John Hopkins Psilocybin Studies & Research Legacy

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John Hopkins Psilocybin Studies & Research Legacy 3

About John Hopkins

John Hopkins was born on May 19, 1795 and lived until December 24, 1873. He was an American entrepreneur, abolitionist and philanthropist of the 19th-century of Baltimore, Maryland. He was known for his many contributions to medical treatments–with John Hopkins Psilocybin research being the most controversial. Institutions have been named after him has included John Hopkins Hospital, John Hopkins University, John Hopkins School of Nursing, John Hopkins School of Medicine, John Hopkins Carey Business School, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.\

John Hopkins’ Studies on Psilocybin

John Hopkins Psilocybin

Just a few decades within the past, the technique would have been unfathomable to many. Is it using psychedelic capsules to treat people with PTSD? Depression? Addiction? To make them stop smoking? To possibly deal with Alzheimer’s? Wow. Just say no. Weren’t these the medication we have been told growing up gave you emotional disorders? Moreover, it just is probably that the same era that popularized the drugs could benefit from their healing potential.

Continued Research on Psilocybin

He ought to know. Griffiths initiated the psilocybin studies software program at Johns Hopkins for nearly 20 years inside the beyond and led research investigating the results of its use by healthy volunteers. His studies organization at Johns Hopkins become the primary to acquire regulatory approval in the U.S. To re-initiate studies with psychedelics in psychedelic-naïve wholesome volunteers in 2000. Griffiths said his institution’s 2006 publication within the magazine Psychopharmacology on psilocybin is widely considered the landmark study that sparked a renewal of psychedelic research worldwide.

Since then, Griffiths and his group have published numerous groundbreaking studies in extra than 60 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals. Scientists at Johns Hopkins have administered psilocybin to over 350 wholesome volunteers or patients over the last 19 years in a few 700 sessions.

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