Should I Do Shrooms or Nah…

Should I Do Shrooms or Nah... 1

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So I was working on a post about how long the effects of shrooms last. Don’t know where my mind wandered off to but I ended up with some random skit.

Thought it was funny so I’m sharing it lol.

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To Shroom or Not to Shroom

You just got a text on your phone.

Your friend says he just got his hands on a wad of magic mushrooms.

Before you can even reply, you hear the doorbell ring.

When you open the door, buddy walks in,

He drops a 24 case on the ground.

With a smug look on his face, he waves the mushrooms around in your face.

“Damnit, what the hell.”

You give him a serious look and your tone of voice lowers.

“Its Sunday.”

“Its already 7:00 pm”

“I got work tomorrow.”



“Get out.”

Buddy doesn’t even react.

He just stands there.

Waving the mushrooms around in your face with an amazingly stupid grin.




And here you are.

If you’re thinking about doing shrooms today, but you got work to do tomorrow.

You don’t need to ask nobody, you already know.

If you take take micro doses, you should be fine for work the next day. There should be no problem at all. I’ve done it, I know others that done it.

It should be fine.

BUUUT, that is if you guys are only taking a small amount.

At this time, my best suggestion to you would be to remember the look of your friends face.

The look they had as they were waving the shrooms around in your face.

Is that a look of a person willing to relax for the day, have a couple beers and chill with micro doses?

My guess is that he is probably like a kid right now getting ready to go to Wonderland. One way or another–you guys are probably going to end up chowing down every mushroom down to the last stem.

This I guarantee.

My advice to you?

Kick them out. Get them to leave. Now. Before its too late!

This might seem a little mean or a bit too drastic but…

You are not the first in this situation, nor will you be the last.

There have been many before you that has stood at that same fork.

We have all reached this crossroad in life, and every one of us has made the same decision.

In the end, you will as well.


Call your work now! Call in and let them know you’re sick or make up some kind of excuse for not being able to come in tomorrow. Whatever you decide to tell them, do it now!

Do not wait until you finally run out of mushrooms, realize its five in the morning and you still haven’t called your work.

Calling in sick for work while you’re high as a kite is a special skill that takes years of dedicated training.

Do not even think of doing this.

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