000 fine, and in some cases, both penalties can be applied.” [1] 

However, did you know that as of 2020, more than 50 patients and doctors had and were legally permitted to consume psilocybin? This was made possible by a particular government program that prohibited the parties from prosecuting by law enforcement. Psychedelics such as psilocybin are classified as controlled substances prohibited by law under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Although they fall under the ‘Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), there are some cases where exceptions can be made under provision section 56. However, this can take a lot of paperwork and can easily be denied, making it hard for those who legally want to consume shrooms. 

There is hope for change in the future, though. Now that cannabis has been legalized and widely accepted for medicinal use, many anticipate magic mushrooms will follow in its footsteps.

Since the legalization of cannabis, Canada’s views on selling other substances have become more liberal, especially in Brampton.

Trials have been taking place worldwide to research the benefits of psilocybin, the active chemical in magic mushrooms, and some results show positive changes in treating depression and anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy psychedelic mushrooms in Brampton?

It has never been safer to buy magic mushrooms in Brampton, Ontario. But, as mentioned earlier, despite its illegality, selling psilocybin mushrooms is widely overlooked as police focus their efforts on more harmful drug-related activities and drug organizations.

Breathing easily as you buy your product from our mushroom dispensary would be best.

Nevertheless, when you buy shrooms online, magic mushroom dispensaries like ours have secure and safe transaction policies that ensure your purchases are well taken care of. With discrete shipping methods, you can also be assured of safe purchases online in Brampton, Ontario.

Like most online purchases, you will receive tracking numbers with each purchase to help you follow up on the shipment. Most invoices are done electronically for both safety and discretion.


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