All members of the Fun Guys must follow this code of conduct.

Violation any item in this code of conduct can be grounds for immediate and permanent loss of membership.

  1. BE CAREFUL OF IMPAIRMENT. Psilocybe mushroom micro doses can sometimes cause temporary impairment in coordination and cognitive abilities as your optimal dosage is being determined.
    For the first 4 weeks of your regimen, do not drive or operate heavy machinery for four hours after taking a dose.
    Do not drive or operate machinery if impaired or uncomfortable in any way.
  2. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Psilocybe is a potent medicine, even at the micro dose level. Keep the capsules away from children and pets. All customers must be 19+ to place an order.
  3. DO NOT SHARE YOUR MEDICINE. Getting caught sharing or re-selling your medicine will result in an immediate ban on receiving further services.
  4. FOLLOW PROTOCOLS. Using your psilocybe micro doses in an irresponsible manner will result in an immediate ban on receiving further services.
  5. BE AWARE OF THE LAW. It is still illegal in Canada to possess, buy or sell psilocybe mushrooms, even for medical purposes, and even at the low micro dose level. We are taking a risk in providing this mushroom medicine. Be aware of the risk. Be discreet in your use and possession of psilocybe.