Magic Mushrooms and Weight Loss

You may have heard that magic mushrooms can help you lose weight.

While this may be true, you should understand how psilocybin advocates for weight loss.

Psilocybin has many magical effects on the human body and brain. But this weight loss is not directly caused by shrooms themselves, but their impact on your brain function.

Many prescription drugs to control obesity are not effective. To receive the label of an “excellent weight loss medicine,” it should provide results of around 5% loss within one year.

Generally, they are not helpful. They also have many potential adverse consequences.

Clinical trials have shown efficacy for shrooms and weight loss. In addition, NeonMind is developing a new product that will reduce the appetite of obese people.

But if so, why does this effect present itself?

It does not help burn calories and “melt away” fat. Instead, the weight loss benefits come from multiple processes related to food consumption.

Let us explain how these psychedelic mushrooms can assist with weight management and the potential to treat obesity.

Do Shrooms Help You Lose Weight?

Psilocybin mushrooms help people reduce weight. But because psychedelic products are very novel, it will be some time before they become available in stores. However, it has a good reason to believe Psilocybin is intended to help alleviate suffering.

Clinical trials in rats have shown lower relative weight gain compared to the control group, with modest weight loss properties. But this is because the rats have fewer food cravings, which reduces food intake overall.

These preliminary findings suggest that psilocybin mushrooms could be used to treat eating disorders and provide weight loss benefits. Health Canada has not yet approved human clinical trials, but you may seek psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to treat mood disorders and promote weight loss.

Psilocybin is the compound in magic mushrooms that converts to psilocin in the body, interacting with serotonin receptors and creating the psychedelic experience.

There are many therapeutic effects of Psilocybin. It is a potential treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as opioid addiction.

Herein lies the key to shrooms and weight loss. It may serve as an appetite suppressant because of the positive effects on mood and cognition, leading to a better sense of self. Many people with a compulsive eating disorder have experienced a past trauma which led to food cravings.

The psychedelic space has grown incredibly fast, and new studies are being performed daily. For example, we know that psilocybin profoundly affects how people think.

Psilocybin resets a neural pathway within our body, to begin with. Our brains’ pathogens influence our brains by introducing connections with others. Before this new connection, the brain carries out repeated repetition, called Habits. The new links welcome new perspective-based behaviours and allow easier escape from their accumulated habits.

How Do Magic Mushrooms Effect Appetite

It seems people are ineffective at losing weight, but it’s okay. There are a lot of cases when obesity doesn’t affect dietary habits. There can be hormonal or even nuanced genes. So even a strict weight-reduction protocol can fail — or it won’t help.

Shrooms affect appetite the same way they treat depression. Changing your cognition to reduce food cravings and your appetite for a high-calorie diet leads to better weight management by eating less.

Most diet books view people as eating less or completing fewer physical tasks. The above facts are directly linked to the habits of mind that NeonMind has tested. Preclinical research carried out by the firm, and the University of British Columbia has yielded positive outcomes. Animal experiments were conducted using various types of laboratory rats. The kids had high-caloric foods like a chocolate nuts. Some received small amounts of Psilocybin. Others received large doses. Is this evidence? The rats who received psilocin ate less than the controls.

As I previously mentioned, psychedelics can rewire brain functions. It eventually enables repositioning and redefining old behaviours contributing to obesity. It happens at an internal level within the brain. NeonMind believes that psilocybin treatment could change people’s minds and eventually change their lives. So what is the best way to lose weight?

NeonMind is lucky to have a cardiologist named David Birmingham on board, a leading obesity specialist for the company that has been treating diabetes for over 30 years. The psilocybin therapist can change the mind too. Nevertheless, overcoming negative feedback (thinking patterns) is necessary for healing trauma.

Results from Clinical Trials

Overall findings From a study from UBC showed weight loss by changing the neural pathways, making the impact of eating less desirable, such as depressing food addictions.

Finally, lifestyle modifications can be made when they have respect for others. Psilocybin works in our nature at an innate level. Sometimes, it helps us re-orient to weight loss through self-love, not self-loathing or negative emotions. Sometimes negative mindset can cause difficulty in changing lifestyle habits. Psychedelic mushrooms are known to reduce body weight and help keep us committed and loving. This will help heal obesity more effectively.

Less Relative Weight Gain Compared to the Control Group

In the present study, researchers examined the effects of chronic treatment with three doses of Psilocybin, including a “microdose” and a single amount in patients with symptomatic metformin. Animals were given 28 daily treatments with drugs or vehicles. The accidental error with the medium dose (1000/kg) group triggered early remission from the study. It is well-tolerated by the other two treatments group, and no clear evidence of a harmful effect.

The animal handled their treatment well, allowing easy adherence, and they also enjoyed routine daily operations. Rats are given food in the cafeteria for 52 days to reach their desired weight. At baseline and right after drug treatments, each group previously exposed to the cafeteria diet displayed significantly larger weight than the controls.

Psilocybin mushrooms were shown to suppress appetite in a controlled study, and these benefits could feasibly extend to humans.

Are Psilocybin Weight Loss Products Available?

There are currently no psilocybin weight loss-specific products available or approved by Health Canada.

You can check out the ShroomCuts Fat Burner stack here.

Although Health Canada has approved psilocybin in specific contexts for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, which is one step closer to consumer products being available.

Enter NeonMind Biosciences

We see NeonMindBiosciences taking huge steps for obesity patients. Yes, everybody is beautiful. And healthy living is gorgeous! The new product, Psilocybin — has shown promising effects on people who desire to lose more weight.

One step in achieving this would be an FDA-approved substance. Then, the following day they can take prescription drugs.

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