How to Pay With BTC (Shakepay)

We now offer 10% off orders and a convenient & free way to pay with Bitcoin using Shakepay.

Once you’re signed up, fund your Shakepay wallet via e-transfer and continue to order from us with incredible ease! (almost easier than e-transfer.)

Here’s how you do it:

Sign up for Shakepay

Sign up on the website or download the app for your mobile device

Add funds to your wallet by e-transfer

Once signed up, add funds via e-transfer (can take up to 24 hours)

You can add funds for this order or as many as you want. It’s easy to withdraw your CAD back to your bank account.

Convert CAD to BTC

Convert your CAD to BTC by selecting “Bitcoin” and “Buy and Sell” (please refer to the video above)

Send BTC to the specified wallet address.

How to send BTC to an external wallet –

  1. With your order information, use Shakepay to send the specified amount of Bitcoin from your order to the specified Wallet Address. (You also get instructions via email)
  2. Your order has a unique address which will be used to match your order.

When you order, you will get the “amount” and “address” like this (just an example):

How to Pay With BTC (Shakepay) 3

Once Received Your Order Auto Processes

With payment sent to your unique wallet address, our system will recognize the payment and automatically process your order for shipping.

You will get an email from us once your order is “Processing” to know your payment has been completed.

Please Let Us Know if You Need Help

We understand this process is not as straightforward as sending an e-transfer, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.