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How to Microdose Magic Mushrooms

how to microdose shrooms

Magic mushrooms offer a whole range of benefits, but for some, the intensity of taking an entire shroom can be too much, hindering their ability to complete their daily tasks. As researchers uncover how psilocybin can alter and improve our focus, help with mental health issues and increase our general well-being, many users are now […]

Magic Mushrooms for Cognition and Creativity

Magic Mushrooms for Cognition and Creativity 1

Mushroom enthusiast since time immemorial? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll take an in-depth look at how these incredible fungi work their magic on our minds – everything from memory retrieval to creative problem solving is covered here! I have a difficult time concentrating at work and coming up with creative ideas for projects. […]

Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Benefits of Magic Mushrooms 2

There are many benefits to eating mushrooms. For example, a type of mushroom called the magic mushroom has hallucinogenic effects that will make you fly to the moon. Some people use them for spiritual enlightenment; others explore their minds and find themselves through different perspectives. The world is becoming more complicated, with school, work, and […]

The Side Effects of Magic Mushrooms

The Side Effects of Magic Mushrooms 3

We are going to discuss the side effects of magic mushrooms. It contains hallucinogenic substances called psilocybin and psilocin that may cause many different reactions in people. Magic Mushrooms in Canada are becoming quite popular. More recently, research shows a link between long-term use and possible psychosis. First, however, it is essential to state that […]

Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive?

Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive? 4

A lot of people ask whether magic mushrooms are addictive. The answer to that question is complicated, but the short answer is yes and no. Everyone interprets addiction differently. Given that there’s a big difference between physical dependence and psychological addiction, it’s worth exploring this topic in more detail. Magic mushrooms appear to be addictive, […]