Easiest Way to Buy Shrooms Online

In today’s digital age, purchasing shrooms online has become as straightforward as ordering a book or a new pair of shoes. This convenience has opened a world of psychedelic exploration to enthusiasts across Canada. 

Here, we’ll dive into how easy it is to buy shrooms online and embark on this journey, from legality to choosing the right dispensary and product for you.

Can You Buy Shrooms Online in Canada?

Absolutely. Canada hosts a plethora of online dispensaries that provide fast, secure, and discreet services. The process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that anyone looking to explore the realm of psilocybin can do so easily.

You should note that psychedelic mushrooms aren’t legal in Canada, but they are widely accepted. It is only now that they have become more accessible to everyone.

Where to Purchase Magic Mushrooms Online?

While the market is vast, here are three recommended online dispensaries, including our very own service:

The Fun Guys

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Our website, The Fun Guys, stands out for its commitment to quality, customer service, and an extensive selection of psilocybin products. We ensure a seamless shopping experience, from browsing to delivery, prioritizing your safety and satisfaction with every order.

We offer free shipping at $200, some of the best prices on psilocybin products in Canada, and fast order processing.


Known for their meticulous attention to product sourcing, FunGuyz offers a curated selection of top-tier magic mushrooms. Their user-friendly website and commitment to customer education make them a reliable choice for novices and seasoned psychonauts.

They are most well-known for opening the first Toronto mushroom dispensary. They now have dispensaries across Eastern Canada and are looking to expand west.

Magic Mushies

Magic Mushies distinguishes itself with various psilocybin-infused products, from dried mushrooms to innovative edibles. Their emphasis on discreet packaging and rapid delivery ensures a private and efficient purchasing process.

Is Buying Shrooms Online Legal in Canada?

While psilocybin remains a controlled substance in Canada, classified as “prohibited,” the landscape is evolving. Recent discussions and studies suggest a growing acceptance of its medicinal and therapeutic potential.

So, is buying shrooms online legal? Being a controlled substance means you should not be flippant about your possession or use of the magical substances. 

It’s essential to stay informed about the legal status of psilocybin and to approach your purchases with an understanding of these regulations.

What Magic Mushroom Products Should I Order?

Online dispensaries offer a variety of products to suit different preferences and purposes. Dried mushrooms are ideal for those seeking a traditional experience, while microdose capsules cater to users looking for subtle cognitive enhancements. 

Edibles and teas provide alternative consumption methods, each offering a unique experience. When selecting products, consider your desired outcome and experience level. Edibles include magic mushroom chocolate bars, which everyone loves, and delicious fruity gummies.

We also carry DMT vapes that are known to be incredibly high quality.

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How Do I Choose the Right Strain of Magic Mushrooms for Me?

Choosing the right strain of magic mushrooms depends on your desired experience. Suitable magic mushroom strains for beginners seeking gentle, enlightening experiences include Golden Teacher or B+, which are ideal due to their moderate potency and insightful effects. 

If you’re after more intense visual shrooms or emotional experiences, more potent mushroom strains like Penis Envy or Blue Meanie might be suitable. Consider researching the effects of different strains and start with lower doses to gauge your sensitivity and preference.

You can buy many types of magic mushrooms in Canada, so look through our menu to find the appropriate one for you if the ones above aren’t satisfactory.

How Long Does It Take for Magic Mushroom Delivery?

Delivery times for magic mushrooms can vary depending on the dispensary and your location. Most online dispensaries in Canada offer shipping options ranging from same-day delivery in some urban regions to standard shipping, which can take 2 to 5 business days. 

For the quickest access, look for dispensaries that offer express or same-day mushroom delivery services in your area, and always check their shipping policies for specific details.

Can I Buy Shrooms Online from Reddit?

Reddit has become a valuable resource for the psychedelic community, offering a platform to share experiences, reviews, and recommendations. While direct purchases through Reddit are not advisable, the site can guide you to reputable dispensaries based on user feedback. 

Always exercise caution and perform due diligence when selecting a source. If you frequent Reddit, you probably understand the amount of fraud that happens there. So, if you buy shrooms online from Reddit, look for reviews and social proof of the dealer.

What’s the Best Online Mushroom Dispensary?

We’re confident that The Fun Guys will lead the pack. Our dedication to quality, expansive selection, and unmatched customer service set us apart. Many services are available, but we strive to provide the best customer experience and quality products you won’t get anywhere else.

However, we are dedicated to proving it right, and we encourage exploring and reading about the best online mushroom dispensaries to find the one that best meets your needs.

Get Your Psilocybin Products Today

Embarking on your psilocybin journey has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of online shopping. With reputable dispensaries just a click away, exploring the profound world of magic mushrooms is accessible to anyone in Canada. 

Remember to approach your psychedelic experiences with respect, curiosity, and an open mind.

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