Where are Shrooms Legal in 2020

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Where are Shrooms Legal in 2020 3

Are Shrooms Legal?

This depends on where you live but the move to decriminalize shrooms have been gaining much support over recent years. Recently, Denver Colorado became the first US city to decriminalize magic mushrooms. the psychedelic drug, also known as psilocybin, has experienced a resurgence in terms of therapeutic use in recent years.

Shrooms for Mental Health Treatment

there is some medical research out there that has found the substance to have positive effects in alleviating symptoms of both depression and PTSD. it has also proved promising as a treatment during end-of-life care. now, as a result, there is a growing movement of people right here in Canada pushing to expand psilocybin research among them is Marc Hayden. now he’s the executive director of the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies Canada, and we reached him right now in Maine Island in BC, so mark thank you for joining us today.

Support the Decriminalization of Shrooms

it is interesting why there is no movement to decriminalize psilocybin or magic mushrooms. Well, it’s part of a large drug policy reform movement, and as you know, cannabis has been legalized in Canada partly in response to the fact that many states are now legalizing cannabis. So there’s a general feeling that drug prohibition creates more harm than it does good.

There is a belief generally in the population that we need to move away – from criminalized activities towards maximizing the benefits and minimizing the harms of many different substances, including psychedelics. well, well, the harm is why we have laws not only in this country but in other countries, and I say that because, in the United States, they do consider mushrooms as a drug with a high abuse potential as well as no accepted medical value. Is it worth decriminalizing based on what our neighbours in the south are debating about mushrooms?

Recent Research on Shrooms

well, there is a psychedelic Renaissance afoot there is a huge amount of research looking at psychedelic medicines and so far, what the research is showing are they proving to be significant in their potential to treat a variety of issues? including some issues that are currently untreatable, and you mentioned depression and depression aided with long ongoing medicines that don’t work very well.

it appears that psychedelic medicates medications can treat depression medically in a way that is is very different in that it can quite frankly cure it in relatively short treatments. so depression end-of-life anxiety some addiction issues are all the ones that are showing current promise first-first specifically for psilocybin treatments. so how does it work, then how is it different than say current treatments for things like depression. well, current treatments for depression don’t work very well; there you take medications for long periods, and you don’t essentially reset your brain.

are shrooms legal

Psychedelic Therapy with Shrooms

We are looking at psychedelic treatments, and we’re talking about we’re not talking about things that you can do at home. its psychedelic therapy psychedelic-assisted therapies relatively high doses seem to be able to reset the brain to produce a non-depressed state in people essentially.

we’re offering like one two or maybe three different treatments but what it isn’t an ongoing process current things like the SSRIs the normal antidepressant you have to take four years psychedelic treatments are incredibly brief and seem to be very effective at treating these kinds of issues that were part of our historically relatively untreatable. so we would permanently reset the brain well; that’s a good question.

So what we’re looking at is maybe having to redo the treatment once every year or two is the current where we’re thinking about it. now but it doesn’t require ongoing treatment in the same way the current antidepressants do now it’s also curious because there are the as you know the Denver and they should have decriminalized or essentially decriminalized mushrooms.

Furthermore, there is another initiative coming up, which is the Oregon psilocybin service initiative. which is going to ask the population of Oregon at the next federal election whether they should legalize psilocybin services. if it passes, then there will be facilities that will be licensed to provide adults with psilocybin experiences by trained professionals. It could be for either treatment of depression anxiety or addiction issues or for people who would like to have psycho-spiritual explorations.

so it takes this whole question that makes it much larger, and so it’s an exciting initiative to watch very quickly mark is running out of time here. You say that there is a movement in Canada to have similar decriminalization. when it comes to magic mushrooms in this country, I’m wondering what the response has been from health officials from government officials to this idea. well so far, we are not in the quiet discussions that the psychedelic researchers have had with government officials is there open to looking at the research, and they’re open to the evidence certainly.

I’m involved with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy proposed traumatic stress disorder, and even under Harper, we were able to move forward and certainly under Justin Trudeau were continuing to work along with getting our levels of approval. that requires us to move through our stage to a clinical trial, and we got it getting approvals to move into our phase 3. and MDMA is ecstasy is how it might be known as a street drug right yes. After we finish our stage 3 clinical trial, we’ll be opening clinics across Canada offering this service.

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