Magic Mushrooms and Weight Loss

Are you unsatisfied with previous weight loss efforts? Have you become desperate to eliminate the persistent extra pounds?

Recent studies suggest that Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound commonly associated with mushrooms, may be beneficial in aiding weight loss, as it facilitates the adoption of healthier habits.

This article will explore the potential of psilocybin to support weight loss by addressing the cycle of emotional eating that many experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Psilocybin is not a “fat burner.”
  • Shrooms help with weight loss by re-wiring the brain’s desires
  • Psilocybin-assisted therapy shows efficacy in reducing food cravings
  • This therapy helps to minimize trauma or triggers that lead to weight gain and obesity
  • There are currently no weight-loss-specific psilocybin products available in Canada
  • Companies are working on consumer products with psilocybin to help lose weight

Shrooms and Weightloss

It is claimed that magic mushrooms can aid in weight loss.

It is essential to understand the potential of psilocybin for weight loss.

Psilocybin has been associated with various effects on the human body and brain, though it is unknown if those effects result in weight loss.

For a medication to be classified as an “effective weight loss medicine,” the results should verify a 5% decrease in body weight over one year.

They are not typically helpful and may have undesirable consequences.

Clinical trials have shown that shrooms have the potential to aid weight loss, and NeonMind is creating a product to decrease appetite in those who are overweight.

What is the cause of this effect?

Weight loss results from changes in dietary habits rather than direct fat-burning activity.

The potential of psychedelic mushrooms for weight management and treating obesity will be discussed.

How Do Shrooms Help You Lose Weight?

The potential benefits of psilocybin mushrooms for weight loss are not yet well-defined due to the novel nature of psychedelic substances. Nevertheless, evidence suggests that it could be a viable option to help reduce symptoms of distress that cause over-eating or unhealthy habits.

Rats in clinical trials experienced lower relative weight gain and modest weight loss properties. This appears to be due to the animals displaying diminished cravings and thus consuming less food.

Research has also indicated that psilocybin mushrooms may be able to effectively address certain mental health disorders, such as those causing unhealthy weight gain or weight loss. So far, Health Canada has not authorized any clinical trials related to the use of mushrooms in this context. However, some individuals have undertaken psychedelic-aided psychotherapy for the same purpose.

Psilocybin, an active chemical found in magic mushrooms, is converted to psilocin when ingested, which interacts with serotonin receptors resulting in a psychedelic and mind-altering experience.

Research has suggested that psilocybin may have potential therapeutic benefits in managing mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, as well as opioid addiction.

Studies suggest that mushrooms may be effective in helping with weight loss by acting as an appetite suppressant due to their effects on mood and cognition, which can support a positive self-image. Additionally, individuals who struggle with compulsive food disorders tend to have a history of traumatic events which can cause cravings.

The psychedelic space has seen an increase in activity, with various studies being done to analyze the effects of psilocybin on cognitive processes.

Psilocybin affects neural pathways in the body, connecting different brain parts and influencing our thinking. This can replace ingrained habits with fresh perspectives, behaviours and liberation from built-up routines.

How Do Magic Mushrooms Effect Appetite

It is normal not to be successful at losing weight. There also can be cases where obesity may not be linked to dietary habits, such as hormonal issues and genes. Therefore, a strict weight-loss plan may not always work or provide help.

Consumption of shrooms can modify one’s cognition and cause a reduction in food cravings, thereby helping to manage weight by curbing the intake of high-calorie foods.

NeonMind has conducted preclinical research with the University of British Columbia, finding that adopting certain habits of mind positively reduces caloric intake and increases physical activity – two strategies commonly suggested by diet books.

Animal experiments were performed on laboratory rats with access to high-caloric foods like chocolate nuts. Some rats were given small doses of Psilocybin, while others were given large doses. Results showed that the rats who had been given psilocybin ate less than the control group. Is this evidence to support psilocybin and losing weight?

Results from Clinical Trials

A study by UBC revealed that weight loss could be attained by altering neural pathways, resulting in a reduced desire to eat and lower food cravings.

Behaviour changes can be enacted while respecting the individual’s current patterns and mind. Psilocybin acts naturally on a deep level, helping with weight loss through self-love, not self-hatred.

Difficulty in lifestyle changes often stems from negative thinking, where someone punishes rather than encourage themselves. Psychedelic mushrooms have been shown to reduce body weight and assist with successful recovery from obesity by creating positive emotions and increased commitment to wanting to improve well-being.

The experimental group demonstrated lower relative weight gain than the control group.

The study examined the impacts of regular treatment with three doses of Psilocybin in rats over 28 days. A mistake happened in the medium dose (1000/kg) group, leading to the early cessation of the study. The other two dosage groups tolerated the drug, and there was no visible proof of adverse effects.

The animals responded favourably to the treatment and maintained adherence to the protocol after 52 days of a “cafeteria” diet. Results indicated more weight gain in animals in the control group than the experimental group, both using the cafeteria diet.

A study showed that psilocybin mushrooms could reduce appetite, which might have similar implications for humans.

Are Psilocybin Weight Loss Products Available?

At present, there are no psilocybin weight loss products available or approved by Health Canada.

You can check out the ShroomCuts Fat Burner stack here.

Health Canada has authorized the usage of psilocybin for psychotherapeutic applications, a step towards the accessibility of consumer products.

Enter NeonMind Biosciences

NeonMindBiosciences is taking giant strides to help those with obesity. A new product they are testing has generated potential results for those wanting to shed weight. In addition, they hope it helps people remember that everyone is beautiful and that a healthy lifestyle is attainable.

Psychedelics can alter brain functions which allow redefining of old behaviours connected to obesity. This occurs at a neural level. NeonMind theorizes that psilocybin treatments could improve people’s lives and minds. What, then, is the best way to lose weight?

An FDA-approved substance is required to progress, followed by taking prescription drugs on the market.

NeonMind has the expertise of cardiologist David Birmingham, an experienced obesity specialist who has been providing diabetes treatments for more than 30 years. Additionally, the company employs a psilocybin therapist to facilitate changes in thought patterns which can lead to trauma resolution.

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